World environment day 2023: Wishes, quotes, images, theme, and slogans

World environment day quotes and slogans

Over 143 countries celebrate World Environment Day on 5th June, every year. It was established by the UN to build awareness and encourage actions to protect nature and the environment. We can celebrate this day by sharing some World Environment Day Quotes with our familiar ones on this day.

Everybody knows that nature is being polluted day by day. We all have some responsibilities to keep our environment pure and pollution-free because it’s the question of our existence on this earth. If we don’t try to control it timely, it may bring disasters to the whole world.

World environment day 2023

World environment day was first held in 1974. Every year it comes with a new theme. According to UNEP, the theme of world environment day 2023 is ‘solutions to plastic pollution‘.

UNEP ( UN Environment Programme) announced that this year Côte d’Ivoire will host this event supported by the Netherlands. The tradition of switching the center of the activities of this day by choosing different host countries began in 1987.

World environment day quotes 2023

world environment day

🌳There is only one earth in the universe, so we must protect it for our existence by hook or by crook. Happy World Environment Day!

🌳Christians, in particular, realize that their responsibility within creation and their duty towards nature and the Creator are an essential part of their faith.

(Pope John Paul II 1990 World Day of Peace Message, no. 15)

🌳If we respect and care about our nature, it will bless us with purity and safe life. Happy World Environment Day!

🌳”Eat and drink from the provision of Allah, and do not commit abuse on the earth, spreading corruption.”

(Holy Quoran)

🌳We all like beautiful natural sceneries, so let’s conserve the environment to make our world like a beautiful garden. Happy World Environment Day!

🌳Save the environment and make your life green. Happy World Environment Day!

🌳Only we can keep our earth habitable by saving it from pollution.

🌳We all are a part of this environment, and we should always keep it neat and clean.

🌳God gifted us pure water to drink and fresh air to breathe, but we made them polluted. Now it’s time to care about these priceless natural resources!

🌳We are spoiling our natural resources with our careless activities. Now we should change our minds and pay attention to conserving these precious resources!

🌳We were born and grow on this earth. It’s our home so we must take care of it!

🌳Plants are the natural purifier of air and free resources of fresh Oxygen. So plant trees as much as possible! Tweet this

World environment day quotes

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world environment day best quotes

🌳On this World Environment Day, my wish is for a future where plastic pollution is just a memory. May we find innovative solutions and take collective action to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic, ensuring a cleaner and healthier planet for generations to come.

🌳As we celebrate World Environment Day, I wish for a world where single-use plastics are replaced with sustainable alternatives. Let’s strive to make conscious choices, supporting businesses and initiatives that promote eco-friendly alternatives and reduce our reliance on harmful plastics.

🌳This World Environment Day, my wish is for increased awareness and education about the impacts of plastic pollution. May we all take the time to understand the consequences of our actions and make informed decisions to protect our environment. Together, we can create a wave of change and inspire others to join in the fight against plastic pollution.

🌳Let’s make a pledge this World Environment Day to actively participate in clean-up drives and restoration projects in our local communities. By coming together as a family and engaging in hands-on environmental activities, we can make a tangible difference in reducing plastic waste and restoring the beauty of our surroundings.

🌳My heartfelt wish on this World Environment Day is for policymakers and governments around the world to prioritize the reduction of plastic pollution through robust legislation and effective waste management systems. By implementing strong regulations and investing in infrastructure, we can curb the plastic crisis and protect our oceans, forests, and wildlife. Let’s hold our leaders accountable and demand a sustainable future for all.

🌳Please don’t wait for someone to save our environment; let us do it together instead. Happy World Environment Day!

🌳Let’s save the planet today for the better living of our next generation. Happy World Environment Day! Tweet this

World environment day quotes

🌳All of our development can go worthless if we neglect to protect nature!

🌳When we do anything every day, we should keep in mind whether it’s harmful or not for our environment.

🌳Dirty toilets and bathrooms spread germs. So for the safety of your family’s health, always keep those clean and germ-free.

🌳Carefulness for the environment is not very hard. If you always clean your toilet and bathroom so that it can’t spread bad smells and germs, it also proves your consciousness about the environment!

🌳Throwing spit hither and thither is a bad habit and harmful to our environment. Let’s give up this unhealthy habit. Happy World Environment Day.

🌳Every day we produce tons of household waste such as plastic, waste paper, spoiled foods, etc. There must be a proper waste management system in every region to keep our environment fresh from these types of dirt.

🌳If we spend some time protecting nature and the environment, it might save us all from disasters!

🌳It’s all our responsibility to reduce carbon emissions as it’s harmful to our lovely planet! Happy World Environment Day!

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simple quotes on world environment day

🌳Every day we run for profit, but what will do with your profit if our earth does not exist? Happy World Environment Day!

🌳When we throw away anything, we should pay heed to whether it could be reused or not.

🌳If you want to do something for humanity, but haven’t enough money to spend, then at least plant a tree. Happy World Environment Day.

🌳Any of our simple steps to protect this nature may have a significant impact on our environment.

🌳Don’t become indifferent about your environment. Let’s arise and save our nature and society. Happy World Environment Day.

🌳We are dependent on our nature in various ways. We can’t produce water; rather, we just collect it from nature. So before wasting water, think about what will happen if the whole world becomes a desert!

🌳Protecting nature isn’t a fancy task; we are responsible for it instead. Happy World Environment Day!

🌳By taking care of the environment, you are not only saving others but protecting yourself and your upcoming successors also!

🌳We should be grateful to nature because it’s just continuously giving us everything without any complaint.

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Save the planet

🌳All scientific data shows that our environment and climate are in great danger, so when will we be aware of it?

🌳If we preserve our natural resources and avoid their wastage, our unborn generation will remember us with respect.

🌳Only delicious foods can’t make you healthy. We need a pleasant environment also to grow up healthily.

🌳We all love modern technology, but we should use it carefully so that it can not spoil our ecosystem. Happy World Environment Day.

🌳As a conscious nation, we must avoid any activities that can harm the balance of our environment.

🌳Nature is so kind that it always takes care of us though we are indifferent to her.

🌳We take birth and grow up in this nature. Even death can’t make us apart from it because finally, we get blended with nature!

🌳We are so selfish that we haven’t any time to think about nature though we get everything from her for our livelihood. Let’s change our minds from today and take care of our environment. Happy world environment day!

🌳Think deeply just for a moment, and you will realize the love and kindness of nature for us!

🌳When we see a natural calamity, we blame nature, but we can’t realize that it’s just the return for our cruelty against her!

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World environment day best quotes

quotes on world environment day

🌳Thanks to those great people who are working dedicatedly to save our priceless planet! Happy World Environment Day!

🌳Industrialization makes our life comfortable, but if we can minimize its negative impact on our environment, then we will live on a better planet!

🌳We have built modern civilization through a lengthy accomplishment. If we want to keep it up, we must be conscious of our natural environment.

🌳Nature nourishes us like our mother. So let us not make our mother dirty with our careless bad habits!

🌳If you want to live happily, love nature, love the creature!

🌳If we neglect and don’t try to save the environment, there will not remain any successor of us, and this planet will become a no man’s land soon!

🌳Use the dustbin yourself and encourage others to use it. It’s one of the everyday ways to keep the environment clean!

🌳 Mosquito is a carrier of some dangerous diseases like dengue, malaria, etc. Mosquitoes breed in dirty places. So keep your home and surrounding area clean and prevent serious diseases!

🌳Mosquitoes and flies are fond of dirt, and they are carriers of germs. So for a healthy life, keep your environment clean!

🌳If you love yourself, you should love and care for the environment and nature. Happy world environment day!

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Simple quotes about the world environment day

Please don't wait for someone to save our environment

🌳I believe still it’s not so late to protect our mother planet from being destructed! Happy World Environment Day!

🌳Pandemic, flood, drought, and famine are nothing but the returns of our behavior against nature!

🌳Give up the use of polythene to prevent soil pollution. Happy world environment day!

🌳We have to control all kinds of waste properly to keep the soil, water, and air pollution-free.

🌳We fear natural calamity, but we are indifferent about our duties to save nature. We must change this attitude!

🌳We go to a park filled with trees and beautiful flowers for peace and relaxation, but we can make our whole planet a fantastic park if we want. So let’s do it together!

🌳How will it produce healthy food for us if we blot our soil?

🌳We are so foolish that we are blotting our own shelter by polluting the environment!

🌳The land is losing its fertility because of soil pollution. So certainly, serious poverty is waiting for us if we do not be aware of it immediately!

🌳Nature can’t speak in our language, but she is continuously telling us that she is getting sick day by day because of our careless activities!

🌳Nothing is endless in this universe, so we must be economical while using natural resources like water, fuel, etc!

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Inspirational quotes about world environment day

motivational quotes on world environment day

🌳Eco-Friendly products are getting more popular day by day, so I am hopeful that our planet will be back from danger! Happy World Environment Day!

🌳Protect deforestation and save the green for habitable earth!

🌳A suitable environment is the base of life, so to preserve Biodiversity in the water and ground, we must act for anti-pollution!

🌳World Environment Day is a reminder to do our duties for protecting our planet from disasters. It doesn’t need too much effort to keep the earth suitable for our better living!

🌳Even a little participation from each citizen against environmental pollution can make a significant change in our living. Happy world environment day!

🌳We are bringing danger to ourselves and our successors through deforestation. So stop it immediately to keep our existence safe on this planet. Happy world environment day!

🌳Plant at least five trees if you need to cut one. Happy world environment day!

🌳There is a beautiful balance in nature. Please don’t break it. Happy world environment day!

🌳We are defiling our environment every day. We must pay for it!

🌳“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

– Robert Swan

🌳People fear atomic war, but they don’t realize that a polluted environment is enough to destroy the whole world!

Motivational quotes on world environment day

🌳Every day we give all our efforts for a better life, so why not give at least a few of them to protect our environment? Happy World Environment Day!

🌳Abuse of chemicals can destroy our environment, so let’s prevent the misuse of dangerous substances to secure Biodiversity. Happy world environment day!

🌳The overuse of pesticides is a threat to the ecosystem. You can contribute to protecting Biodiversity by reducing the use of pesticides!

🌳The climate of our planet is changing negatively because of our harmful activities against nature. Let us be conscious together about the environment. Happy world environment day!

🌳If we want to give a better world to our successors, we must think about our environment.

🌳We love rain, we love the river, we love the forest, we love the mountain, and we love the sea. All of these are parts of our nature. If any one of these natural elements loses its balance, our planet will fall into great danger!

🌳Environmental issues are not only national issues; instead, they are international issues. So let us confront it regardless of nation and religion!

🌳If we don’t want to see the sullen behavior of nature, we shouldn’t do anything that breaks its balance!

🌳Without the involvement of everyone, the purpose of world environment day will not be fruitful. Happy world environment day!

🌳If we want to see a fruitful outcome of world environment day, we all have to contribute. Happy world environment day!

World environment day quotes with pictures

🌳Those days are not far away when all the fossil fuel powered vehicles will be replaced with battery-powered vehicles, carbon emissions will be reduced significantly, and our mother earth will smile greeny again!

🌳Our individual attempts to keep the environment habitable can save the whole nation and the entire world.

🌳Only the government or any other institutions can’t protect the climate and environment. We all have to go along with this task!

🌳There are many ways to act for protecting the environment. We must learn and implement them properly!

🌳Protecting nature is not as hard as it sounds. It needs just our consciousness. Happy world environment day!

🌳Reduce the emission of carbon-di-oxide and save the planet from global warming. Happy world environment day!

🌳Be conscious of yourself and awaken your friends and family against environmental pollution. Happy world environment day!

🌳Sound pollution is also one kind of environment-pollution. Can’t we give up listening to music loudly to prevent sound pollution?

🌳”Climate change is a terrible problem, and it absolutely needs to be solved. It deserves to be a huge priority.”

-Bill Gates

World environment day wishes

🌳Don’t fire anything hither and thither that throws out harmful gases and pollutes our atmosphere. Happy world environment day!

🌳As new technologies are growing day by day, new types of waste are being produced simultaneously. So we must bring new ways to prevent our environment from being polluted.

🌳Human-produced wastages are the most harmful things to the environment, but how much do we think to keep our environment pollution-free from this kind of wastage?

🌳We are bringing disasters and calamities to our planet by polluting our environment. Let us be conscious and discourage others from doing any harm to our nature. Happy world environment day!

🌳Many animals are already included in the list of rare animals, and so many animals and trees are on the way to extinction. It proves that our planet is being uninhabitable day by day!

🌳Most animals and plants live in the sea, but marine pollution is a threat to these kinds of lives. So let’s raise our voices against marine pollution. Happy world environment day!

🌳When we drive a car, motorcycle, or any other vehicle, we should not use the horns louder and carelessly. Thus we can contribute to preventing sound pollution!

🌳”Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Final verdict

Various environmental issues are surrounding us, such as overpopulation, global warming, marine pollution, etc. But we might save our nature and environment from being polluted if we can raise public awareness and work together. And world environment day can play an important role here!

Happy World Environment Day!

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