Reaching A Fair Settlement In Truck Accident Case

Getting in traffic with trucks is a situation you are familiar with if you have traveled on a major highway. Compared to regular automobiles, trucks are larger, more powerful, and more dangerous. To operate several trucks, it is necessary to have special training. Truck accidents cause more injuries and fatalities than accidents involving only motor vehicles.

The US Department of Transportation estimates that there are more than 500,000 truck-related accidents in the US every year. The most devastating of these accidents involve big trucks, commonly referred to as “18-wheelers,. If you need help after involving in a truck accident, contact a Des Moines truck accident lawyer

How to reach a fair settlement after a truck accident case

In general, due to the massive sizes of the vehicles, accidents involving huge trucks are likely to cause more fatalities. However, a variety of factors play a role in truck accidents resulting in fatalities. The following are some of the most typical reasons for fatal truck accidents:

  1. Driver fatigue

Driver fatigue is the primary cause of truck accidents. Many truck drivers drive large miles without receiving enough sleep for long periods. Sometimes, drivers feel under pressure to violate the rules in order to make deliveries on time. Licensed truck drivers are subject to multiple restrictions related to the trucking business. For example, there are limitations to the number of hours they can be on the road at a time.

Driver errors

Like a lot of motor vehicles, truck drivers often violate the rules of safe driving. Highway accidents frequently occur because of reckless, unsafe or risky driving habits.

    2. Mechanical defects

Large trucks are often used for long drives carrying heavy loads, and as a result, they may experience mechanical issues or break down over time. The issue gets worse by the reality that drivers and transportation companies often fail to repair or examine their vehicles. When mechanical problems develop, they could lead to a tragic accident with another car.

   3. Alcohol/drug use

Both mentally and physically, driving such long distances for an extended amount of time can be difficult for drivers as well as cars. Because of the rigorous demands of the work, the trucking industry is famous for the high rate of alcohol and drug abuse among its drivers. Many drivers choose to drink and use drugs or other stimulants as a coping mechanism for the demands and stresses of their profession. This often ends in fatal traffic accidents.