What Is a Spirit Animal and How To Determine Yours

Animals serve as spiritual guides, and their behaviors also reveal your inner strengths. You can determine how an animal relates to your life path by maintaining a journal. To decipher the meaning of seeing a hawk in your dreams or waking life, for example, write down the circumstances and your thoughts at the time. Based on your notes, a reading with an experienced psychic can clarify the meaning behind the animal you saw.

Spirit Animals Help Guide & Protect 

Your spirit animal reflects your innate traits and inner qualities, and your birthdate can reveal your primary spirit animal based on your zodiac sign. If you were born under an astrological sign not represented by an animal, such as Sagittarius, you may find yourself wondering about your dominant animal. A psychic birth chart reading, however, can use your rising astrological sign to reveal your spirit animal.

Astrological signs such as Leo the lion and Taurus the bull represent the strongest personalities. Individuals born under these signs tend to have an innate ability to take command or lead effortlessly. Spirit animals also protect individuals from mistakes and disasters that can cause them to get thrown off their life paths.

If you were born under a zodiac sign with a strong animal, you need to pay attention to the “weaker” animals that you spot. When you notice a deer, for example, the deer sighting spiritual meaning could reflect a warning from your spirit guides to slow down or use caution. Make a note in your journal if it didn’t run away, the universe may have sent you a peaceful message or a reminder to stay calm. If, however, you saw a deer and it quickly ran out of your sight, your spirit guides may be signaling there’s a possible danger in your relationships.

Consider Past Connections to Certain Animals 

Some animals and humans form solid bonds, and an unusual closeness may indicate that an owner and an animal pet knew each other in a past life. Have you found yourself drawn to the same type of pet? Perhaps you’ve always had a German Shepherd, tabby cat or gray rabbit; when one passed on, did another one find its way into your care?

The universe may send certain animals to guide you as you overcome challenges to achieving your goals. If, for instance, you have questions about a dog, a psychic can reveal the hidden insights connected to how the animal plays an important role in following your life path.

Rabbits, for example, symbolize fertility, which can reflect procreation or generating an abundance of wealth. If you’re feeling disconnected or unmotivated, a rabbit may direct you toward a purpose that you need to fulfill. Recognizing the rabbit spiritual meaning can point you to a way to overcome challenges and reach an important goal.

Journal What You See and Schedule a Psychic Reading 

Use your journal to record how many times you see an animal and when it crosses your physical path. Keep track of these sightings and schedule a psychic reading to learn whether it’s your spirit animal or a passing friend. A psychic birth chart reading can also help you discover the powerful spirit animals that have played a role in shaping your life path.