72 Sorry messages for wife: Apology quotes for her

Sorry messages for wife

Here is the best collection of sorry messages for wife. The success of married life depends on various matters. Patience and understanding of each other are the main secrets to making a marital life honied!

He is undoubtedly telling a lie if anyone claims that he didn’t face any unpleasant circumstances in his entire conjugal life because we know that quarrels and arguments are everyday matters in every family!

The husband and the wife both have responsibilities to make their home peaceful. Both have to control themselves if any unpleasant matter comes up between them.

As a sincere husband, you can quickly turn any quarrels between you into love. One of the examined ways to calm down your spouse is to show some humble apologies to her, whether you did or didn’t do anything! So we have shared some romantic sorry quotes for wife here, which can make your home calm!

Sorry messages for wife

💛I was wondering what happened to me last night! Please pardon me for all the unpleasant matters and smile, please!

💛I am sorry for misbehaving with you, darling. I have realized my fault, so please forgive me now!

💛I am ashamed of my rough behavior with you, dearest wife. So would you please pardon me and give me another chance to become a better person?

💛Please don’t mind about the displeasing situation. I am sorry about that, my dearest. So take it as an accident!

💛Beloved wife, I was not conscious. It happened accidentally. So please forget it and pardon me!

💛I am not sure what happened to me suddenly. I was out of my senses. So please forgive me for my wrong!

💛Love means compromise. I concede my wrong with you. So, please calm down now. Love you, my angel!

💛I am sorry for my mistakes. I promise it will never be done by me again!

💛Dearest wife, mistakenly I hurt you. But you know how much I love you. So please don’t take it seriously!

💛Please don’t be upset, honey. My anger took control over me, so I made that mistake with you!

💛I didn’t want to hurt you so deeply. I want to atone for my mistake, so I am ready to get any punishment from you!

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Sorry quotes for wife 

Sorry quotes for wife

💛Darling, you may give me any punishment or pardon me. But know that I am really sorry for that undesired mishap! 

💛I am heartily sorry for that unexpected occurrence. Know that if you don’t forgive me, I will never be able to pardon myself!

💛I don’t understand, sometimes what happens to me. I become crazy and can’t tolerate anything. But I know you are kind enough to forgive me for anything wrong from my side!

💛You are my sweet wife, and I am your naughty husband. So You may have to pardon me frequently for my incivility! 

💛I concede, sometimes I become rude to you. But believe me, I become more upset than you when I do any wrong with you! Click to tweet

Sorry messages for wife

💛Sweetheart, sometimes unwanted ado comes between us and I know I am more responsible for this. Sorry for my guilt with you!

💛I know, If I could control myself, I wouldn’t see you so upset today. I am asking your pardon, my love!

💛Darling, I am sorry! Now I realize, If I controlled my anger, this misunderstanding would not grow between us!

💛I apologize, beloved. That fight was really worthless, and we both are suffering from it. I concede I should have controlled my anger!

💛Dearest wife, I concede my guilt unconditionally. My house is covered with darkness today because of your upset face. So please bring a smile to your face and light up our home!

💛Beloved wife, you know I can’t tolerate your gloomy face. I apologize for all of my guilts. Now, please come close to me and let me love you again! Click to tweet

Sorry messages for wife

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Apology message to my wife

Apology message to my wife

💛I apologize, dearest wife. I am genuinely sorry for my impoliteness, and I am deeply sorrowful now for my misconduct with you!

💛I know your love for me is so high that you can forgive me for any of my gruffness, but I promise next time I will try to rectify myself!

💛Dearest wife, as I confess my guilt, would you please forget it and love me again?

💛True love isn’t so fragile that a simple misunderstanding can break it. Please, pardon me if you find anything wrong with my side!

💛Beloved wife, I regret myself each time I misbehave with you. So I don’t feel any shame to ask your pardon. Please accept my sincere apologies! 

💛I really want to apologize, darling. I confess I would not hurt you so cruelly if I ignored that incident! 

💛Would you please stop lengthening the unrest between us about that simple matter? If you forgive me, I will be grateful to you forever.!

💛The issue we fought for was meaningless, but I have given sorrow to your sacred mind through that. I am sorry, darling. I promise it will not happen again!

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Sorry msg for wife

💛We can’t avoid all the unexpected moments in our daily life. But I believe that our love is strong enough to tackle any unwanted situations between us. Sorry for everything, my darling!

💛I always love and respect you. But like any other person, I am also not free from all mistakes. So, please don’t be upset with my delusions!

💛I am not tolerant enough like you, and you know it’s one of my vital weaknesses. So, please don’t be angry with me!

💛You might not be able to feel my real regrets, but if you put your hand on my chest, you might perceive that my heart is crying in sorrow. Love you, my dearest wife!

💛Please, don’t consider my apologies just as a formality. I am really sorry from my heart for my misbehaving with you!

💛I am repenting of why I misbehaved with you! I am feeling down and won’t feel normal until getting your pardon! 

💛Beloved wife, give me any punishment as you wish, but please don’t stay away from me angrily!

💛I have confessed my guilt, so would you kindly forgive me now?

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How to say sorry to wife in a romantic way 

How to say sorry to wife in romantic way

💛I know it’s not the first time a problem has come up between us. You forgave me many times in the past. Please let it be ended here again!

💛Baby, can’t you forgive your misbehaving husband again? I will start fasting if you don’t pardon me immediately!

💛Please tell me, how can I get your pardon? I am ready to do anything to fix my guilt!

💛I am ready to follow any of your orders to atone for my wrong with you; I just need your pardon in exchange!

💛I don’t deny your complaints against me. Really it wasn’t expedient to react to you so rudely. I am sorry, dearest wife!

💛If I could go back in the past, I wouldn’t make this mistake, but now except for asking for your pardon, I haven’t any other way. Sorry, my beloved wife!

💛I know just saying sorry to you will not relieve your pain, but I will be worried if you don’t forgive me! 

💛Indeed, I didn’t behave like a good husband with you, but I expect your pardon because I know you are my kind wife!

💛I wonder how stupid I am! I didn’t hurt you; I hurt myself with my stupidity, instead!

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Sorry SMS for wife

Sorry sms for wife

💛Another crummy situation has been created. If we don’t end it immediately, it will hurt us both. So, my darling, please remove it from your mind and let us live happily again!

💛I haven’t any other alternative except fasting if you don’t forgive me today!

💛The causes of your huff to me are absolutely right, and I haven’t any speech against it, but please give me another chance to adjust it!

💛Each moment is painful to me whenever you stay far from me being unsatisfied!

💛I know how much you love me, but sometimes I lose control over myself and do the things that I shouldn’t do. This time it happened again, and I am ashamed of this, my darling!

💛It’s hard for me to tolerate the tears in your eyes so, please forgive me for this time and, I promise that this mistake will never be held again!

💛I have realized for which I misbehaved with you, that is not your guilt. For God’s sake, please pardon me and accept my apology, beloved wife!

💛I know it will not be enough if I say sorry a thousand times for my mistake, but I also know you are so big-hearted that you can’t refuse my apology!

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I am sorry my wife

sorry my darling wife

💛Sweetheart, our life is too short. So, we should not waste our time getting upset with trivial matters. Let us pardon each other and have some fun!

💛Sometimes I misbehave with you, but finally, I always suffer for it myself because you know I can tolerate everything in this world but can’t endure your sorrow!

💛I am sorry for being a bit indifferent about your demand, but I promise next time I will be more careful. I am really sorry, my beloved wife!

💛I know you are unsatisfied with my behavior, but believe me, I didn’t do that intentionally!

💛I know it’s not the first time I am apologizing to you for mistakes from my side, but you know, whenever I did so, what the situations were!

💛I can’t imagine hurting you intentionally. It was a pure accident that occurred yesterday. Sorry, my darling wife!

💛You are not only my wife you are my all so, how can I live well if you leave me so angrily? 

💛Darling wife, how can you leave my closeness when you know that whatever happens, I can’t live a moment without you!

Sorry to wife

💛Each time we quarrel about trivial matters, it hurts us both. It will be foolish if we continue today’s triviality. So please let it go!

💛Let us give up bargaining because we don’t deserve it, and I don’t want to see you sitting alone, becoming so upset!

💛When you get grief from me and become silent, my life comes to a stop. So, please accept my sincere apologies and give me another chance! 

💛When I talk about anything angrily, please never take those speeches seriously because those aren’t from the real me!

💛I concede that your contribution is more than me to the love and happiness of our family. So just avoid my speech when I talk anything to you with anger!

💛When you are upset, nothing goes naturally in our family. So, I request you to forget if I made any misdeeds with you!

💛I know how bad you are feeling, but believe me, I am very sorry for this incident, dearest wife! 

💛I don’t claim that your complaints against me are not real but if you haven’t any doubt about my love please, forgive me!

💛Needless to say, I overdid with you, but you know the proverb that to err is human. So, please consider finishing it here!

Final Verdict

Naturally, women’s hearts are softer than men’s. They can’t tolerate rudeness. So, even a little sorrow can bring lots of tears to their eyes. But you can quickly turn their grief into a smile with these heartfelt sorry quotes for wife!

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