1st wedding anniversary wishes for wife

FIRST wedding anniversary wishes for wife

As you are searching for the 1st wedding anniversary wishes for wife, I assume your wedding anniversary is approaching!

When you spend your married life with your spouse for a year, there grows lots of sweet memories, and you might wonder how quickly the time has gone!

And when the 1st ANNIVERSARY comes, certainly you want to disclose some sweet and romantic “1st anniversary wishes for wife” to your beloved life partner to blossom a smile on her face!

We understand your emotion, so we have collected a large number of 1st wedding anniversary wishes for wife here so that you can send the right one to your wife. Just keep reading!

1st wedding anniversary wishes for wife

💝Darling, we have passed a year together at a wink, and I feel that I was in heaven at that time with you. Happy 1st anniversary!

💝I don’t care what comes on our way; I will walk with you on the path of our life till my last breath. Happy 1st anniversary, sweetheart!

💝Whatever happens, I swear my love for you will never die. Happy first wedding anniversary, my dear wife!

💝You are the best thing I have ever got in my life. Thanks for being the better half of my life. Happy 1st anniversary, honey!

💝Marrying you is the wisest decision I have ever made in my life. Happy anniversary, darling!

💝I am so lucky to get you as my wife. I am blessed with this beautiful marriage. Happy 1st anniversary!

💝You are not only my wife but also my mine of love. Every day I discover new and amazing things within you, and my love for you grows higher accordingly. Happy first anniversary, my wife!

💝The more time we will stay together, our love and care for each other will grow higher. Happy 1st anniversary, dear wife!

💝Every day I fall in love with you more profoundly. May the rest of our days be like the first day of our marriage! Happy 1st anniversary, dearest wife!

💝Happy 1st anniversary to my wife; you are a charming lady who has decorated my life like heaven!

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1st anniversary wishes for wife

happy 1st anniversary my dear wife

💝I forget everything in this world when I look at you. Every day you bring new hope to my life. Happy wedding anniversary, my all! Click to tweet

1st wedding anniversary wishes for wife

💝My life and home have been shining since you have come into my life. You have filled my home with love and beauty! Happy 1st anniversary to you, my dearest wife!

💝You are the beauty of my home and the queen of my heart. I am lucky to have a loving and wonderful wife like you! Happy 1st anniversary!

💝You have enlightened my home since the first day of our marriage. Meanwhile, we spent one year together, and I swear, that was the best time of my life. Happy 1st anniversary! Click to tweet

1st wedding anniversary wishes for wife

💝You are the beginning of my good luck. You have filled my life with bliss and love; happy 1st anniversary, my sweet wife!

💝Happy first anniversary to the queen of my love; thanks for making my life pleasant, and believe me, you are my first and last love!

💝Wanna live long together with you; it’s my commitment on our first anniversary. Happy anniversary, lovely better half!

💝Dear wife, I must say that marrying you was the best decision I have ever made. Happy anniversary!

💝Spending with you every day is like a blessing. I want to stay lifelong in that way. Happy anniversary, my wifey!

💝Today has been one year since our marriage, and every day of this year I have fallen in love with you anew. Happy anniversary, my wife!

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First anniversary quotes for wife

happy 1st marriage anniversary

💝We passed our first year together just like a sweet dream, and each moment of that period was like a honeymoon. Now I am eagerly looking forward to spending the next year similarly. Happy anniversary, wifey!

💝You have wrapped my entire life with endless love, and I am sinking deeper into you every day. Today I am dedicating my heartfelt love to you on your first anniversary, darling!

💝You deserve all credit for all the bliss of our home. It was the happiest moment of my life when we became one. Happy first anniversary to you!

💝I can’t believe yet that we have already spent a whole year together. It was the golden period of my life. Many, many hugs and kisses, beloved, and happy first anniversary!

💝There were bliss, love, and a bit of sorrow in our overpast marital life of 1st year, but you wiped up all sorrows with your loving touch. Please stay by my side similarly in the upcoming years also, my angel. Love you, and a happy 1st anniversary!

💝Each moment spent with you last year was really fantastic and filled with love and happiness. Thanks for sharing your life with me. But I hope the best part of our life is still yet to come. Happy 1st anniversary, dear wife!

💝Having you as my life partner has filled my imperfect life. Best wishes on our first wedding anniversary, darling!

💝I was very messy, but you came into my life and sorted out my disorganized life just within one year. Happy wedding anniversary, my wife!

💝My dear wife, you have decorated my black and white life with the colors of your love. Thanks for that! Happy anniversary, my lifelong companion!

💝Happy 1st anniversary, my wife. You are my most precious gift from God, and I always want you by my side!

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1st wedding anniversary for wife

💝Babe, one year is enough to understand each other. After passing our first year together, I realized that marrying you was the luckiest matter that ever happened in my life! Happy 1st wedding anniversary!

💝Congratulations on your first anniversary, honey! We lost the best memorable moments in our life, but I hope the upcoming days will be more enjoyable!

💝The 1st year of our married life was just the beginning of our love. From our first wedding anniversary today, I want to love you deeper!

💝My thirst for your love just started in our first year, and this year, I want to immerse into you deeper. Congrats on your 1st anniversary, darling!

💝Honey, the more I love you, the more my thirst for love flourishes. I know my longing for your love will never be quenched. Happy 1st anniversary to you!

💝Looking back, I am pleased because you have proved that you are the perfect life partner for me, and now I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you with lots of hopes and dreams! Happy 1st wedding anniversary, dear wife!

💝Life would not be so beautiful without you, my dearest! You taught me how to enjoy life. Happy 1st wedding anniversary, my best companion!

💝I never understood the meaning of life before. You have taught me how to find happiness in even the smallest things. Happy 1st wedding anniversary, darling!

💝I wanted Just you from the Creator, and He sent you into my life and gave me a new life. Happy first wedding anniversary, dear wife!

💝I prayed for such a life partner to God who could make my life meaningful, and He obviously listened to my prayer and sent you to my life! Happy 1st anniversary, beloved wife!

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wedding anniversary quotes for wife

😀By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll be happy. If you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher!


😀Congratulations on your 1st-anniversary, darling. Today I am ready to hear any complaints against me from you!

😀Dearest, today, would you please disclose all your complaints against me that you have memorized during the last year? By the way, happy first wedding anniversary to you!

😀Beloved, thanks for everything you have done with me during the beginning year of our marital life, including all of your dramas!

😀Thank God for letting us spend a pleasant year together without any battle. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary, my sweetheart!

💝Happy anniversary, my wifey! You are not only my wife but also my sympathizer and best friend. Always be by my side this way.

💝Today the first year of our wedding has been filled. I swear, in this one year, love has not decreased but increased. Happy anniversary, my better half!

💝Wishing you a very joyous as well as memorable first wedding anniversary, dear wife. Know that I want to be with you until the last breath of life!

💝You have taken all my joys and sorrows as your own. I feel the deepness of your love when I see someone’s attack on me makes you more hurt than me. Happy anniversary to my best friend and dearest wife!

💝It is a matter of luck to find a real partner in this masked world. But God has blessed me by giving me a faithful life partner like you. Happy first wedding anniversary, my all-time faithful companion!

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First wedding anniversary wishes for wife

😀Honey, today, on your first anniversary, you deserve my special thanks for managing all the household duties of our home for the last year!

😀Beloved, let us celebrate our first anniversary hilariously because next year you may have to be busy managing our little child!

😀My dearest, I don’t want to see you like a fat woman on your next anniversary. So please take care of your health and start some exercise today!

💝I can’t imagine how rapidly the sweetest part of our life has gone! The first year of our married life! But the fantastic memories of this period will remain evergreen in my memories till the last breath of my life. Happy anniversary, darling!

💝I can’t believe how fast the 1st year of our marital life has flowed away from us. I do not want to waste a single moment of the upcoming days, so I want to love, hug, and kiss you much more! Happy 1st wedding anniversary, dear wife!

💝Sometimes when I see you, I wonder why you love me like this. I fail to love you as much as you love me, despite I love you so much. Happy anniversary, my lovely wife!

💝Dearest wife, in our one year of marriage, I have realized that my love is nothing compared to your love for me. Happy first wedding anniversary to you!

💝We have fought against many hardships together, and now I want you by my side permanently in our coming years to overcome all the adversities ahead. Happy anniversary, dear wife!

💝I don’t want to imagine a moment of life without you, dear wife. I want to cross even the last path of life holding your hand. Happy first wedding anniversary to you!

💝No difficulties in life seem grievous because I have a friend like you. Your love is my shield in all my troubles. Always stay like this. Happy anniversary, my wife!

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First marriage anniversary wishes for wife

Happy 1st anniversary to my wife

💝Beloved, we are committed to staying with each other under any circumstances. Today on our 1st anniversary, I am glad to say that you have fulfilled your commitment and proved that you are my best companion.

💝Darling, no words look perfect for expressing my love for you. May you cut many more cakes in your upcoming wedding anniversaries with bliss like this 1st anniversary!

💝Your love is like the Philosopher’s Stone, which has made my life like a golden dream. On your first anniversary, I promise that I will always be yours!

💝You are my so special wife that just one year is not enough to find all goodness within you. So I will discover you throughout my full lifetime! Happy 1st anniversary!

💝Looking at you, I wonder how lucky I am! God has given all the best virtues to you, which has made you a wonderful woman. Happy anniversary, beloved wife!

💝Marriage is a sacred bond, and you have made this bond more beautiful with your love. Today is one year of this bond. Happy anniversary, my wife!

💝My love for you cannot be written even in a thousand words. So there is nothing to say, just letting you know that I love you very much. Happy wedding anniversary, dear wife!

💝Dear wife, I want to travel to the end of my life just with you. You just hold on to my hand. Happy first wedding anniversary!

💝My dear wife, I can even run against the rough waves of the sea if you be with me! Happy anniversary!

💝Dear wife, today is my one year with you. In this one year, we have shared lots of smiles, tears, and pain, and this is how I want to live forever. Happy anniversary!

1st anniversary quotes for wife

💝We have shared lots of smiles, tears, and happiness in our one year of marriage. Always stay by my side being such a loving and caring wife. Happy anniversary to you!

💝All the people around me have changed over the past year. Only you have not changed. You still love me like before. Happy anniversary, my dear wife!

💝Countless flowers have faded away over the past year, but our love hasn’t been! Happy anniversary, beloved wife!

💝Happy 1st wedding anniversary, dearest wife! I saw lots of beautiful flowers have faded away in this one year, but our love is still fresh and scented!

💝May the fragrance of our love spread all over the world and make our entire life scented. Happy 1st anniversary to you!

💝I never thought I would get you. But the day you agree to my proposal, it can’t be described in a word how I felt. I’m really happy to have you. Happy wedding anniversary, dear!

💝If everyone had a life partner like you, the earth would become heaven. Thank you, dear wife, for giving me the happiness of paradise. Happy first wedding anniversary to you!

💝When all the smiles from my life had almost gone, you came into my life just then and brought back all the smiles again. Happy anniversary, my dear wife!

💝My life has totally changed since you entered my life. You are my equal partner in every of my success. Happy first wedding anniversary, my wife!

💝Dear wife, when the whole world stood against me, it was only you who always supported me. Thank you for staying by my side so faithfully. Happy wedding anniversary!

First wedding anniversary wishes from husband to wife

💝My beloved wife, the love between us has not faded in a thousand quarrels in this one year. This is how our love wins again and again. Happy wedding anniversary!

💝Your love has illuminated my dark life. I always want to be enlightened in the light of your love this way. Happy anniversary, dear wife!

💝We have successfully passed our first year of marriage. Every day of that year was as beautiful and special as our first day! Happy first wedding anniversary, my love!

💝My dear wife, my life was full of curses and bad luck. But you came and made it as beautiful as a flower. Happy anniversary, honey!

💝Thanks for removing all the curses and bad lucks in my life with your magical touch. Long live our love, dearest wife! Happy 1st anniversary to you!

💝My dear wife, your sweet smile makes my whole day beautiful. I find heavenly bliss in your earthly smile. Happy first wedding anniversary!

💝Dear wife, you have overwhelmed me with your beauty and virtues and made my life worthwhile! Congratulations on your 1st anniversary!

💝Dear wife, I see innumerable dreams in your golden eyes. I want to live with those dreams and make them come true. Happy first wedding anniversary to you!

💝You have turned this messy hut of mine into a sweet home by decorating it in your own way. You have given me the full taste of life. Happy anniversary, my lovely wife!

💝My beloved wife, you can make me smile even on the tough days of my life. I love to live with you, and I really love you so much. Happy wedding anniversary, my lifetime companion!

Final Verdict

We wish you both a happy 1st wedding anniversary💑, and we hope these romantic first wedding anniversary wishes for wife will add some spark to your celebration and make her day!

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