115 Birthday wishes for wife

Birthday wishes for wife

Birthday comes up just once a year. And when it’s your beloved wife’s birthday definitely, it deserves your most attention. So it’s a good idea to find the best birthday wishes for wife before wishing her a happy birthday!

As her husband, you are the closest person in her life so, of course, she expects the most love and care from you on her big day. So, on this special day of her along with wishing her a happy birthday, tell her how much you love her, how much she means to you, and how beautiful and special she is!

Birthday wishes for wife

🧁Happy birthday my wife! You are the only woman in this world with whom I want to spend my entire life!

🧁Happy birthday wife! Thanks for making my everyday lovely and special!

🧁Happy birthday dear wife! I love you and will be loving you until my last breath!

🧁Like today I want to spend my every day loving you forever. Happy birthday my dear wife!

🧁Happy birthday wifey! I am really proud of you!

🧁Having you as my wife was the most fortunate incident in my life! Happy birthday my wife!

🧁Happy birthday to my wife! Spending every day with your love is really amazing, and I want this blessing in my life for my lifetime!

🧁Thanks for sharing your life and love with me, dear wife. I am really fortunate to have you as my life partner. Happy birthday!

🧁Happy birthday my wife! I am really happy to spend this beautiful life with you together!

🧁You are the source of my love, joy, and courage every day! Thanks for making my life meaningful and organized. Happy birthday wife!

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Happy birthday wishes for wife

Happy birthday wishes for wife

🧁Happy birthday to my lovely wife! You are literally a precious gift to me!

🧁Spending each year with you is the most expected thing for me in this world. Happy birthday wife!

🧁You are my lovely wife, and I am so happy today to celebrate another birthday of yours with you! Happy birthday!

🧁Happy birthday my wife! May your day be filled with all the wonderful things you love!

🧁Waking up from sleep next to you every morning makes my every day special, but today is the most special day because today is my cute wife’s happy birthday!


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🧁Happy birthday, my beautiful wife! May your day be joyous and brighter, just like your sweet smile!

🧁May your day be as brighter as your beautiful face. Happy birthday wifey!

🧁Your coming up to my life is just like a fragrant flower blooming in a garden. Happy birthday wife!

🧁Your presence in my life is just like a fragrant rose that spreads perfume all time. Happy birthday dear wife!

🧁All my peace and happiness depend on you. Starting my every day seeing your beautiful smiley face is the main secret to all my successes! Happy birthday my dear wife!

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Birthday quotes for wife

Birthday quotes for wife

🧁Your presence is enough to make any moment joyous, so as it’s your birthday, it must be an incredible day. Happy birthday!

🧁Every day you are so glorious that I don’t find an exceptional word to praise you on this particular day. Happy birthday wife!

🧁Sometimes I think, what would happen to me if you weren’t my wife? You are a pure blessing to my life. Happy birthday!

🧁I really feel gratified to have such a sincere, smart and beautiful lady as my wife. Happy birthday to you!

🧁Sometimes I really wonder seeing your sincerity, love, and care for our family. You are literally awesome! Happy birthday, my sweet wife!

🧁Before wishing you a happy birthday, I want to appreciate you from my heart for your love, care, and dedication to me! Happy birthday wifey!

🧁My superb wife deserves a superb celebration today on her big day. Happy birthday!

🧁you are still as fascinating to me as you were on the first day of our marriage. Happy birthday dear wife!

🧁Happy birthday wife! Still, the only thing that can make me happy in this world is your pure love!

🧁You are the most precious asset in my life, and I will restrain you at any cost! Happy birthday my wife!

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Best birthday wishes for wife

Best birthday wishes for wife

🧁You are now one year older in everyone’s eyes, but in my eyes, you are two times stunning, beautiful, and attractive. Happy birthday!

🧁Being a witness of your birthday, I am so happy today and looking forward to spending a more wonderful life with you ahead. Happy birthday my wife!

🧁May the world burst with joy today when you blow out your birthday candles. Happy birthday, darling!

🧁Circling the sun, your happy birthday has come up again among us bringing lots of happiness and joy! Happy birthday, honey!

🧁Today I remember, on a happy day like today, you have come up into my life and turned my life upside down in a good way. Happy birthday, dearest wife!

🧁I love you always, and I thank God every morning waking up from sleep for bringing you into my life. Happy birthday to you!

🧁Looking at your beautiful face today, I think getting older is not always bad. Happy birthday!

🧁I feel like you have brought all the happiness in this world along with you to my life. Happy birthday wife!

🧁Happy birthday dear wife! Thanks for being my love, my sunshine, and the main source of my joy every day!

🧁You are more than a wife to me. Instead, you are the principal support in my life. Happy birthday, beloved!

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Birthday wishes to my wife

🧁Happy birthday dear wife! Today I want to say I love you beyond all our fights and arguments!

🧁I am looking for an appropriate word to appreciate you for your pure love and sacrifice for me, but I don’t find it! I just can say I am thankful to you. Happy birthday!

🧁I am never afraid of losing you because I have 100% faith in your love and commitment. Happy birthday my wife!

🧁I think telling you not to leave me is totally meaningless because being apart from each other is completely out of place in our relationship. Happy birthday to you, darling!

🧁Thanks for being so sincere always in all our commitments. Happy birthday my dear wife!

🧁Today I want to request you again to be by my side forever as you have been so far. Happy birthday, honey!

🧁I want to express my gratitude to you for choosing me as your life partner though It’s not the first time nor the last time. Happy birthday wifey!

🧁You are so precious to me. Would you want to ask me how precious? I would answer, as precious as my own life! Happy birthday, dearest!

🧁Do you know you are just similar to my life? In which way? I have only one life in this world and only one life partner forever, and that is you! Happy birthday to you!

🧁Happy birthday dear wife! No one can live without taking breaths, and I can’t spend a single moment without you and your love.

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Heart touching birthday wishes for wife

Heart touching birthday wishes for wife

🧁I need you as I need Oxygen for my existence on this earth. Happy birthday, beloved!

🧁Thanks to your birthday because each year it reminds me of your importance and your contribution to my life! Happy birthday wife!

🧁Happy birthday my dear wife! Looking into your eyes deeper, I find the true meaning of living in this world!

🧁My every day is better than the previous day because my sweet wife is always by my side. Happy birthday!

🧁May God extend our togetherness so long that I can wish you a happy birthday a hundred years more. Happy birthday, dearest wife!

🧁Thanks for tolerating me every day and making all my bitter moments sweet. Happy birthday my wife!

🧁If I start praising you today, the whole day will go by, but my words won’t be finished! Happy birthday, my beloved wife!

🧁I am dam sure you won’t find a pair of our bond. It’s sweet, tight, and everlasting. Happy birthday to you, darling!

🧁You are more precious to me than a diamond; you are more beautiful to me than a red rose; Your comparison is only you; my lovely wife. Happy birthday!

🧁Your beauty and glory are beyond all the famous poets’ imagination, my dearest wife! Happy birthday to you from the deepest part of my heart!

Romantic birthday wishes for wife

Romantic birthday wishes for wife

🧁What do you want from me today, my dearest wife? Just tell me and see how quickly I fulfill all your wishes and desires. Happy birthday to you!

🧁Dear wife, today, I want to say to you again that none of the forces in the universe can alter our love and commitment to each other. Happy birthday!

🧁No one can count how many water drops are in the seven seas, but I just know all those water drops together won’t be more than our love. Happy birthday to my gorgeous wife!

🧁One day our life will get expired, but our love will surely be kept unchanged in paradise. Happy birthday wife!

🧁Every passing year in my life would not be so amazing if you were not my loving wife. Happy birthday, darling!

🧁Our love is like a flame that gleams forever and never gets extinguished. Happy birthday, honey!

🧁My birthday wishes and gifts to you are just a symbol, but my genuine love for you is in my heart. Happy birthday my wife!

🧁Happy birthday my dear wife! Your birthday is just once a year, but my love stays every day for you!

🧁Let’s celebrate your birthday and show the universe how happy we are together. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

🧁I don’t fear death as much as I fear losing you. Happy birthday wifey! 

Birthday wishes for wife with love

🧁The joy of knowing you and getting closer to you every day is incomparable with anything in this world. Happy birthday my dear wife!

🧁Everyone should know that the secret to all my success is the love and inspiration of my beloved wife. Happy birthday to you!

🧁Nothing in this world can stop me from achieving my goal as long as my loving and supportive wife is by my side. Happy birthday!

🧁All the changes that have been happening to my life after getting you by my side are just magical. Thanks for everything, dear wife. Happy birthday to you!

🧁I didn’t have any idea that life could be so joyous and meaningful before getting you as my wife. Happy birthday wifey!

🧁Happy birthday dear wife! I respect your cordiality and trustworthiness to keep our married life as a garden in paradise.

🧁I wish to stay by your side on each of your birthdays ahead and make you happy. Happy birthday my dear wife!

🧁You are so close to me as someone’s shadow could be to him. Happy birthday wifey!

🧁Don’t think that I am not aware of how careful you are about me every day. Today is a great day to appreciate you for all your contribution to my life. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

🧁Happy birthday, honey! Your love has made my heart overflow with inexpressible joy and happiness!

Impressive birthday wishes for wife

🧁Dear wife, you make my every day brighter as sunshine brightens our world every day. Happy birthday to you!

🧁When I remember our first pickup with each other, I feel like the sun rose in the sky on that day after a long night. Happy birthday, honey!

🧁Happy birthday, beloved wife. I was so joyful on that day when you first accepted my love as we become happy every day to see the sunshine in the morning!

🧁All my days are sunny and all my nights are starry since you have entered my life! Happy birthday, sweetheart!

🧁Please hug me every day and hold me in your chest because my paradise is only there. Happy birthday, dearest!

🧁Happy birthday my wife! I won’t be happy even in paradise if you are not with me there!

🧁I feel my life is complete when I hug you and hold you in my chest. Happy birthday wife!

🧁Your love is like my heartbeat to me. Happy birthday, darling!

🧁Every morning when I see the sunshine, it reminds me of your smiling face. Happy birthday my wife!

🧁As long as I am beside you, no particular birthday of yours will be the happiest; instead, I will make all your birthdays the happiest!

Simple birthday wishes for wife

🧁Happy birthday, dear wife! I always love you, your beautiful face, and your sweet smile!

🧁All the best on your birthday, my dear wife! Always stay safe, healthy, and optimistic!

🧁All the best wishes on your birthday, dearest wife! I cherish you, and you are always in my heart, eyeballs, and thoughts!

🧁Many happy returns of the day! I swear you are the only woman, whom I love, kiss, and hug!

🧁Many many kisses to your lips, eyes, and everywhere, where the access of only mine!

🧁I never thought I would get her in my life who was in my dream. Happy birthday, darling!

🧁You are just that woman whom I imagined in my dreams when I was unmarried. Happy birthday, dearest wife!

🧁You have made me such complete that I don’t feel any interest in any other women, no matter how beautiful they are. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

🧁Sometimes I become so busy with work that I forget to appreciate you for all your care and sacrifice to me, but today I won’t miss it! Happy birthday, beloved wife!

🧁Sharing life with such a wonderful wife like you is really a matter of fortune. Happy birthday my wife!

Funny birthday wishes for wife

🥰Thanks for making me fat by feeding me your delicious dishes every day. Happy birthday to you!

🥰Happy birthday to my loving wife and favorite chef!

🥰On your big day, I am ready to gift you whatever you want as I know you can’t expect anything from me that I can’t afford. Happy birthday my dear wife!

🥰Let’s celebrate your birthday as we used to celebrate it together when we were just girlfriend and boyfriend! Sounds cool? Happy birthday!

🥰Cheers to you and the love that has held us together tightly like superglue! Happy birthday my wife!

🥰It’s really cool to find a unique way each year to celebrate your birthday, darling. Happy birthday!

🥰Happy birthday my wife! Today you deserve a candlelight dinner in your favorite restaurant and shopping in your favorite mall!

🥰Thanks for making me your perfect husband over the years. Now I know how to make you happy and get more love and care from you. Happy birthday wife!

🥰Happy birthday dear wife! I promise I won’t fight and argue with you today on any matter. All the victory is just yours today!

🥰Happy birthday to my beautiful wife who made me crazy about her without having any makeup!

🥰Getting your love and care every day gives me such serenity I know I won’t find it anywhere in this world. Happy birthday wife!

🥰Happy birthday dear wife! May you spend and celebrate every day of your life like your birthday!

🥰Please always believe that I value all your contribution to my life and respect you. Happy birthday wifey!

🥰Happy birthday to you from your husband! Though I usually don’t tell you orally, know that I feel and remember all your contribution to my life every day!

🥰The way you make me happy every day is really more loving than any other wives do for their husbands. Happy birthday, dearest wife!

Final words

We appreciate your efforts to find the best birthday wishes for your wife and hope you have found the right one from our well thought, romantic, and beautiful collection of birthday wishes for wife!