70 Mother death anniversary quotes

Mother death anniversary quotes

It’s really hard to control our emotions when we remember the death of our mother. So the death anniversary of a mother is really a heartbreaking occasion for her children. But we can’t avoid this day just for this reason. Instead, on this day, we can pray for our deceased mother and show our love and respect to her with some heartfelt mother death anniversary quotes.

Mother death anniversary quotes

🪶You are always alive in my memory, dear mom. Live in heaven with eternal peace!

🪶I have forgotten the meaning of happiness since you died. Rest in peace, mom!

🪶Every year when this day comes, I can’t prevent my tears. Miss you so much, mom!

🪶Lots of memories regarding you come and make me cry every year when this day comes. Rest in peace in heaven, mom!

🪶Still, I have been looking for you since you passed away. Live happily in heaven, mom!

🪶Dear mom, the pain of losing you reminds me of how favorite you were to me!

🪶Everyone’s ultimate desired place is heaven, and I believe you have been staying there now, dear mom!

🪶No matter how much joy and comfort surround you there, I know you have been missing us so much just like we do about you!

🪶I can’t describe in words how precious you were to me. May God grant you the best place in heaven!

🪶Dear mom, the greatest loss in my life was your death because losing you, I lost my most utile support!

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1st death anniversary quotes for mother

1st death anniversary quotes for mother

🪶Dear mother, you taught me to keep patience in any situation. I never guessed I would have to obey this advice to forget the pain of losing you!

🪶It’s your first death anniversary, dear mom, and today I remember you with my heartfelt respect!

🪶All your memories are still bright in my heart, dear mom. Who says you are dead? You are still alive in my heart!

🪶People say you are dead, but I believe you are still alive in my heart through all your amazing memories with me!

🪶Dear mom, people might say you have died, but I know how brightly you are alive in my heart and mind!

🪶It’s been one year since I have been missing your support and care, dear mom. See you in heaven!

🪶I never imagined a single day of spending without you, but alas! It has been one year already! Miss you badly, dear mom!

🪶Spending a single day without you is just like spending it without any joy and happiness. You were my everything, dear mom!

🪶I will never forget you, mom. You were my world!

🪶I can’t believe I have passed the most painful 365 days of my life! Rest in peace in heaven, dear mom!

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2nd death anniversary quotes for mother

2nd death anniversary quotes for mother

🪶I can’t bear losing the support and comfort of your arms. How are you in heaven, mom?

🪶Two years have already gone since you died, but I know how painfully I have passed this time. Hope you are well in heaven, mom!

🪶Dear mom, still, I can’t hide my tears remembering your love and care for me. Please stay happy in the country of no return!

🪶You were my cause to get back home. Now I feel like a homeless, dear mom!

🪶Seeing your smiling face was my main source of happiness every day. Your death has deprived me of this happiness!

🪶Dear mom, only two years without you is so painful for me that I am afraid of thinking about the rest of my life without you!

🪶You have left me for two years, but I feel like I last met you just two days ago!

🪶Though I already said how much I love you, I regret I should have said this much more!

🪶Your 2nd death anniversary has come, and I can’t prevent my tears today, dear mom!

🪶I didn’t know so many tears might be in my eyes which have been falling since your death!

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Death anniversary wishes for mother from son

Death anniversary wishes for mother from son

🪶I don’t know how perfectly I did my duty as your son, but I hope you are satisfied with me, dear mom!

🪶I know you loved me so much, dear mom, and I hope your blessing will stay with me forever!

🪶Your advice and blessing are the main capital to the way of my life, mom. Miss you on your 2nd death anniversary!

🪶You have left me physically, but I believe your blessing won’t leave me ever!

🪶It’s been years since your death, but still, I can’t believe you won’t call me by my nickname ever! Your son misses you badly, dear mom!

🪶It’s an inevitable truth that you are no longer here, but it’s hard to accept even after years!

🪶Dear mom, I hope now you have met dad, and both are enjoying your days in heaven!

🪶You have brought me to this earth, but now you have left me alone! How can I bear this pain, mom?

🪶Though I know you are in a better place now, it can’t relieve my pain of losing you, mom!

🪶Mom, your death has made my heart empty which can’t be filled with anything else! I love you so much!

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Death anniversary wishes for mother from daughter

Death anniversary wishes for mother from daughter

🪶God has brought you back to Him, so we have nothing to do, but the pain of losing you still breaks my heart!

🪶Dear mom, why did you leave me? Didn’t you know that your daughter’s heart can’t bear the pain of losing you?

🪶You have left us, but don’t know that you have carried all my joy and happiness with you!

🪶The impact of your death is irreplaceable. Our family has become just like a body without a soul since your death, mom!

🪶Miss you so much, mom! It’s true that it would be difficult to live in this tough world if time didn’t heal our every pain!

🪶I know you would not have left me alone on this earth if there were any way. Miss you, mom!

🪶Rest in peace, mom! I knew you didn’t leave me willingly; it was just our bad luck.

🪶I didn’t imagine I would lose you so earlier! Even I regret I didn’t get a chance to ask your forgiveness, dear mom!

🪶Death came so suddenly and nabbed you from us so rudely! Now I am just wordless and feelingless, dear mom!

🪶Why is death so cruel, mom? Why does it nab you from me so rudely? What can heal the pain of losing you?

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Remembering mom on her death anniversary

Remembering mom on her death anniversary

🪶Dear mom, your role in my life is so special that nobody can take your place. Please stay well wherever you are now!

🪶Death can destroy everything but can’t erase your memories from my heart. My cordial love and respect to your way!

🪶Your motherly love and sacrifice have made me indebted to you forever, dear mom. Heartfelt love and respect to you on your death anniversary!

🪶As my mother, you have completed your duty perfectly, but I regret I didn’t get the chance to do anything for you. Please forgive me from heaven, mom!

🪶Dear mom, since your death, I have been feeling your absence so deeply that can’t be described in words!

🪶Since your death, the ground under my feet has shifted because you were my biggest support in this world, mom!

🪶Mom, your unfortunate death has given my life the biggest shake ever. Miss you and miss your love, dear mom!

🪶Remembering you, your love, care, and support on your death anniversary, mama! May your departed soul find peace in heaven!

🪶When I look back to the days when you were with us and cherished us, I can’t prevent my tears! Rest in peace, mummy!

🪶From sunrise to sunset, your voidness is felt every moment in our hearts. Remembering you with love on your death anniversary, mom!

Death anniversary prayer messages for mother

Death anniversary prayer messages for mother

🪶May God reward my sinless mom with eternal happiness in heaven!

🪶I can’t bring you back to me, but I pray to God that He might keep you in the best place in heaven! Amen!

🪶I know you are dead on this earth but immortal in heaven. So I hope you spend your infinite time with limitless joy and fun there!

🪶Dear mom, each Sunday, I pray to God that He might keep your soul in peace!

🪶When your death anniversary comes, we reminisce all our good memories with you and pray for you together. Can you hear us from heaven, dear mom?

🪶May God listen to my prayer and keep you happy in heaven, mom!

🪶I believe God listens to all His servants’ heartfelt prayers, and my only prayer to Him is to keep you well in heaven, dear mom!

🪶I heard God grants all children’s prayers for their parents, so every day, I pray for you so that God might forgive you and keep you in heaven permanently!

🪶Still, I take every step following your guidelines, dear mom. I hope you are proud of me from heaven!

🪶I know our apartness is temporary, so shortly, we will meet in heaven, mom!

Final words

Losing a mother is one of the greatest losses in this world which can’t be recovered with anything! So on her death anniversary, nothing would be better than praying for her departed soul and remembering her with these mother death anniversary quotes.