90 Sorry quotes for friend: I am sorry my friend

Sorry messages for friend

Fighting, shouting, and quarreling are very common between close friends! It’s impossible to find any friendship in this world where didn’t happen misunderstandings or fighting! But real friendship never ends just for those silly reasons! So it’s not surprising if you feel regret after a fight with your close friend and want to apologize to him! Indeed whatever issues there are between you, these sorry quotes for friend definitely can calm down your friend’s heart!

So if there accidentally occurred any unpleasant things in your friendship, apologize to him with these sorry quotes for friend and make your friendship normal again!

Sorry quotes for friend

Sorry quotes for friend

I am so sorry for my misbehaving with you, dear friend. Please accept my apology and pardon me for this time!

Sorry for my careless behavior with you, my friend. I promise it won’t ever happen!

I am really ashamed of my rudeness to you, my dear friend. Please forget it and forgive my stupidity!

You are my real friend, so I believe you won’t refuse my apology. I am really sorry for my stupidity!

I know I hurt you very rudely. I really want to apologize for that, dearest friend!

I know I have hurt you with my words but believe me, I am genuinely sorry for that from the deepest part of my heart. So please forgive me, dear friend!

Though I didn’t hurt you intentionally still, it shouldn’t have happened! I hope you can accept my apologies, my friend!

Please don’t think I hurt you intentionally; believe me, I can’t do that, my friend! Instead, it just happened accidentally!

It will really be unfair if you believe I hurt you intentionally! At least I am not such a bad guy! Please accept my sincere apologies, dear friend.

I feel down and can’t do anything until you forgive me, friend! I would like to apologize for my misbehaving.

I love you so much, dear friend, and will love you for my lifetime. So never doubt my friendship. I am withdrawing my words that hurt you so badly!

Misunderstanding is very common in friendship, so please forget that unpleasant incident and take it easy!

I should have kept my head cool while talking to you on that issue. I really didnt mean for that to happen!

I have realized that I should have chosen my words more carefully while discussing that issue with you. Honestly, that was not what I intended!

Unfortunately, I hurt your heart with my wording and behavior! I am so sorry for that and to make up for it I would like to ask your pardon, dear friend!

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Sorry messages for friend

Please forgive me friend

Sorry for all the hurtful words I said to you accidentally. Please forgive me, friend! click to tweet

Sorry quotes for friend

I am genuinely sorry for those hurtful words, dear friend. I give you my word that it will never happen again!

Believe me; I didn’t think you would take that small matter so seriously and react this way. You cant believe how sorry I am, dear friend!

Im so sorry, my bad! Our friendship is really precious to me. So to make sure it doesnt happen again, I am ready to do anything!

It was just fun, and I didn’t think it might hurt you so badly! Im so embarrassed! Ive slipped up!

Dear friend, I don’t know why you felt hurt by that simple matter! However, I am extremely sorry; please pardon me!

I am really sorry to know that you felt hurt by my words. I hope you can accept my apologies!

Sorry for my wrong compliment on that matter. I really want to apologize for that, my friend!

I am really sorry I accused you of that incident before knowing the matter properly! Im so annoyed at myself, dear friend!

Sorry for all the hurtful things I did with you intentionally or unintentionally. Please accept my sincere apologies, my dearest friend!

I concede I should have known the actual matter before imputing it on you. Please forgive me for my stupidity, dear friend!

I have already made that mistake with you which I can’t take back again. Now only your forgiveness can tranquilize me!

I cant believe I did that! That was an epic fail! Please don’t remain angry with me anymore, dear friend!

Now I realize misbehaving with you was my stupidity! That was silly! That was an oversight on my behalf!

Sorry for imputing the guilt of that unpleasant matter on you. I concede that was only my fault!

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Sorry msg for friend

Accusing you of that incident was really my great mistake! I apologize, dear friend!

I regret I should have discussed the matter with you before accusing you. Im genuinely sorry, friend!

It was really my great mistake that I accused you before directly discussing the matter with you. I apologize, my friend! Click to tweet

Sorry quotes for friend

I am really ashamed of accusing you without verifying the actual matter. Please forgive my foolishness, my friend!

Misbehaving with you, I have denigrated our friendship. I am sorry, my friend!

Sorry for forgetting your matter, dear friend. Please forgive me. It was really my unintentional mistake!

I didn’t think there might come such a day of misunderstanding with you. I am really sorry, my friend!

Dear friend, please don’t misunderstand me. If I had the ability, I would not disappoint you!

Sorry for refusing your proposal, dear friend. You know my ability. So please try to understand!

Please don’t avoid me, friend. As I already apologized to you, can’t you forget that unpleasant thing now?

I really didn’t imagine that a simple misunderstanding could bring these types of problems to our friendship! I concede my stupidity, dear friend!

I believe; there is nothing in this world that can breach our precious friendship! So please accept my apologies, dear friend!

It won’t be enough if I send you thousands of words saying how sorry I am for hurting you with my misbehavior. So please forgive your ashamed friend just for this time!

It will really be our foolishness if we can’t solve our issues ourselves in our friendship. So please accept your desperate friend’s apologies!

Dear friend, if there is any value to you our friendship, I believe; definitely, you can realize my heartfelt apologies and forgive me!

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Apology message to a friend

Apology message to a friend

I just had fun with you, but you thought I insulted you! Sorry for giving you sorrow, my friend!

I didn’t insult you at all. It was just waterless fun. By the way, I am sorry, dear friend!

Sorry for my misunderstanding with you, dear friend. Please forgive me!

My foolishness was I listened to others and believed them blindly. Sorry for doubting you, dearest friend!

I should not have doubted you; instead, I should have asked you directly about the actual matter. I apologize, friend!

I regret that I didn’t ask you directly about that matter! Please forgive me for doubting you, dearest friend!

Sorry for avoiding your precious advice, dear friend! I have learned a lot from my foolishness!

I am so unfortunate I didn’t value your precious advice timely! Sorry for my foolishness and for avoiding your good advice!

I regret I didn’t listen to your timely advice! Sorry for underestimating your precious suggestions!

I could not attend your program because I was stuck in my duty willy-nilly! I apologize, dearest friend!

Unfortunately, I made that mistake though you tipped me off timely. Sorry for not listening to you, my friend!

I could not take your call because I was in an urgent meeting with my boss! I apologize, dear friend!

How foolish am I! I Did that wrong which I should not have done! I apologize, friend!

Finally, your opinion has come true. Congratulations to you, and sorry for challenging your thought, friend!

Sorry for flouting your opinion, dear friend. I should not have been so aggressive with you!

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Sorry note for friend

Sorry note for friend

Sorry for interfering in your personal matters, dear friend. I didn’t think it might hurt you so badly!

I concede I should not have interfered in your personal matters. Please forgive my encroachment!

Dear friend, I didn’t want to suggest to you the wrong idea intentionally! It was proved wrong just accidentally, and I am so sorry for that!

Sorry for my wrong information, dear friend. I should have verified that before sending it to you!

Sorry for your loss, dear friend, but please don’t condemn me for it!

Ever since I hurt you with my words and behavior, there has been bleeding inside me! I apologize, dear friend!

It was really my foolishness and biggest failure to break my close friend’s heart! You won’t understand how I feel inside me. Sorry, my friend!

Sorry for being the cause of your pain, dear friend. My mistake with you is killing me inside also!

I know you will accept my apology at the end but know that I have been having sleepless nights since I did the wrong thing with you!

Sorry for my fighting with you, dearest friend. But don’t think I will leave you because you know simply I can’t live without you!

Fighting, shouting, and misbehaving are not rare in friendship! So please don’t take it seriously. By the way, I am so sorry, my friend!

The reason we fought for was really worthless. I concede my mistake and say sorry, my dearest friend!

We should not have allowed those dirty things in our friendship. I am sorry for our worthless quarrel!

Whatever happens, your special place in my heart won’t be replaced with anything. I am so sorry, friend!

Let’s give up all the stupid arguments for the sake of our friendship. I apologize, dear friend!

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Touching apology message to a friend

Touching apology message to a friend

I never imagined I could be the cause of your sorrow. Please forgive me for my irresponsibility, dear friend!

Sorry for my negligence, dear friend. I could not imagine you might face such problems just for that simple negligence from me!

If I could have imagined that a simple matter might hurt you so terribly, I would have never done that, my friend. I am really sorry!

I am really ashamed of breaking my promise, dear friend. Please forgive me for this time and give me another chance!

I concede I have broken my promise to you but know that it has not happened intentionally. I am so sorry, my friend!

I didn’t tell a lie to you, dear friend. Believe me! I tried my best to do that, but unfortunately, I failed!

Believe me! I tried hard to finish that work in time, but I failed! Sorry for this unwanted mistake, dear friend!

I didn’t imagine my plan could fail! Sorry for my failure to keep my word, dear friend!

I am truly sad because I failed to keep my promise to you. I am sorry, my friend!

I genuinely tried to reach on time, but emergency work prevented me! So sorry, my friend!

Please don’t say I’m selfish, dear friend. I know I hurt you, but it was a pure accident!

I am sorry for not staying in touch for a long time! I was really under pressure at my workplace, dearest friend!

I regret I should have shared everything with you earlier. Really sorry, dear friend!

Now I realize I should have listened to your advice, dear friend. I apologize. Please don’t leave me for my stupidity!

I am sorry, dear friend. I believe you can feel the genuine regret in my heart for hurting you and will surely forgive me!

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Final words

Real friendship is priceless. So it’s not expected to lose a good friend just for simple fighting or quarreling! Instead, it will be appreciable if you concede your fault and apologize with some warm words and thus reconcile your issues in your friendship!