100 Sorry quotes for lover: Sorry love quotes for her and him

sorry quotes for lover

Ups and downs are very typical in every type of relationship, so there might be so many reasons for which you might have to say “I am sorry” to your lover! If there is an issue with your lover, you can apologize to her/him with these sweet sorry quotes for lover!

No matter how big or small your issues are, these winning sorry messages for lover will show the sincerity and accountability of your apologies and bring her unconditional forgiveness to you!

Sorry quotes for lover

saying sorry is not enough for my fault

😭Dearest, I know saying sorry is not enough for my fault. I promise I will change myself, genuinely!

😭Oh my goodness! How stupid of me! I swear I won’t hurt you again. Please forgive your capricious lover for this time!

😭I’m sorry, darling. Please forgive me. I have already realized that I should not have done that with you!

😭How careless of me! I should not have misbehaved with you so brutally. I am so sorry, beloved!

😭I am not just telling you sorry. I will prove soon that I am really sorry for my guilt with you!

😭How thoughtless of me! I am really ashamed of my behavior with you at that moment. Please forgive me, honey!

😭I am terribly sorry, my dearest! I still don’t know what happened to me yesterday and how I could be so stupid!

😭I can’t imagine how I could misbehave with you so harshly. I am really sorry and asking for your pardon!

😭I am heartily sorry for my foolishness, and I am giving you word that further, I won’t be such thoughtless!

😭Whatever you think, I am really sorry from the core of my heart, and I promise next time I won’t show such foolishness!

😭Regret and grief have been sucking my life’s happiness since I hurt you with my carelessness. Please forgive me and smile, or else I can’t live!

😭I am so sorry, dearest. It was all my fault. But believe me, I didn’t want to make you feel down intentionally!

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I am really sorry for my guilt with you

😭Dearest, believe it or not, I value our relationship more than my ego, so I don’t feel shame to ask your forgiveness as I really misbehaved with you. I am genuinely sorry for that!

😭I concede I treated you the wrong way, and I should not be so annoying. I am terribly sorry!

😭I wanted to tell you I’m sorry. Please accept my apologies and calm down, my dearest! Click to tweet

Sorry quotes for lover

😭I concede that was wrong of me, and I am already remorseful for that. So, please forget it and let me hug you intensely!

😭Beloved, I failed to control my anger, and that’s my fault. But I know you are more patient than me and won’t deny accepting my apologies!

😭I crossed my civility and became over-demanding. Sorry for that. Please forgive me and break your silence!

😭I am sorry I was not so perfect boyfriend you wanted me to be, but I promise I will try my best in the near future!

😭I know my mistakes are beyond getting forgiveness but believe me, I am so sorry from the deepest part of my heart!

😭I can say sorry a thousand times for all my guilts and will continuously ask your forgiveness until you forgive me and kiss me intensely!

😭I am waiting for your forgiveness, and I know your heart is big enough to pardon all my faults. I’m sorry, my angel! Click to tweet

Sorry love quotes

😭Dearest, I know my faults are inexcusable, but I am asking forgiveness from such a girl I know whose kindness is world-renowned!

😭Beloved, please give me a chance to prove that I am not just saying sorry; I really mean it as well!

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Sorry messages for boyfriend

Sorry messages for boyfriend

😭I am sorry for hurting you, sweetheart. To be honest, I don’t know why I became so angry and rude to you!

😭Sorry for getting angry with you, darling. Please forgive me. Now I know it was not your guilt!

😭Sorry for misunderstanding you, beloved. You should have clearly told me everything!

😭If you did not hide that matter from me, this unpleasant incident would not happen. Sorry for misbehaving with you, darling!

😭Please don’t stay upset still. Sorry for being mad at you, dearest!

😭I know you are very upset about my misbehaving with you. But I hope you have already understood my situation and forgive me. I owe you an apology!

😭Don’t mind my misbehaving with you, darling. You know, love never grows in a relationship without fighting!

😭Sorry for my overreacting, dearest! You know I can’t tolerate your negligence because I love you so much!

😭You don’t know how worried I feel about your negligence! I am so sorry for rebuking you and hope you will understand my feelings!

😭I know you are hurt by my rebuking. I want to apologize, honey. I promise I will make you happy today!

😭Sorry, my apologies, darling. Why don’t you stop doing those things that make me angry?

😭You should know that when I miss you badly but you avoid me, I become so crazy! So please don’t mind my anger. I am so sorry, baby!

😭I always regret whenever I rebuke you. Please don’t mind my impatience. You know everybody knows about my anger!

😭I’d like to apologize, my handsome. Please don’t punish me this way. You know I can’t stay so long without your love and kiss!

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Sorry messages to girlfriend

Sorry messages to girlfriend

😭I’m sorry, darling. I know it’s not the first time I am asking your forgiveness, but I can assure you that at least I won’t do the same mistake further!

😭Though it has been late, I concede I was wrong about that. So, please don’t keep those unpleasant things in your mind anymore!

😭I can’t guarantee that I will never make any mistakes but be sure that if I do so, I won’t impose my fault upon you!

😭I concede I had that wrong, and I hope I am not too late to apologize!

😭It did not happen consciously; it happened all of a sudden instead. I am so sorry for everything!

😭Please don’t say that my fault is unforgivable. I am really sorry for everything, and please tell me how you want me to fix it.

😭Please tell me what should I do now that can make you happy. I have already apologized and am ready to do anything else you want!

😭Our relationship is deeper and more valuable than friendship. So where friendship can get fixed by a simple apology, then why we can’t? Still, I am telling you sorry, my beloved!

😭Beloved, I concede I did wrong to you, but please don’t give me excessive punishment which I do not deserve at all!

😭Please, give me any other punishment rather than leave me. Otherwise, tell me to die!

😭I concede I was thoughtless and insincere, but it won’t be fair if you say I don’t love you!

😭Sweetheart, I hope it will be easy for you to forgive me if you count my good deeds and love for you. Again sorry for everything!

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I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you knowingly or Unknowingly

😭If you think saying sorry isn’t enough for my wrong please let me know how to fix it. I promise I won’t disappoint you, dearest!

😭I apologize, sweetheart. Please forgive me for the sake of my love!

😭All that happened was an accident. I want to apologize, darling!

😭I owe you an apology for my stupidity. I appreciate your kindness, my angel!

😭Whatever happened, please pardon me for the sake of our pure love. I sincerely apologize, beloved!

😭I know how brutally you are hurt by my words! Please accept my sincerest apologies, dearest!

😭I would like to apologize for all my mistakes that hurt you. Please, come back and let me hug you intimately!

😭Since you have stopped talking to me due to my mistakes, I can’t bear that pain in my heart. I am sincerely sorry, baby!

😭I can guess your pain for my misbehaving with you. I am apologizing to you unconditionally for everything, my angel!

😭I am feeling regret for my guilt because I really love you and care for you. I am very sorry, sweetheart!

😭Please don’t doubt my love just for this unpleasant incident. I feel your pain and am extremely sorry for my misbehaving!

😭That was wrong of me, darling. I promise I won’t find fault with you anymore!

Sorry messages for love

😭Please don’t think that I am sorry just for the reason that you mentioned it. Instead, I am sorry from my heart instantly whenever I have realized my wrong!

😭Give me just some time, and I will prove that I didn’t cheat you, my love. But I am really sorry for hiding that incident from you!

😭When I shall explain the fact, I believe you will realize the real reason for hiding those words from you. Until then, please keep your patience, my love!

😭It’s very common that sometimes I lose my patience and make unpleasant mistakes, so please don’t mind my stupidity!

😭My love, whenever there is an issue between us, I always surrender to you unconditionally and apologize to you. So please don’t doubt my love. My love is 100% genuine!

😭My love for you comes from the deepest part of my heart. And I am feeling sorry today just from that part of my heart, my sweetheart!

😭There has been bleeding in my heart since I hurt you with my words, my love. I am terribly sorry!

😭I’m sorry my love. Please let me prove to you that I have changed myself since that happened!

😭Mine misbehaving hurt you, and as a result, I am burnt by the flame of your anger. Now please calm down, my love. I am so sorry!

😭Sorry my love. Please don’t be mad at me. Let’s move on from this unpleasant situation!

😭My love, I beg your pardon for being so rude to you. Can’t you break your silence and smile now?

😭Pardon me for being so rude, my love. I concede it was one of my biggest stupidity ever!

Sorry messages for lover

Sorry my love

😭I am sorry for hurting you, my love. Please forgive your stupid boyfriend!

😭I didn’t take much time to realize that I did wrong to you, my love. Now I hope you will also accept my apology quickly!

😭What I did with you hurt me also. So I have already gotten punished. Now would you please accept my apology?

😭I have already learned how worthless quarreling is! It hurt us both. So let’s promise, whatever happens, we will never quarrel with each other!

😭I am really ashamed of arguing with you and hurting you. Arguing is really bad for a relationship. I am sorry my love!

😭Our fight was totally worthless, my love. I am really sorry! I realized I should not have lost my patience!

😭If I had realized earlier how worthless quarreling, is I would not have lost my patience. I am sorry my love!

😭Oh my goodness! A simple matter has brought too many problems between us! Now I want to be the first to regret and say sorry!

😭Dearest, before saying sorry to you, I take all the responsibility for this unpleasant issue between us. So please don’t delay to accept my apologies!

😭I didn’t deny taking all the responsibility for our issues, so why will you delay accepting my apologies?

😭I am really sorry for this unexpected situation. I promise I will never do anything in the future which can make our relationship bitter!

😭I don’t blame you for avoiding me, sweetheart. I know I deserve it! I just want to tell you that I am repenting for my wrong, and I am heartily sorry!

I am sorry for hurting you my love

😭I am sorry, dearest if I’ve hurt you knowingly or unknowingly!

😭It’s not the first time we fought with each other. But at the end of the day, we are crazy lovers! May our love last forever, beloved!

😭Life is too short, sweetheart. So I don’t want to waste any more time staying separate from you. Please forgive me and drag me to your chest again!

😭I hope you will shortly realize that it happened unwittingly and forgive me. Sorry my love!

😭I believe your love will win over your anger, and you will accept my apologies as well. I am sorry, dearest!

😭Whatever happens, you know my love for you always wins over my ego, so I don’t have any shame to say sorry for my mistakes with you!

😭Nothing is more pleasing to me than our togetherness. So, please don’t deprive me of it; I am telling you sorry for hundred times!

😭Forgive me or not, it’s up to you, but know that until you do not pardon me, bleedings into my heart will never stop!

😭Dearest, until you forgive me, I will assume you want me to die!

😭I have already said sorry to you. So please don’t stick on with your anger and make our sweet relationship bitter!

😭Beloved, please withdraw your sayings which you said to me angrily! I am sorry and promise to give up those bad habits!

😭Darling, If you do not accept my apologies, there won’t be anyways for me except dying!

😭If you don’t want to see me dead, please accept my apologies and calm down!

😭I can’t tolerate any more to see our pure love getting burnt with the flame of anger. Please forgive my wrong and stop fighting!


Just saying “I am sorry” is very typical. So if you have made any mistakes with your lover and want to apologize just saying sorry might not work each time! It would be better to make your lover believe that you are genuinely repenting of your faults and won’t make these types of mistakes anymore. And these sorry quotes for lover will help you to express your apologies right and best way!