105 Wedding anniversary wishes for friend

Wedding anniversary wishes for friend

A wedding anniversary is one of the most romantic and memorable days in anyone’s life! On this great occasion who could be more appropriate sharers than the couple’s friends? So if today is your friend’s wedding anniversary, and you want to wish him some unique words that must catch his attention then these wonderful wedding anniversary wishes for friend are just for you!

Wedding anniversary wishes for friend

🍾Happy wedding anniversary, my friend! When I see the two of you, it looks like one soul, two bodies. May you love and be loved like this for the rest of your life.

🍾Marriage is a sacred bond. May this bond of yours remain intact forever. Happy anniversary, buddy!

🍾Marriage is such a kind of relationship where not only love but also lots of quarrels can exist. May your every quarrel turns into love. Happy anniversary!

🍾Just as pigeon-dove does not leave their companions, both of you stay close together just that way. Happy anniversary, dear friend!

🍾Marriage is a holy and tight bond. This bond should not be broken even in the thousand adversities of life. Happy anniversary, buddy!

🍾I never believed in love. But seeing the love between the two of you, I have started believing in love. Happy anniversary!

🍾Anyone who sees the relationship between the two of you will understand that not only love is the key to maintaining a relationship, but respect and urgency. May this respect between you two remain intact forever. Happy anniversary, dear friend!

🍾Let laughter and joy fill every moment of your life. Let love be the key to this relationship. Happy anniversary, my friend!

🍾You guys are the best couple I have ever seen. May this love of yours continue to grow day by day. Happy anniversary!

🍾When I see the two of you together, I wonder if they are two stars side by side. May your whole life be as bright as the brightest stars in the sky. Happy anniversary!

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Anniversary wishes for friend

Anniversary wishes for friend

🍾May this relationship of yours remain intact not only in the world but also up to heaven. I wish you all the best on your wedding anniversary!

🍾Dear friend, do you know that many people are jealous when they see the relationship between you two because not all couples’ relationship is as beautiful as yours? Happy anniversary!

🍾Wow! It’s been five years since your marriage, but it looks like you got married just a few days ago. Happy anniversary, my friend!

🍾May your relationship be filled with love, faith, care, and respect. Many blessings and best wishes to you on this fifth wedding anniversary, dear friend!

🍾A little care and a lot of love are enough to sustain a relationship. May your relationship be like that. Happy anniversary!

🍾Life is an ocean where life will be beautiful if you swim well. May your journey in this ocean be beautiful. Happy anniversary!

🍾You have already entered the ocean of love. May you swim well in this beautiful ocean and make your life divine. Happy anniversary friend!

🍾As there is love in a relationship, there is anger or tension. Overcoming all those obstacles, may you two run at breakneck speed. Happy anniversary friend!

🍾Let all the black clouds in your relationship fall like rain, and may every moment of yours be outstanding by the soothing touch of that rain. Happy anniversary!

🍾Happy anniversary, dear friend. At first, I wondered how such a quarrelsome couple could stay together. But I did not see the love hidden in your quarrel in the first place. Stay blessed!

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Marriage anniversary wishes to friend

Marriage anniversary wishes to friend

🍾Since survival is important, a perfect life partner is also important for a better life. Happy anniversary friend!

🍾Sending my best wishes to both of you. May every moment of your life be filled with love and live just like a pair of love birds. Happy anniversary friend!

🍾God creates a pair for every human being. I think you are the most beautiful pair made by God. May the blessings of God always be with you. Happy anniversary!

🍾It seems God has specially made you for each other. I didn’t see any perfect couple like you. Happy anniversary friend!

🍾How pure a marital relationship is! Two completely different entities become one only through a marital bond. May your marriage remains intact forever, dear friend. Happy anniversary!

🍾There was no rift in our friendship even after your marriage. How can I not greet the wedding anniversary of such a friend? May this bond of yours flow forever. Many many good wishes to you!

🍾As light and shadow live together, so let the two of you be the shadow and light to each other forever. Happy anniversary friend!

🍾Seeing the quarrel between you, it seemed that this marriage relationship would be fragile and shaky. But I am happy to see that the amount of love between you is increasing continuously. Happy anniversary, dear friend!

🍾A lot of relationships around me are breaking up all the time. But I appreciate your beautiful relationship in the crowd of so many shaky relationships. Happy wedding anniversary, friend!

🍾Happy anniversary, dear friend! Looking at your relationship, I understand that it is very essential for married people to complement each other. Hope that your future life will also remain like that.

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Happy anniversary wishes for friends

Happy anniversary wishes for friends

🍾If a perfect life partner stays by your side in every step of your life, your life must be wonderful. May you find each other as such an amazing life partner. Happy anniversary friend!

🍾Life is too short. But in this short life, you have to go a long way. May this path be beautiful for both of you. Happy anniversary!

🍾As a couple, you are so amazing that I have no doubt that the journey of your life must be full of joy, love, and peace. Happy anniversary, dear friend!

🍾The necessity of a life partner becomes important when it becomes very difficult to be alone. You started your married life at the right time. Happy WEDDING anniversary, my friend!

🍾We realize the value of the company of our life partner when we feel alone. May your life partner always be your soulmate. Happy anniversary, dearest friend!

🍾I pray that this relationship will last for many centuries so that I can greet you like this every year. Happy anniversary!

🍾It is very difficult to find a perfect life partner in this world of disguises. But you have chosen the right person. Happy wedding anniversary, my friend. I am so happy for you!

🍾Don’t let the evil eyes of an enemy damage your relationship. May the coming days be very beautiful. Happy anniversary to you, friend!

🍾May this love between yours last for ages. I hope that minor misunderstandings do not affect your married life. Happy wedding anniversary to my lovely friend and her spouse!

🍾Life goes with both pleasure and hazards. So enjoy the joy when it comes and defeat all the troubles together. Happy anniversary to my dearest friend!

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Anniversary quotes for friends

Anniversary quotes for friends

🍾May your married life be as colorful as the beautiful colors of the rainbow. Happy anniversary to both of you!

🍾It is for this love and good relationship between the two of you that you have become everyone’s favorite couple. Best of luck in the coming days. Happy wedding anniversary, dear friend!

🍾God has created this pair of you with His own hands. Seeing this love between you, it is clear that there is nothing wrong with His creation. Happy wedding anniversary, friend!

🍾Life is a battlefield. You two have succeeded in overcoming a thousand storms along the way. Congrats on your anniversary, friend!

🍾You have passed so many years of your marriage. May every day of yours be like that first day. Wishing you a very fantastic and gorgeous anniversary ahead!

🍾You two have spent so many days of your life together. May your next path also be smooth and beautiful. Congratulations on your anniversary, my friend!

🍾Congratulations on reaching this milestone, dear friend! I hope the next phase of your married life will also be filled with endless love and laughter!

🍾Observing you, I have learned that marriage can even turn a messy man like you into a tidy man! I wish you all the best on your 4th wedding anniversary, dear friend!

🍾It is very difficult to live alone, and I hope all the loneliness of your life has been removed through this holy marriage. Congratulations to both of you on your happy anniversary, dear friend!

🍾Happiest anniversary, friend. I would be very happy if I could come and celebrate this special day with you. But Alas! Good luck from afar!

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Happy anniversary wishes for friend funny

🍾Give pats today on each other’s shoulders for making it happen together! Happy 12th anniversary, buddy!

🍾Today I would like to give a big pat on your back for making this amazing thing happen. Happy 15th anniversary, dear friend!

🍾Happy 20th anniversary, friend! I wouldn’t be so surprised even if I heard you had conquered the Himalayas!

🍾I am not so surprised today because I knew from the first day of your wedding that you two would do this amazing thing. Happy 25th anniversary, dear friend!

🍾The inhabitants of the world should know the secrets today that have made you two such an incredible couple. Happy anniversary friend!

🍾All TV channels should live broadcast your celebration today because it’s the country’s hottest topic today. Happy 30th anniversary, my friend!

🍾Dear friend, I am not so foolish that I can’t recognize a fake or real smile! So I can bet one million dollars that you are certainly happy with your life partner! Congratulations on your happy anniversary!

🍾Please don’t hide the secret that has made you two such an incomparable couple rather reveal it to us today so that we can also be like you! Happy anniversary, dear friend!

🍾My spouse always advises me to learn from you about how to become happy in life, so could you please tell me today how you did this amazing thing? Happy 15th anniversary, friend!

🍾I saw so many couples fighting in court for divorce, but I saw only a few couples who were as happy as you are. Happy anniversary friend!

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Happy anniversary quotes for friend

🍾A life partner is very important to bring color to a colorless life. I wish your black and white life to be colorful. Happy wedding anniversary friend!

🍾Happy anniversary, my friend. Always remember, after a dark night, just like the light of the sun is seen, there is a lot of trouble in life, but happiness will surely come. So don’t be depressed!

🍾Have you ever noticed that a pair of birds never leave each other? It looks like two love birds when I see the two of you. Stay like this forever. Happiest wedding anniversary to you, dear friend!

🍾Finding a happy couple like you is a matter of luck. And today is a special day for you. Countless best wishes to you from the bottom of my heart. Happy wedding anniversary, my friend!

🍾To be happy in life, you just need a trusty hand. And from the beginning, you two have been supporters of each other, and It makes me happy. Happy anniversary, my friend!

🍾Sending countless love and warm wishes to my favorite couple on their happy anniversary!

🍾Warm wedding anniversary wishes to my dearest friend and his spouse!

🍾It’s so cool that two of my favorite people are happy with each other, so as your friend, I have so many obvious reasons to celebrate you both on your happy anniversary!

🍾If people asked me how to become happy in married life, I would suggest them to follow you. Happy anniversary friend!

🍾You have made such an amazing example of love and joy in married life that will inspire all couples for years. Happy anniversary to both of you, friend!

Anniversary wishes for best friend

Anniversary wishes for best friend

🍾Dear friend, my trust in pure love, marriage, and relationship doubles up when I see you together. Happy anniversary to you!

🍾Happy anniversary, Bestie! Today I want to wish you the same that I wished you on your wedding day; stay happy with each other!

🍾I didn’t imagine love could be so influential! You two have really made my belief change. Happy wedding anniversary, Bestie!

🍾I appreciate and respect you both for your unbreakable commitment to your bond. Having you as my friend, I really feel honored. Happy wedding anniversary, friend!

🍾I heard marriage was no less than a battlefield, but I am surprised to see that you two have made it like a garden of love. Happy anniversary to my favorite Lovie-Dovie couple!

🍾It’s time to celebrate the joys of today, memories of last year, and new hopes for the coming years. So don’t miss to make it unforgettable. Happy wedding anniversary!

🍾Wishing you all the very best at the beginning of another new year of your married life. Happy wedding anniversary, dears!

🍾Always nourish all the precious things that have made your marriage so nice and strong. Happy anniversary!

🍾You are not the only couple I know well, but I certainly know that you are the most lovely couple I have ever known. Happy wedding anniversary to you!

🍾Happy anniversary to my favorite pair! May your love, good luck, and success grow better with each passing year!

Wedding anniversary quotes for friend

🍾The love between a couple is like an antique whose value grows over time. Happy anniversary, dear friend!

🍾Happy to see your great success! It couldn’t have been possible without your enduring love and commitment. Congrats on your anniversary!

🍾Thanks for showing us how pure love and commitment can make our life worth living, which is inspirational for us as well. Congratulations on your anniversary, friend!

🍾Certainly, you can be proud of what you two are doing together! Nobody usually does it better than you. Happy anniversary to you, my friend!

🍾You are doing so well in your married life that will inspire us every day. Happy anniversary, buddy!

🍾It’s time to look back on all your sweet memories together and celebrate each other. Happy anniversary to you, buddy!

🍾Happy anniversary friend! You two have proved again that we can overcome anything if we handle it with love and care!

🍾Dear friend, it’s not possible that life didn’t challenge you ever with all force! But the unbreakable bond between you proves that your love is stronger. Happy anniversary to you!

🍾I am sure whatever you have achieved in your ten years of sweet married life, the most precious achievement is your unconditional love for each other. Congratulations on your anniversary, friend!

🍾Dear friend, the smile on your face says that your life has already been worthwhile, but what’s the secret? Certainly, it’s nothing but the divine love between you. Happy anniversary!

First wedding anniversary wishes for friend

🍾Marriage is a big responsibility. I am very happy to see that you are fulfilling your responsibilities towards each other very well. Best wishes on your first wedding anniversary!

🍾May your first wedding anniversary be full of fun and joy. Along with good luck in the coming days. Happy anniversary!

🍾On your first happy anniversary, I just want to remark that you two were made for each other to show us an ideal example of a happy couple!

🍾You two are so an amazing couple that you not only make each other happy but also put smiles on the faces of people around you. Happy anniversary to you!

🍾Having a friend like you is a blessing, and having a couple around like you is a matter of great pleasure. Happy first wedding anniversary to both of you!

🍾Happy first wedding anniversary, dear friend! I didn’t imagine you could do so well just in your first year of married life!

🍾Congratulations on all the good times you have shared with each other so far. Happy first anniversary to you, dear friend!

🍾There are lots of romantic stories around us, but the love story you two have made is really outstanding. Happy first wedding anniversary to both of you, friend!

🍾Congratulations on celebrating the first year of your everlasting love, dear friend! Happy anniversary to you!

🍾I assume the happy first year of your marriage is just a good omen for your happiest time ahead. Congratulations on your first anniversary, dear friend!

🍾I didn’t see a couple like you who are so close to a perfect couple. Congrats on your anniversary, friend!

🍾When I see you two, it seems real love still exists. Happy anniversary friend!

🍾You are a live example to show the world how love and commitment can fill our life with eternal happiness. Happy anniversary!

🍾Congratulations on your anniversary, dear friend! Through your ten years together, you have achieved so many gems to show the world, such as a happy family, a bright career, lots of beautiful memories, and many more!

🍾Finding a perfect life partner is like finding a philosopher’s stone! And I am so happy to know that my friend has found such one in his life. Happy anniversary to you!

Final words

These wedding anniversary wishes for friend are the warmest words you could imagine to wish your friend a happy wedding anniversary. So if you want your greetings to stand out from the crowd, any one of these anniversary wishes for friend could be the right choice for you!