95 Wedding wishes for best friend

Wedding wishes for best friend

Best friends always deserve the best things from us. So at your best friend’s marriage, definitely, you want to wish him/her a happy wedding with some best quotes! If it’s the case, here are the best wedding wishes for best friend!

Wedding wishes for best friend

Happy wedding to my best friend ever

🌺May you find as much joy and happiness in your marital life that will make you smile till your lifetime. Happy wedding to my best friend ever!

🌺I am super happy today because today is my best friend’s wedding. Enjoy lots of happy years together!

🌺There is nothing more joyous and divine than getting married. Enjoy everything, and stay blessed. Happy wedding, Bestie!

🌺Congratulations on entering new marital life and becoming a responsible husband. Happy wedding to my best friend!

🌺Happy wedding, my best friend. May you enjoy your life together throughout your lifetime with love, romance, and happiness!

🌺May your marriage be successful with great understanding, love, and happiness and last forever. Happy wedding, my friend!

🌺Happy wedding, dearest friend. Make your new chapter of life wonderful by sharing love, joy, and happiness with each other!

🌺Congratulations on your wedding, Bestie. Life can be fun-filled and cheerful if there is a perfect life partner!

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Marriage wishes for best friend

🌺May both of your dreams come true throughout your happy marital life, dear friend. Happy wedding!

🌺May good health, happiness, and joy stay with you permanently. Enjoy your new married life, my dear friend. Happy wedding!

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🌺Happy wedding, dearest friend. Can’t wait to see your happy family filled with joy and laughter!

🌺All the best wishes to my dearest bride and groom on their happy wedding! May the glory of today’s event never end in your lifetime!

🌺I am so happy to see the brightest beginning of my best friend’s married life. Always keep up today’s happiness tightly in your newborn family!

🌺As your friend, I am really pleased to participate in one of the most incredible events in your life. Happy wedding to both of you!

🌺May today’s smile and happiness always stay around my most adorable couple. Happy wedding, buddy!

🌺Each couple starts their new married life with lots of hopes and dreams. Hopefully, by making all your dreams come true, God will make you happy. Happy wedding!

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Best friend marriage quotes

🌺Happy wedding, friend. As you cherish true love in your hearts for each other, definitely, you deserve a joyous and peaceful life together!

🌺All the best to both of you on your wedding and your post-married life! May all your desires begin to come true now!

🌺May you remain a perfect match during your lifetime and spread happiness and love around you. Happy wedding, my best friend!

🌺Happy wedding day, Dude. Now it’s your time to fill your heart with countless love and stay smiling for your lifetime!

🌺Every wedding is joyous, but it’s most joyful if it’s the best friend’s happy wedding!

🌺Finally, the waiting is over. It’s time to celebrate the most cheerful couple’s wedding with dancing and singing!

🌺Congratulations on my dearest friend’s wedding. I hope love and joy are just beginning in your life today, and will grow continually over time!

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🌺I am really delighted to see the happy beginning of my best friend’s newly wedded life. May God stay by your side in any ups and downs in your entire life!

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Marriage wishes for best friend

Wedding wishes for my best friend

🌺Happy wedding, my friend. Watching such a beautiful couple’s wedding brings me lots of pure joy today!

🌺I have never been so happy watching any other’s wedding. I am very jolly today because it’s my favorite couple’s wedding!

🌺Happy wedding, friend. The joy and happiness I am watching on both of your faces today, I hope will remain on your face forever!

🌺Your wedding celebration has fulfilled my heart with pleasure and amusement. Hopefully, every day of your newly wedded life will remain the same joyous and amusing!

🌺Marrying your spouse, you have already made your love successful today, so now I hope for an everlasting, peaceful, joyous, and happy wedded life for both of you!

🌺Happy wedding, my friend. I didn’t see such a committed couple ever. You have overcome so many difficulties to make your love relationship successful!

🌺Congratulations on two crazy lovers’ happy wedding! Marrying each other, you have really made an outstanding example for lovers!

🌺Congratulations to my best friend who has won such a glorious lady’s heart whose beauty and loveliness are really incomparable!

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Best friend wedding quotes

🌺As you are my best friend, today I want to congratulate you for beginning your new marital life and, as well as giving you advice whatever happens, always trust in each other and strengthen your precious bond. Happy wedding!

🌺Marriage brings pellucid happiness to our life but beware that you have taken someone’s all responsibilities. So always take care of your spouse and make her smile and thus you will also be happy!

🌺Making someone happy whom you love from the heart is really amazing. So always make your spouse happy, and she will also fill your heart with love and joy. Happy wedding, dear friend!

🌺Dearest friend, make your married life heavenly during your lifetime by being faithful support for each other! Happy wedding to you!

🌺Happy wedding, friend. Enjoy everything and all changes that your marriage brings to your life!

🌺Always value your life partner’s opinion in every step of your life because there aren’t any other ways to keep peace and happiness in your family. Happy wedding, BFF!

🌺Getting married, you have made your life and career worthwhile today! So congratulations on your wedding, my friend!

🌺Congratulations on getting married, dearest friend! Now I believe your life, career, and future will get brightened steadfastly!

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Best friend wedding wishes short quotes

🌺A lifelong marital relationship is a blessing from God. So I wish this blessing for both of you today, dearest friend!

🌺Happy wedding, friend. Enjoy your togetherness with love, romance, and discovering each other!

🌺Married life might be felt like staying in heaven if there remains love, trust, understanding, and commitment. Best of luck, dearest friend!

🌺I hope you are mentally and physically fit and fully prepared for beginning your married life because all of these are compulsory for having a happy and cheerful marital relationship!

🌺Congratulations on getting married just at the right time of your life. I hope everything in your upcoming life will go fantastic!

🌺I believe the good days in your life have begun through your marriage. Enjoy everything, and stay blessed!

🌺Your age, career, position, everything is in your favor now. So it was really your high time to get married. Congratulations to you, my friend!

🌺Through your marriage, may your good days begin and stay forever, dear friend! Happy wedding!

Funny wedding wishes for best friend

🤪Happy wedding, Dude. It’s really amusing to see the happy ending of a couple’s love relationship and the happy beginning of their newly wedded life simultaneously!

🤪I know how desirable tonight is to you! May tonight be the most memorable night for both of you. Happy wedding to my most adorable couple!

🤪Happy wedding, buddy. May you never get bored of your married life like many other couples!

🤪Some people get excited about their marriage, but they get fed up with their partner over time. Hopefully, you will be an exception! Happy wedding, dearest friend!

🤪Congratulations on getting tied up willingly with lots of vows! Hopefully, now your entire life will be spent giving lots of words and making them come true! Happy wedding, love guru!

🤪It’s really amusing that finally, you are also losing your freedom willingly! Can’t wait to see what you get in exchange! Happy wedding!

🤪Happy wedding, my friend. Enjoy as much as possible during the first few days of your new marital life because you might have to regret getting married like other married people soon!

🤪Beloved friend, fill your heart with love and romance today as much as possible, and get prepared for resolving lots of complaints and quarrels during the rest of your life. Best of luck and a happy wedding!

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Wedding status for best friend

Wedding status for best friend

🌺Marriage is a fantastic relationship that lives on love, commitment, understanding, trust, and venerability. Happy wedding, friend!

🌺Congratulations on starting your own family, dear friend. May the blessings of God protect your new family and marital bond throughout your lifetime!

🌺Marriage is just a customary provision of life for the general couples, but for smart couples like you, it’s the way of getting love, joy, and peace. Happy wedding to you, my friend!

🌺Marrying each other, you have proved that love that is real always wins! Congratulations to both of you!

🌺Dear friend, today your marriage has shown again to the world that true love never gets defeated! Congrats!

🌺May your two hearts get tied for your lifetime and never get separated; This is my only wish on this happy day. Happy wedding!

🌺Happy wedding, my dear friend. May your marriage celebration be so enjoyable that people remember it for years!

🌺May your married life be so happy that all couples always admire you. Happy wedding, buddy!

Married life wishes for friend

🌺Happy married life, dear friend! May you find your spouse as loving as you hoped always!

🌺Many kinds of bliss come into our lives, but today’s joy in your life is really incomparable. Happy wedding, dearest friend!

🌺Make your conjugal life incredible by becoming each other’s support and source of happiness. Happy married life to you, dear friend!

🌺Happy married life to both of you, my dear friend! My blessings will always be by your side!

🌺We were getting bored because there were not any big occasions in our life to celebrate for a long time. Now your marriage ceremony has come up bringing immense amusement! Happy wedding to you and happy post-married life as well!

🌺Congratulations on getting married at first among all of our friends! Now we will get inspired by you and follow you. By the way, happy married life, beloved friend!

🌺I can wish you a happy married life but can’t advise you anything about it because you know I myself didn’t get the taste of married life yet!

🌺I wish you the happiest married life but don’t expect any suggestions from me about becoming successful in marital life because I am really ignorant of it!

Happy married life wishes for best friend

Bride best friend wedding quotes

🌺You look so beautiful today that hopefully, our groom won’t be able to look away from you. Happy wedding to our dearest bride and my best friend!

🌺Dear friend, I hope your life is worthwhile through this marriage. Happy wedding to you!

🌺May you find your groom as the best life partner in this world. Happy wedding to my dearest bride and groom!

🌺You look like an angel today with your bridal dress. Happy wedding to our cutest bride!

🌺I didn’t see such a beautiful bride ever. Your groom is really the luckiest person in this world!

🌺I really didn’t imagine you might look so beautiful with your bridal dress. May your married life also be gorgeous as you are!

🌺Happy wedding to our cutest bride! I think even the moon will feel shy seeing your glory today!

🌺I am so happy today to see my best friend in a bridal dress. Happy wedding to you!

To my best friend on her wedding day quotes

🌺You are my best friend, so your wedding day is the same joyous to me as it’s to you. All the best wishes to you!

🌺I appreciate your choice, dear friend. You are marrying such a wonderful person who will really take care of you and understand you. Happy wedding!

🌺As I know both of you very closely, I believe you will be the happiest couple ever. Happy wedding to both of you!

🌺It was not surprising to us at all that you decided to marry each other because all of our friends knew about your relationship. Always be happy with each other, dear friend!

🌺Both of you are my best friend, so today’s joy has increased two times to me. Happy wedding to my most adorable couple!

🌺I can’t express my feelings about how happy I am today seeing my best friend’s marriage! Countless best wishes to both of you!

🌺You can’t believe how happy I am today seeing you getting married. Warm wishes to you on your wedding day!

🌺Your wedding has brought uncountable joy to my heart. Honestly, I didn’t become so happy before. Happy wedding!

Wedding quotes for Bestie

🌺Happy wedding, Bestie. May your spouse change your life magically with the sweet touch of her love!

🌺You are the first among our friend circle who has got married. Can’t wait to see the positive impacts of marriage in your life!

🌺Happy wedding to you, Bestie! Enjoy all the new feelings and excitements that have come up in your life today!

🌺Don’t care whatever saying others. I appreciate your decision and will always be by your side. Happy wedding, Bestie!

🌺Backbiters might criticize you for your decision, but living happily with your spouse might be your best answer to them. Happy wedding!

🌺Never give chances to any misunderstanding and doubt to come up between your love, my Bestie. Happy wedding to you!

🌺Happy wedding, Bestie. Misunderstanding, doubt, and distrust can make a relationship toxic. So always be careful about those poisons and make your married life heavenly!

Final note

Hopefully, these wedding wishes for best friend will reflect your real feelings and joy on your best friend’s marriage and make him/her feel cherished!