91 Death anniversary quotes for father

Death anniversary quotes for father

Only a fatherless person knows the pain of losing father! The love, support, and care of a father are incomparable in this world. So, unfortunately, if your father is passed away and his death anniversary comes, then you can remember him and express your love with these heart-touching and emotional death anniversary quotes for father!

Death anniversary quotes for father

🌹Needless to say, you were the best father ever anyone could wish for. You are still bright in my heart, dad!

🌹I miss you, dad. Your memories are still bright in my heart and will be forever!

🌹My prayers are always with you, and I hope you are in the best place now. Miss you, dad!

🌹Rest in peace in heaven, dear father! Know that we miss you every single day. Love you, daddy!

🌹Today I miss you badly on your 1st death anniversary, pops. Stay blessed wherever you are!

🌹Miss you so much, dad. You were my biggest inspiration and support!

🌹You were my best friend and a real hero. I miss you so much, pop!

🌹I lost my best friend and the biggest support through your death. I can’t forget you, dad!

🌹Still, I can’t tolerate your absence, dear father. Nothing feels joyous as you are not around!

🌹Your death has absorbed all my happiness and laughter. Now I am alive only with your memories, dear pops!

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Dad death anniversary quotes


🌹You have left me alone on this selfish earth. Every day I miss you and pray for you, dad!

🌹Your son is not so selfish that he won’t remember you! Instead, I remember you each moment, each day, and each week!

🌹Lots of love and blessing to you on your death anniversary, dad! You were literally an amazing person and an ideal father!

🌹All your good deeds still inspire me and will do for the rest of my life. Have a joyful life in heaven, dad!

🌹Still, I have lots of thoughts and sayings to share with you, pops. Why did you leave me so earlier?

🌹I believe you did not get enough time to finish all your good deeds, dear dad. I promise I will make all your incomplete tasks complete!

🌹Don’t feel sorrow for not to able to finish all your tasks on earth. Instead, pray to God from heaven so that I can complete all your works here! Love you, pop!

🌹Thanks for sharing all your dreams with me, dear dad! Your son promises you that now he will make all your incomplete dreams come true!

🌹Though I can’t see your smiling face, I believe you are happy in heaven to see that your son is always following all your guidance!

🌹I know how proud you were of me, dad! Of course, I will always brighten your name!

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Death anniversary message for father

Death anniversary message for father

🌹The heartache your death has left in my heart is not curable at any cost! Now your death anniversary reminds me of all my good memories with you!

🌹We all will die one day, but no one will be as respected and remembered as you are because of your good deeds and vast knowledge!

🌹I am damn sure I will surely succeed in life like you if I can follow in your footsteps, daddy!

🌹Today, I promise you again you will always find me as your ideal son who won’t be misguided by anything in this world!

🌹Dad, today I want to make you sure that I have never done any wrong since you died that you forbade me to do!

🌹You are not an ordinary person like many others who dies and get lost in our memories! Instead, you are among those great people who have been remembered for years!

🌹With all my efforts, I will finish all your incomplete work and make your dreams come true! This is my only promise to you on your death anniversary, dear dad!

🌹I have been devoting All my ability and efforts to brighten your name in this world so that you can be proud of me in heaven!

🌹Your brown eyes and smiling face are still bright in my heart, dear daddy. Hope you are enjoying quality time with angels in heaven!

🌹As far as I know, you didn’t have any sin on this earth. Your death anniversary will have been remembered with great respect and praise for years, dear pop!

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1st death anniversary quotes for father

1st death anniversary quotes for father

🌹Dear Dad, Today is one year since you died. You may not be by my side physically, but I always feel your presence. I know it’s just my imagination, but it makes me more confident in all my work. Have a sweet journey in the eternal world!

🌹I have been missing you like nothing else for one year, dad. I know you can’t come back, but I will meet you in heaven one day!

🌹I feel like I have lost all my happiness and laughter since you passed away, dad. Now I know how precious you were to me!

🌹When you were alive, I was the apple of your eye. Now you are far away but very close to my heart and mind!

🌹It has been one year since you left us, dad, but still, I can’t believe you will never come back!

🌹I feel like I have lost the most precious treasure in my life since you passed away. How have you been in heaven, dad?

🌹It’s said that only heartfelt prayer can help a departed soul. So every day, I pray for you to shine in heaven, dad!

🌹You were my favorite person in this world, whom I used to tell first whenever something exciting happened in my life. Unfortunately, now your position is completely empty!

🌹Now I am really worried about whom to share all my happiness and thoughts with. Miss you badly, dad!

🌹I won’t find anyone else like you in this world with whom I could share all my joy and happiness. Love you and miss you, dad!

🌹I didn’t need to be worried about anything when you were on this earth. Now everything has changed, pop!

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Death anniversary quotes for father from daughter

Death anniversary quotes for father from daughter

🌹Now no one asks me about what has been going on with me in my school. Miss your love and care, dad!

🌹You were such a dependence for me whom I used to find all solutions for any of my problems. Miss you and your love, papa!

🌹You put so many dreams in my eyes, papa. Now those eyes are full of tears!

🌹You were my main courage to chase all my dreams. Now, who will provide me with confidence, papa?

🌹Now it’s the rudest reality that I won’t find anyone else in this world who would be the same happy as me in my happiness and joy. Your daughter misses you badly, papa!

🌹Losing you makes me feel like I have lost my best friend ever, who gave me courage whenever I became disappointed about life!

🌹Now I realize how important a father’s support for a girl is! You should not have left me so earlier, papa!

🌹I will keep up your fame by becoming your ideal daughter. Just give me some time, papa!

🌹I miss your kisses, hugs, love, and care. How loving and caring you were for your little daughter!

🌹Every day I feel the lack of your support, papa. As your adorable daughter, I want to sacrifice all my good deeds for you!

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Father’s death anniversary quotes

Father's death anniversary quotes

🌹Everything was going fine in our family when you were with us. Now all our happiness has been lost along with you, dad!

🌹Death has amputated you from us, dad, but your memory won’t be removed from our hearts ever!

🌹Each part of our house still misses your presence, dad! When I look around, I feel your footsteps and breaths!

🌹Nothing could make me so alone as your death has made me, dad. I know it has happened naturally, but it’s really extremely harsh!

🌹I feel your void immensely, dad. Heartfelt love and respect to you on your death anniversary!

🌹Losing you, now I am like a rootless tree. Miss your huge support and love, dear dad!

🌹Everyone here in our family feels your void immensely because you were the banyan tree of our family. So how could we overcome the soreness of losing you, dear papa?

🌹If there were any way to bring you back, I would offer my everything in exchange for that. Miss you so much, daddy!

🌹Only God and I know how hard it is for me to accept your death, papa. I know if you saw my pain, you could not tolerate it!

🌹I won’t forget the day I lost you because it was the most tragic day of my life. Rest in peace in heaven, dad!

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2nd death anniversary quotes for father

🌹I wouldn’t feel so upset even if I lost everything as your death has made me! Love you so much, dad!

🌹Still, I can’t believe, dad, I have lost you for two years! Still, I love you the same way I used to when you were alive!

🌹Already, it has been two years since you left us, dad. Since then, nothing feels the same joyous to me!

🌹You have left us for two years and left thousands of good memories behind you! Still miss you, dad!

🌹Still, the memory of your last day brings tears to my eyes, papa. Can’t believe it has already been two years!

🌹Dear dad, It’s been two years since you are not with me. Trust me, it’s so much hard for me to live without you. Rest in peace!

🌹Dear Dad, your little girl has grown up today, but you are not here. I know you can’t come back from where you are. Be happy in that kingdom of peace!

🌹I know you would be very happy if you saw how much had grown up your little daughter has. Miss you, dad!

🌹In this crowd of people, everywhere, I am Just looking for you, papa though I know you won’t come back. Hope you are happy in heaven!

🌹My dear father, without you, we are like a house without a roof. You were the pillar of this house. Stay happy in the paradise of God!

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Quotes for father's death anniversary

🌹Dear Dad, that day you left us and never came back. Today is the 16th year of your death. Miss you so much!

🌹Dear Dad, are you all right? It’s been a year since you died, but everyone is still mourning your death. May God grant you the highest heaven!

🌹Dear papa, it is very difficult to accept that you are not here and will never come back. But we have to accept it. I hope you are well in heaven!

🌹Dear Dad, this house has become dark after you left, but surely you have illuminated heaven. Do you remember us from that place of peace, Dad?

🌹You taught me everything, just didn’t teach me how to live without you. Today is the day you died. Are you ok without me, Dad?

🌹It’s been so many years since you died, Dad. But my life seems to have stopped there! The only prayer to God is that may He keep you well!

🌹Dad, you left me at so younger age that I can’t remember even your face. Wherever you are, hope you are well there!

🌹Everyone says that I have gotten your face, dad. I didn’t see you, but hope you are well in heaven!

🌹I am so unfortunate that you left me so earlier, and I didn’t get your love enough. May God keep you well in heaven, dad!

🌹Dear Father, You were the only one to keep me safe on this heartless earth. But you have left me. Will I ever be able to cope with this cruel world?

Papa death anniversary quotes

🌹It’s very hard to live without you because you were the principal support of this house. Miss you badly, papa!

🌹Dear papa, your death has made me an orphan. Now I fear to survive in this heartless world!

🌹It’s so painful to live as a fatherless. No one would dare to gird me if you were by my side now!

🌹You are the one who taught me to dream big in life. Today I have fulfilled all your dreams. But you are not alive to see it. Rest in peace, Dad!

🌹Your watch, glasses, everything is still here. Only you are not. Your things remind you again and again that you are no longer alive. Always stay close to my heart, Dad!

🌹Dad, you were the reason for my happiness and the reason for my living. Losing you was something I could not cope with. I hope you are fine wherever you are!

🌹You taught me the way of living by holding my finger. I have lost you in this long journey. I pray that you may have eternal bliss, Dad!

🌹Dear Dad, all the moments spent with you will remain the most beautiful memories of my life. I Miss you badly!

🌹It is impossible to describe in words how much I miss you. There is not a single day that I do not remember you. My prayer is always with you, Dad!

🌹Dear Dad, you were the most smiling person I have ever seen. I hope you are always smiling up there. Rest in peace!

Final Words

It’s an inevitable truth that we can’t get our late father back in exchange for anything. But we can certainly remember him with love and respect and wish him a blissful life in heaven with these death anniversary quotes for father.