75 Birthday wishes for mom: From a daughter or son

Birthday wishes mother

Each mother just wants to see her children happy. She doesn’t want expensive gifts from them. So if it’s your mother’s birthday, I can assure you that she will be happier on this special day if you send her one of these heartfelt birthday wishes for mom!

A mother is such a precious person who loves and cares for her child without any conditions! So how can we avoid our mom’s birthday? Let us appreciate her for her selflessness and make her happy on her big day!

Happy birthday wishes for mom

❣️All of my success is not only mine; your contribution played a significant role in it also! Happy birthday, mom.

❣️No love is comparable to a mother’s love for her children. I always feel proud of being your child. Happy birthday, mom!

❣️Your love and devotion to me are priceless, and I always want you by my side. Happy birthday, dear mom!

❣️Mama, I know I will never find someone else in this world who would love and care for me like you. You are really incomparable! Happy birthday.

❣️There does not exist any relationship in this world that would be more selfless than a relationship between mothers and children. Happy birthday, my selfless mom!

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Happy birthday wishes for mom

❣️Dear ma, may God preserve you as you protect me from all the bad things in this world. Happy birthday!

❣️Mommy, I could not grow up in this world without your selfless love and caring! May you get the best return of it from God. Happy birthday.

❣️Mummy, I am always grateful to you for your unselfish love and shelter. Best wishes to you on your birthday!

❣️Happy birthday, mom, and know that your child is always by your side!

❣️Getting an affectionate and careful mother like you is the greatest blessing upon me from God. Happy birthday, dearest mom!

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Beautiful birthday wishes for mother

❣️You have been looking after me unselfishly since I was a little baby! I don’t find any word to praise you, my dearest mother. Happy birthday!

❣️Happy birthday to you, my dear mother from your selfish child who is always grabbing your love and caring exclusively!

❣️Happy birthday to my beautiful mother, who has been making me happy selflessly since my birth! Happy birthday, mother.

❣️I am the happiest person in this world on your birthday because I could not see this universe if you would not take birth on this earth! Happy birthday, dear mother.

❣️When I was a baby, I was fully dependent on you, and still, I can’t do anything without your support! Happy birthday to the best mother in this world.

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Birthday wishes for mom from daughter

Birthday wishes for mom from daughter

❣️Mom, you are my first teacher, best guardian, and best friend. Happy birthday to you from your little daughter! Click to tweet

Birthday wishes for mom

❣️Mom, you are my idol. You taught me how to live independently. I promise I will never forget your favor to me. Happy birthday to you!

❣️Mum, you are my best companion in this world. So I won’t just wish you a happy birthday, I will also help you make your birthday wondrous instead! Happy birthday!

❣️Mom, now your little daughter is mature enough to stay by your side! So I won’t let your birthday go without making it incredible! Happy birthday.

❣️Happy birthday, mom. Today your daughter will decorate your birthday party as gorgeously as you are!

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Birthday wishes for mother from son

Birthday wishes for mother from son

❣️Dearest mother, your former little baby is a mature person now, and you deserve all the credit for it. Happy birthday to you from your beloved son.

❣️Happy birthday to the most affectionate mother in this world from her fan son! Click to tweet

Birthday wishes for mom

❣️Dear mama, It will be very trivial even if I wish you all the happiness in this world on your birthday!

❣️Today is not an ordinary day like the other 364 days in a year because today is a dignified mother’s birthday who is the most important woman to her son! Happy birthday.

❣️Dear mom, nothing is more important to me today than celebrating your birthday with you. Happy birthday!

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Birthday wishes and prayer for my mother

Birthday wishes and prayer for my mother

❣️Nothing can make me happier than my mother’s smiling face. Happy birthday, mother. Always be honored by God!

❣️May Lord shower you today with His endless blessings and favor. Happy birthday, mom.

❣️You are my lovely mom, and your comparison is only you. Happy birthday, my dearest mom. Always get countless favors from God.

❣️Today is such a magnificent woman’s birthday who has brought me to this world. Happy birthday, mom, and stay blessed!

❣️I believe that my mother is the holiest woman in this world who has shown me the light of this world. Today I pray, may you get rewarded by the almighty for your unconditional love to me. Happy birthday, dearest mother!

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Touching birthday quotes for mom

Touching birthday quotes for mom

❣️Dear mom, if you would not drive me the right way, I could not be the person I am today! I will appreciate you continuously in my lifetime. Happy birthday.

❣️Dearest mom, your sacrifice for me is really heart-touching. At least I didn’t see any mother sacrifice her entire life for her children like you. Happy birthday to you from the center of my heart!

❣️Happy birthday to you, dear mum. I know you love me totally unconditionally, but I promise you won’t find me as such a bad child who doesn’t appreciate his precious mother!

❣️The most precious thing in this world is the unconditional love of a mother for her children. And I am lucky that I am not deprived of it! Happy birthday, mom.

❣️I can recognize a mother’s love for her child when I see a mother bird feeding her chickabiddy, and this scenery touches my heart! Love you and happy birthday, my dearest mom.

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Emotional birthday wishes for mother

Emotional birthday wishes for mother

❣️Dear mother, your birthday makes me emotional! May God never stop adorning your life. Happy birthday!

❣️Nothing in this world can defeat me because I know my mother’s blessing is always with me. May God keep you healthy and happy in your lifetime. Happy birthday, mom!

❣️I become emotional remembering your sacrifice for me. You have grown me up with both fatherly and motherly love. Happy birthday, my respected mother!

❣️Happy birthday, sweet mom. I know you are the same affectionate to me as I have seen you since my childhood!

❣️My loving mom, you gave me everything, and I know the only goal of your life was to make me an established and honorable man in society. You have successfully achieved your goal, but now it’s my turn, and I promise I will never make you disappointed. Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday to my mom

❣️No return could be equal to your maternal love for me. Thanks for being the best mom. Happy birthday!

❣️Nothing is more precious than you to me in this world. Happy birthday, mom; I can’t live without you.

❣️You always do the best for your children, but today you deserve all the best efforts from us to make your birthday tremendous. Happy birthday, my peerless mom!

❣️On this great day of yours, I wish to bring all the happiness in this world to you to make you happy. Happy birthday, dearest mom.

❣️Even it would be insufficient if I could bring all the joy and wealth in this world to your feet today. Happy birthday to my priceless mom!

Deep birthday wishes for mom

❣️You are undoubtedly the greatest, dear mom. I will never find your peer in this world. Happy birthday.

❣️I will always be grateful to you for your priceless love, affection, and support to me. Happy birthday, my amazing mom!

❣️You are the best mom, my best friend, and the best woman I have ever seen. Happy birthday to you, my all-in-one mom!

❣️Your sacrifice for your family and child is peerless in this world, dear mom. You are really a classy woman. Happy birthday!

❣️I know all of your efforts are to make us happy! But today, nothing will make me happy except your happy smile and rejoices on your birthday! Happy birthday, my beloved mom!

Happy birthday to the best mom

Happy birthday to the best mom

❣️Happy birthday to my mom, who has not any comparison in this world!

❣️Happy birthday, mom. You are the best mom in this world who always helps and supports me to make all my ambitions and dreams possible.

❣️Happy birthday, dear mom. You are really matchless!

❣️Happy birthday to the greatest woman of this world, and I am lucky that she is my mother!

❣️Your birthday especially reminds me that you are always the best. I am really thankful to have you as my mom. Happy birthday!

❣️Thank you for bringing me into this world. Nothing in this world is comparable with your grace to me. Happy birthday, mom; I love you!

❣️Thanks for your eternal and priceless care and support to me. Cheers to your birthday; I love you, mom!

❣️When I need care, I find you the kindest to me; when I need support, I get you the nearest to me! Happy birthday, dear mom; I love you!

❣️Happy birthday, mom; I love you so much. Everyone has a mother, but I believe none has an ideal mother like you are.

❣️Who is luckier than me, who has an amazing mom like you? Happy birthday, my adorable mom!

Happy 70th birthday, mom

❣️Happy 70th birthday, mom. Today your special day reminds me of your past birthday celebrations and makes me nostalgic!

❣️Happy birthday, mom. You reached 70, but I know you are still operational like a young lady! Always keep up your good health.

❣️May God make you stronger and healthier day by day. Happy 70th birthday, dearest mom!

❣️Dear mom, I know you have faced so many ups and downs in your glorious long life. Today let us remember the best parts of your life and celebrate your 70th birthday with lots of fun!

❣️Dearest mom, you have been making me happy with your priceless motherly love since my first day in this world! Today I pray may God favors you with his countless blessings. Happy 70th birthday.

Funny birthday wishes for mom

Funny birthday wishes for mom

😹Happy birthday to you from someone to whom you have given birth!

😹Happy birthday, mom. May you always enjoy and celebrate your birthdays like an unmarried girl!

😹How did you enjoy your birthdays when you were unwed? Do you still miss those days? Anyways, happy birthday, mom!

😹Happy birthday to my incredible mom. Enjoy your birthday, but I hope you will celebrate your future birthdays more cheerfully with your grandchildren!

😹Happy birthday to the gorgeous dame in our house, who is my mama!

😹Dear mama, I know your everyday work is not easier than managing a Boeing aircraft! Congratulations on your birthday.

😹Today pass all of your tasks to dad and celebrate your birthday with us! Happy birthday, dear mama.

😹Congratulations, dear mom, on your birthday! Today you deserve to pass out all of your household work to us for hanging out with your friends to enjoy your big day.

😹Everybody, including papa, knows who is the boss in our family! Happy birthday to the honorary chief of us!

😹I will never mind managing all the tasks today on behalf of you because today you deserve to go around with dad in private to celebrate your birthday! Just chill and enjoy your birthday, mama!

Final thoughts

We all should value our mother’s sacrifice. An honest man realizes the unselfish love of his mother and always loves his mother.

There are many ways to make our mother happy on her birthday, and one of them is to send her a beautiful birthday message that reflects your gratefulness to her.

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