Right text messages to send your ex-girlfriend to get her back

Text messages to send your ex girlfriend to get her back

When you break up with your girlfriend, needless to say, you become an unwanted person to her instantly. So you can’t contact her smoothly like you used to do when you were in a relationship. In this situation, text messages can play a vital role in winning her back if you can use the right words the right way. And in this article, you will find the RIGHT text messages to send your ex-girlfriend to get her back.

Besides, we will discuss when and how you should use these text messages to get your ex-girlfriend back.

In which condition a person wants to get his ex-girlfriend back?

In my observation, I have found two potential situations:

  • A person can want to get his ex-girlfriend back when he doesn’t accept the breakup from his heart. Or we can say that he was forced to hold it! So ultimately, it was a one-sided breakup.
  • They broke up amicably, but after a while, one of them realized that he should not have broken up with his partner, and it occurred just impulsively.
who wants to get his ex-girlfriend back

No matter what your situation is between these two, you will find here the PERFECT text messages to send your ex-girlfriend to get her back.

But before going deeper, I need to say that text messaging should be the PRIMARY STEP of the complete process to win your ex back. In other words, you may have to go through a step-by-step process to get back your ex-girlfriend completely, and sending text messages to her is just an initial step among them.

So it will not be fair if you think that you will win your ex back by just only sending her/him some ready-made text messages!

It will not be fair if you think that you will win your ex back by just only sending her/him some ready-made text messages! Tweet it

Text messages to send your ex girlfriend to get her back

But yes! If your breakup is not serious at all; instead, it’s just a fight, quarrel, and misunderstanding between you, which is habitual in every relationship, then you can expect to get her back in the normal relationship by just texting her.

In that case, you have lost her temporarily (Actually, didn’t lose) and can get her back by just apologizing to her. And if so, send your ex-girlfriend these sorry messages for girlfriend to get her back!

But here we are talking about the worst thing; BREAKUPS!

Note: In this article, we will focus just on the text messages to send your ex-girlfriend to get her back. So we will not discuss the complete process of getting your ex back here.

How to start the process of getting your ex back?

In my opinion, you should initiate the process by sending her the right messages in the right situation and time.

Why text messages instead of other ways?

Because after breaking up, you can’t meet up with her in person without her permission.

Similarly, you can’t talk to her through a phone call comfortably. She might not receive your call. Even if she takes your call, she might avoid or misbehave with you! Eventually, she might cut off the phone call suddenly instead of listening to you properly.

Email is the perfect communication tool for business purposes, but unfortunately, it’s not an appropriate tool for emotional or informal conversations between couples. Even there are chances your important messages will not be seen at all!

But here, text messages can be your silent weapon to turn the game in your favor. But again, you must use this tool creatively!

When to start texting your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend?

It will depend on the situation. After the breakup, it’s most likely that you are emotionally shocked! In this situation, many guys lose their flair and become desperate. Prostration takes control over their rationality.

If you face the same condition and start sending text messages instantly to your ex-girlfriend to get her back, chances are your messages will reflect your mental position. So these messages will be needy, absurd, and despairing! And you should not expect any positive result from her with these types of messages!

Potential conversation with your ex in this situation:

You: ❎Please don’t leave me this way; I am begging your pardon. Please come back. I can’t live without you!

You: ❎I have given up eating and sleeping since you broke up with me. Please come back, or else I will die!

You: ❎You should not play with my love. We are committed to loving each other until our death. So please don’t break my heart this way.

You: ❎Please don’t be silent! Your silence is injuring my heart. Aren’t there any values of my tears to you?

You: ❎How did you become so cruel? My swear to you! Please come back, my love!

Reply From Your Ex: I told you my decision. I don’t have any feelings for you anymore. So please don’t contact me further, else I will have to block you permanently!

So it will be better to take some time to conciliate your mind before sending text messages to your ex-girlfriend to get her back.

In the meantime, think about everything from the beginning, realize the actual condition and take action accordingly.

Even during this time, she will also get some space to conciliate her mind and may respond positively to your text messages to get her back.

So keep up your patience. Don’t become crazy, and don’t be needy at all. Just take the right action at the right time.

But be careful that to get your ex-girlfriend back, you must take action before she moves on with another guy!

So, in essence, you should start texting your ex-girlfriend to get her back when you are mentally prepared and have enough confidence in yourself.

You should start texting your ex-girlfriend to get her back when you are mentally prepared and have enough confidence in yourself. Tweet it

Text messages to send your ex girlfriend to get her back

Before you send text messages to your ex-girlfriend to get her back

You should prepare yourself and prepare your mind before starting your process to get your ex back using text messages.

To do this, you must analyze your goal by asking some questions to yourself and answering them.

Let’s do this.

analyze your goal by asking some questions to yourself

Why do you want your ex back?

Only you can answer this question, and whatever the cause is, you must be clear to yourself. And it’s really important!

What was the cause of your breakup?

Many common reasons can result in a breakup!

You must focus on the specific issues which pull you down to the breakup, and you must find solutions for them.

It may be the loss of her attraction to you for whatever reasons. Or it may be any other reasons. Whatever the reason it is, you must be aware of it and make an acceptable solution.

Are there any notable and positive changes that you have made after your breakup?

You should know that your success goodly depends on the proper answer to this question.

If the cause of your breakup is your misbehaving with her, you must change yourself before sending text messages to your girlfriend to get her back.

In case there are any other reasons for your breakup, you have to find out and solve them intelligently.

What’s your ultimate goal?

Ans: Needless to say, your ultimate goal is to get your ex-girlfriend back. When she comes close to you as she was in the first place, all of your efforts will be successful then. Then your incomplete journey of love will begin again from where you ended it!

What’s your goal about using these text messages?

Ans: We discussed prior that you should not expect to get your ex-girlfriend back entirely by just sending her some text messages. So exactly what can you expect while sending text messages to her?

You can expect to rebuild your communication with her! You can expect positive signals and movements from her!

What can you expext from these messages

When you achieve the goal of your texting, then take it to the next level.

So what’s the next level?

Transitioning from text messages to a phone call, then meeting up in person, dating, and fixing up your rapport!

Thus you can get your ex-girlfriend back and reach your ultimate goal!

Note: No one, including me, can guarantee you to bring your ex-girlfriend back. So you should be ready to accept any negative result also while trying to get your ex-girlfriend back. And you should also include it in your mental preparation tasks.

How to get your ex-girlfriend back fast by text message?

You can get your ex-girlfriend back fast by text messages if you can re-attract her and rebuild her trust in you through those messages.

And just sending text messages will not work here; you must do some tasks as well!

So before sending her any messages to win her back, make sure that she will see some notable changes in you if she comes back.

Then expose yourself to her through the messages in a better way.

Example text messages to get your ex-girlfriend back

What to text your Ex-GF to get her back?

When you are mentally prepared with enough confidence and decided to start texting her, you can send these example text messages to your ex-girlfriend to get her back.

✅How have you been? After being apart from me, hopefully, you are happier now! But I concede, I miss you!

✅It won’t sound real if I say that I have forgotten all the memories between us. Some of them were so amazing that there is no way to omit them from our minds ever! Instead, I think it’s easier to remove all the problems between us and start freshly.

✅Many couples broke up and moved on to a new relationship. But at the end of the day, they realized that the past was better than the present! Anyways, how have you been? Honestly, I miss you!

Let’s assume that you made so many mistakes with her. So she fed up with you and broke up! Now you can send this text message to her to get her back.

✅I know I made lots of mistakes with you and I already said sorry for that. And during our breakup, I have fought with my mind and completely changed myself. So I assure you that if you talk to me now, you will see a different person better than before!

Birthday wishes for your ex-girlfriend

What to do if your ex-girlfriend’s birthday comes after your breakup? Should you wish her or not? If you want to wish her, then how to wish?

I have discussed everything about it in my another article: Birthday wishes for your ex-girlfriend

Why this type of message?

You should not expect that you will directly propose to her to come back in your first message, and she will respond positively to you instantly!

Even if there arise any feelings for you in her mind again, possibly, she won’t come back instantly. She might take time, instead.

In the meantime, with your messages and behavior, you have to make her easy to talk to you.

It’s not impossible that she has been missing you too and waiting for a knock from you after a few days of the breakup!

If so, she might want you to start the conversation first!

In that case, if you compromise with your ego first and acknowledge that you still miss her, it might help to break her ego, and as a result, she might respond positively!

Text messages to send your ex-girlfriend to get her back

✅You thought I would not change myself. But I want to inform you that if you meet me now, you will see a new person because I have already changed myself!

✅I should not have done those things that you didn’t like. I have realized my guilts and assure you that I will value all of your sayings if you come back.

✅I have given up all the bad habits you disliked. It was not so easy but, eventually, I have done it! And I thought I would inform you of this good news!

✅Thanks for being so harsh to me! If you would not do so, I could not change myself. But I would be happier if I could show this change to you!

These types of messages can show her that you have really realized your mistakes and changed yourself! So make your texts sound believable.

Cute messages for ex-girlfriend to come back

You have already lost her. So what can be worse than it? Now there are only two things you can do; wait for her until she comes back herself or try to get her back! If you want to try, it means you must initiate the conversation first. If so, you can consider these text messages also to send your ex-girlfriend to win her back.

✅I broke your trust. But if I didn’t do it, I would not realize the importance of keeping someone’s trust! I know I should not tell you to trust me again, but I want to inform you that I am really repentant of my guilt!

✅I looked into our dilemmas and noticed the causes that made our relationship worse! You were right; all the problems were in me! I know you will say that I should have realized this earlier, and I agree with you. But please don’t say so, give me a last chance, instead!  

Love messages to get your ex-girlfriend back

If you decide to try to get her back, you should start the attempts timely. Possibly, you might remain depressed as long as you won’t get the final result of your efforts. And it might affect your daily life! So try timely to get your ex-girlfriend back with these text messages.

✅When we started our love relationship in the first place, I didn’t know that some of our choices and thinking were different! And finally, those differences caused the worst thing; our breakup! You know, though I am not a complete and perfect man, I never tell a lie. So I am giving you word that I will never be indifferent to your choices and thoughts if you come back!

✅I don’t blame you for the breakup because you frequently reminded me of my carelessness to you earlier! Now I am feeling regret, and I know you will say that I deserve it! Please forgive me if it’s possible because my lament will be worthwhile if you come back again.

Long messages to get your girlfriend back

Come back messages for girlfriend

I want you back messages for her

✅I should not have told lies to you. I am already ashamed of that and felt sorrow! Believe me or not, I struggled with myself and, finally, gave up this bad habit totally. Now I don’t tell a lie, even not for fun! I have made all these changes on myself only from the hope of getting you back. Please come back and make my efforts worthwhile.

✅There were lots of arguments between us. You complained against me that I didn’t give you enough time and obviously you were right! But I did so because I thought my works were more important than anything. My duties are genuinely essential, but now I have preened the schedule for all of my tasks. So now I think I am really competent to continue my relationship. So please don’t tell me that it’s too late! Please come back, my dearest.

✅Unfortunately, I was ignorant about the issues that were growing up day by day between us. Those issues increased gaps between us silently and suddenly broke out! And our breakup happened! Why did you think that it would not be changed ever? If you come back, I promise I will fix all the problems between us and make our relationship as pleasant as it was in the first place!

Cute things to say to your ex-girlfriend to get her back

✅I accomplished the same mistakes repeatedly with you. So I know you will not accept any of my excuses. But please, believe me, I have found out and stopped the ways of arising of those mistakes! 

✅You thought there were no ways for us to be together in the future. But I outlooked deeply and found an appropriate way to be together! Please meet me; I will tell you the details.


You were searching for text messages to send your ex-girlfriend to get her back, and hopefully, you have got ideas here.

Now send these text messages to your ex-girlfriend, depending on your breakup condition for getting her back. I hope this will work for you.

Your ex-girlfriend is such a person who was attracted to you and loved you once. So at least you understand her better than a girl with whom you had no emotional connection.

So though you lost her for whatever reasons, there are still chances to make her attracted to you and love you again!

Finally, wishing you good luck!