Sorry messages for girlfriend: Heart touching apology quotes

sorry messages for your girlfriend

Having a cute girlfriend is so pleasing that nothing can be compared with it. When you have a girlfriend, needless to say, she becomes the center of your feelings and enjoyment very soon.

But he who has a girlfriend knows how difficult it is to make a girlfriend always happy and satisfied. Commonly, at any moment, she can behave weirdly with you and argue with you for any reason.

When you face this kind of situation yourself, you must be patient and apologize to her politely if you want to keep up your relationship.


Here I have shared some selected sorry messages for girlfriend, which can easily change the game in your favor.

Just get close to her, and apologize for all of your mistakes quoting these heart-touching sorry messages for girlfriend.

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Sorry messages for your girlfriend

sorry picture messages for girlfriend
  • I know you have ripened complaints against me. But if it is possible, please forgive me for this time.
  • Beloved, please forgive me for my speech. I am withdrawing those words that hurt you. Click to tweet this sorry messages for girlfriend.
  • Dearest, please pardon me and receive my call. I can’t tolerate your silence.
  • Please receive my call and give me a chance to apologize to you. I am really sorry, darling.
  • Please meet me; I will clear you everything that happened yesterday. I know you will forgive me after listening to all.
  • Angel, how long will you be angry with me? I have already withdrawn my words that you didn’t like. So, please calm down now. Click to tweet this sorry messages for girlfriend.
  • I promise I will not bother you anymore. So be calm, darling.
  • Beloved, I didn’t think that you would take this simple matter so seriously. I am extremely sorry. I will not tell you this type of speech again. Click to tweet this sorry messages for girlfriend.

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Long sorry messages for girlfriend

sorry messages for girlfriend after cheating on her

🙏Beloved, I have learned enough lessons from this great mistake by my side. Now please forgive me though I know that I am not qualified to get your pardon. I am really sorry. Click to tweet this sorry messages for girlfriend.

🙏Please tell me how many times I make this type of mistake with you? You must confess that it’s happened just for the 1st time only. So please pardon me, and I promise next time I will be careful.

🙏You know that within our one-year relationship, I have not behaved so rudely with you. Not only you but also I am astonished by my own behavior. So forget it kindly and as well as forgive me. Click to tweet this sorry messages for girlfriend.

🙏I could not imagine that this might hurt you so harshly. If I could imagine this situation would not have been created. I am sorry, please forgive me, beloved.

🙏I concede that all of your charges against me are correct. But now I request you to forgive me. Am I really such a bad guy that I am not eligible for asking your pardon? Click to tweet this sorry messages for girlfriend.

🙏You are right. I should have discussed this matter with you at the beginning of our relationship. But I didn’t do so because I was afraid of losing you. Forgive me, beloved. I am sorry.

🙏Dearest, I am ashamed of that fighting that has created distance between us. May I have a chance again from you to make everything pleasing as it was previously?


🙏I didn’t discuss with you about that disturbance of my life, but you must concede that I didn’t ask you about your past also. Please forget that uncomfortable incident and let us look forward to making our bright future.

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Romantic sorry messages for girlfriend

sorry message for girlfriend after fight

🙏Honey, I promise I will not tell you a lie again. Please pardon me and give me a chance to purify myself.

🙏I know why you are angry with me. Please take my call and let me explain everything. By the way, I am sorry, my angel. Click to tweet this sorry messages for girlfriend.

🙏I know my doubt against you was totally wrong. Sorry for misunderstanding you, my dearest.

🙏I was genuinely busy, darling. Please forgive me and I promise I will never neglect you again.

🙏I didn’t receive your call because I was with my boss at that time. Sorry, darling.


🙏Please don’t doubt me. That’s not like what you are thinking. Believe me; you are the only girl in this world whom I love.

🙏Believe me, darling; she is my classmate only. If you want, I will never talk with her, but please don’t misinterpret me.

🙏When I realized my guilt, I changed my mind. So will you refuse to forgive me when I have changed myself? Click to tweet this sorry messages for girlfriend.

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Heart touching sorry messages for girlfriend

long sorry messages for girlfriend

🙏When I realized that I was wrong, I stopped arguing with you. So please accept my apologies and forgive me, darling. Click to tweet this sorry messages for girlfriend.

🙏My queen, how can you stay away from me when I have confessed my all guilts?

🙏Beloved, don’t say you will leave me; give me any punishment instead!


🙏I cried alone when I realized that I hurt you so brutally. Please forgive me and don’t make me cry again. Click to tweet this sorry messages for girlfriend.

🙏Dearest, I will die if you continue your silence and avoid me so rudely. Please forgive me and make me happy.

🙏Hit me or miscall me as long as you wish, but please don’t leave me. I will not be alive a moment without you. Click to tweet this sorry messages for girlfriend.

🙏I know I am not a perfect human like you. But I am learning from you, so please forgive me and give me another chance to keep learning from you.

🙏I not only love you but also respect you for your tolerance and patience. Please pardon me for this time.

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Sorry message for girlfriend after a fight

long sorry messages for girlfriend

🙏I don’t know what happened and why I fought with you yesterday. Please forget it and forgive me.


🙏After fighting with you, I have realized my weakness and regretting myself. Please meet me, and be sure that I will never do it again. Click to tweet this sorry messages for girlfriend.

🙏I became crazy seeing you talking with that person. Please forgive me for my rudeness with you on that issue.

🙏After that unexpected incident, I was wondering how heartless I was. Can’t you forgive this bad guy?

🙏I realized my mistakes instantly while I saw tears in your eyes. Now I am begging your pardon. Please forgive me. Click to tweet this sorry messages for girlfriend.

🙏Beloved, I can’t tolerate any distance between us for a single moment. So please forget everything that occurred yesterday and come close to me again.

🙏Beloved, I am so ashamed that I have lost my courage to answer your questions. Please forgive me at first then I will clear all of your confusion.

🙏If someone makes any mistake with you and beg your pardon, what will you do with him then? I am sorry, my love.

Funny sorry messages for girlfriend

heart touching sorry messages for girlfriend

You can use these Funny sorry messages for girlfriend only when she is angry with you with some simple mistakes by your side.


🙏I know it’s not the first time I am asking your pardon after making a mistake. Please forget all and forgive again to this shameless person.

🙏I know you have become tired of continually forgiving me. Please concede your luck and forgive me again.

🙏Your shameless boyfriend is begging your pardon again. Please don’t turn away from this beggar.

🙏Please show me any boyfriend in this world who didn’t make any mistake with his girlfriend then I swear I will welcome any punishment from you.

🙏Beloved, whenever I made any mistake, you warned me. But I have become so shameless that I have made a wrong again. I am sorry.

Sorry picture messages for girlfriend

emotional apology message to girlfriend

🙏I don’t know who took control over me when I fought with you. Whatever I said, it happened unintentionally. So please don’t feel hurt and forgive me.

🙏Please don’t refuse my apology. I am giving you the word that I will not do this type of work again.

🙏Please punish me as you wish for my guilts but don’t leave me. My life will become empty without you.

🙏I swear, I didn’t hurt you consciously. The situation was so unexpected that I lost consciousness. So please understand me and pardon me.

🙏Beloved, I have been feeling ashamed after that painful incident. Isn’t it enough punishment? Do you want to give me more punishments?

🙏I promise if I make this mistake again in the future, I will never pardon myself. But please give me a last chance.

🙏You might not believe that I just cried after that quarrel with you. I have got my punishment already, so please don’t give me more punishments.

🙏Dearest, how long will you stay stubborn being angry with me? Please melt down your heart and forgive me.

Emotional apology message to girlfriend

emotional apology message to girlfriend

🙏I know you didn’t expect such a reaction from me. Believe me, my angel; I didn’t also. Even I am feeling so guilty that I am afraid to face you.

🙏I know I am guilty. So I have surrendered myself to you. Now love me or hit me; it is only your choice.

🙏I concede that I am guilty. Now, do you want me to beg your pardon holding your legs? Whenever you want, I am ready to do so.

🙏OK, my beloved queen, keep up your anger and let me die. No one will disturb you then.

🙏Just meet me again, my queen. I will beg your mercy grasping your legs.

🙏I didn’t even take a glass of water till now after having realized my guilt. I will continue punishing myself until you accept my apology.

🙏I confess that yesterday my behavior with you was the worst ever. Mercy me, don’t throw out my apologies.

🙏Dearest, don’t be so stern with me. Forgive me, instead. I promise I will never be so careless again.

Sorry messages for girlfriend after cheating on her

apology message to girlfriend

🙏I am sorry, darling. I told a lie to you. But believe me, I will no longer talk and meet with her.

🙏I confess that I hid one of my unpleasant past from you. But I swear you are my only present and future.

🙏Indeed, I didn’t mention my past relationship with you. Please forgive me; I want to forget that great mistake.

🙏Your complaint is correct. I have a repulsive past. But it was an accident in my life, and I have already forgotten it. So please forgive me and don’t misjudge me.

🙏I will explain everything to you, and then you will realize which situation made me so crazy for doing that. But at first, please pardon me, angel.

🙏I know that just saying sorry is not enough for this mistake that happened by my side. So I am waiting to welcome any of your punishment.

🙏I didn’t cheat with you, honey. I hid all about that girl from you because she was just a disgusting past of my life. I am sorry, please pardon me. Now I am only yours.

🙏For God’s sake, please listen to me and forgive me. You may punish me anyhow for my mistake, but please don’t doubt my love.

I am sorry beloved

Final Word

Commonly, in a love relationship, romance and fight go simultaneously. But indeed, each couple does not always face similar situations.

Different conditions require different footsteps and apology quotes.

So decide wisely to handle your specific situation.

Our recommendation is: When you face any difficulties in your relationship where you need to apologize to her, choose any of these sorry messages for girlfriend depending on your own condition and send them to her.

And I wish, you will be surprised to see the effectiveness of these sweet apology messages.

Happy Relationship!

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