105 Touching birthday wishes for best friend [Meaningful and heartfelt]

Birthday wishes for a best friend

Naturally, you are very excited, if it’s your BEST friend’s birthday, and you might want to wish him or her a happy birthday in a distinctive way on this great occasion of him/her. So are you wondering what to write to your best friend on this special day? Don’t worry! We have crafted a bunch of touching birthday wishes for best friend here for you!

Just send your bestie any of these heartfelt and meaningful birthday wishes for best friend and show him/her how much you care for him/her!

And of course, enjoy an incredible BIRTHDAY celebration with your BESTIE. Cheers!

Touching birthday wishes for best friend

Birthday wishes for best friend

🎂Happy birthday WISHES to my best friend. You are so special to me that I can’t live without you. Enjoy a majestic birthday!

🎂Happy birthday, my friend. May you enjoy this great day with lots of fun and love!

🎂Happy birthday, friend. Today you deserve all the happiness and fun in this world!

🎂You are my best FRIEND and having a friend like you is really a matter of fortune. Happy birthday, friend!

🎂You are more than a friend to me because you are my best friend. All the best wishes to you in this happy moment. Happy birthday!

🎂Today, you should be surrounded by cakes, candles, food, drinks, and flowers. Enjoy your birthday, friend!

🎂I always find you by my side and be sure that you will also find me the same way. Happy birthday, friend!

🎂I am thankful for finding you as my best friend. Today is your birthday, and it means it’s the happiest day for me also. Happy birthday, friend!

🎂Today I wish you all the best and most precious things in this world. Enjoy a likable birthday, my friend!

🎂The specialty of this day is that it’s your birthday. Have fun, my friend!

🎂Happy birthday, dear friend. Birthday means lots of fun, happiness, and love with friends and family!

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Meaningful birthday message for best friend

How to wish happy birthday to best friend

🎂As long as we will be friends, laughs, fun, and joy will never be ended in our life! Happy birthday, friend!

🎂As much as we will get older, our friendship will be stronger. Happy birthday, buddy!

🎂Happy birthday, my friend. You are starting a new year in your life, and it will bring new experiences and new chances to you. So grab all the opportunities and grow bigger!

🎂May you make your success double, triple, or higher in this new year of your life. Happy birthday, my precious friend!

🎂Happy birthday to my BFF ( Best friend forever). May your success be tripled up this year!

🎂Wish you an imposing birthday, buddy. May your special day be filled with wondrous and unforgettable moments!

🎂Happy birthday bestie. May you always keep up your good luck and good health!

🎂Happy birthday, friend. At this happy moment, I am looking forward to enjoying many more beautiful moments with you!

🎂Our life changes every year, but our friendship will never change. Always keep up your laugh and fun. Enjoy your birthday, Bestie!

🎂Wishing my best friend a spectacular birthday. May all of your good dreams begin to come true this year!

🎂Happy birthday, my friend. Nothing is comparable to our friendship, and nothing is more joyous to me than your birthday!

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touching birthday message to a best friend (1)

🎂You are really my best friend because you never left me away even when I was in great difficulties. Happy birthday, Bestie!

🎂Warm and heartfelt wishes on your birthday, dear friend!

🎂Whatever happens, you will always be my best friend. I am so happy today because today is my best friend’s birthday. Click to tweet

Touching birthday message to a best friend

🎂Being a friend is easy but being the best friend is not so easy. If friends are gold, then the best friend is a piece of diamond. Happy birthday, my best friend!

🎂I know, today you deserve a special gift from me. Happy birthday to my best friend!

🎂Happy birthday to you, my best friend. Always enjoy your life as you always do!

🎂Today we expect a dashing birthday party from you. Happy birthday, buddy!

🎂As your closest friend, I know what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Today I wish you all those things that always make you happy. Happy birthday, my dearest friend!

🎂Dear friend, I know what you are waiting for in your life. On this happy day, I pray for you to reach your desired destination soon!

🎂Forget all of your sorrows and enjoy the whole day with your family and us. Today is such a surprising day in which sadness is prohibited! Happy birthday, my dear friend!

🎂Life would be boring without you, my friend. Let’s celebrate your birthday and celebrate our friendship. Happy birthday!

🎂Embrace the upcoming new year of your life with a lovesome birthday party. I hope you will spend your new year with endless enjoyment. Happy birthday!

🎂Nothing is more important to me than celebrating your birthday today. Have a wonderful birthday, my fabulous friend!

🎂You are a wonderful person with whom I spent the most joyous times of my life. And I believe the best part is still waiting ahead. Happy birthday to my best friend. Click to tweet

Meaningful birthday message for best friend

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Heart touching birthday wishes for best friend Male

Birthday wishes for best friend (Girl)

🎂Each year I will wish you a happy birthday as long as I am alive in this world!

🎂You are such a precious friend of mine who can make me laugh even when I feel down. Happy birthday to you!

🎂Thanks for always turning all my annoying moments into the most joyous times. Happy birthday to you, friend!

🎂May God showers you today with His favor and blessings and makes your upcoming year most amazing. Happy birthday, friend!

🎂May God make your new year the most successful ever. Enjoy your birthday and stay safe and healthy. Happy birthday!

🎂You are a lucky man who is loved by all surrounding him. Keep up your good manners and live happily continually. Happy birthday!

🎂I am so happy about having a real friend in my life like you without whom my life would be colorless. All the best wishes to my best friend today, on his glorious birthday!

🎂Congratulations, my friend, on your birthday. May you enjoy a fantastic birthday today and a great year ahead!

🎂Wishing you a cool birthday, my friend! Let’s start your new year with lots of laughs, fun, and celebrations!

🎂We may get older, but there will not be any shortage of enjoyment if we remain friends! Happy birthday, buddy!

🎂May you be showered today with love, delicious foods, drinks, and gifts. Happy birthday bestie!

🎂Happy birthday, friend. Rejoice with razzle-dazzle today, forgetting all of your bindings!

🎂Buddy, you have got the best pretext today to leave the daily task! Good luck, and happy birthday!

🎂Friend, you ended another year of your life but be sure that this new year will be more joyous as your friend is still by your side! Happy birthday bestie!

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Funny birthday wishes for best friend

🥂May you start your new year with the blessings of God and best wishes from your loved ones. Happy birthday, friend!

🥂Happy birthday, my friend. It’s really a fantastic day to enjoy your birthday, but I am a bit sad also because you are getting older!

🥂Happy birthday, friend. Today I will gift you a box of hair colors because your hair is becoming gray as quickly as increasing your age!

🥂Congratulations, bestie. You have already lost your age of watching cartoons and eating chocolate and ice cream. But now you are adult enough to date a girl. Happy birthday!

🥂Always enjoy your present birthday more immensely than the prior one because every year you are getting closer to death! So enjoy as much as life offers to you!

🥂Enjoy your day but don’t give priority to your girlfriend over your friend! Happy birthday!

🥂Happy birthday, buddy. Keep continuing your love, romance, and fun. I hope you will never get old!

🥂Happy birthday, my friend. May God fill your pocket with much money this year so that you can pay all the bills we spend while meeting together!


Wish your friend a happy birthday with this funny oldest friend birthday card from Lima Lima.

🥂Happy birthday, friend. No matter how old you are, I assure you that at every age in your life, you will find so many things to enjoy!

🥂Happy birthday, buddy. Never look at your age, instead keep continuing your childish enjoyment like eating chocolates, ice-creams, etc!

🥂Happy birthday, my friend. I am very excited because there is someone getting older similar to me. So I will never be alone!

🥂Birthday brings so much joy and laughter, but the only thing I dislike about it is that it makes us older every year; By the way, happy birthday bestie!

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Heart touching birthday wishes for best friend Girl

Meaningful birthday message for best friend

🎂I found you in my school, and since then you have been my best friend. Today I promise this friendship will last forever! Happy birthday, my Bestie!

🎂May your birthday be memorable with lots of love, joy, and fun. Happy birthday to you, friend!

🎂I have so many friends in our school, and all of them are amazing, but everyone knows that you are my best friend. Happy birthday, Bestie!

🎂I believe our friendship is so unselfish that we can sacrifice even our most precious things for each other. Happy birthday, dearest friend!

🎂If you have nothing but have a good friend is better than if you have everything but have no friend! Happy birthday, my closest friend.

🎂Everybody knows you are the most lovely girl at our university. May you become more beautiful, and may all the boys of our university become crazier for you. Happy birthday, my beautiful friend!

🎂If I am missing anyhow, you are the person who will be asked at first about me because the whole world knows that you are my best friend. Happy birthday bestie!

🎂Attaining a friend like you is just like finding a treasure. Happy birthday to my priceless friend!

🎂Happy birthday to my best friend, without whom our university and chat room would be overwhelmed in sadness!

🎂Your company is so pleasant that even the most boring times get turned into the most joyous moment when you are with me. Happy birthday, my amazing friend!

🎂When you are with us, the whole campus shines. May you sparkle today like the moon and stars on your special day. Happy birthday, cute birthday girl!

🎂It will not be real If I call you just a friend, instead you are my best friend. Happy birthday bestie!

🎂May your success and good luck grow higher continuously along with passing each of your birthdays. Happy birthday, friend!

🎂You can buy everything in exchange for money, but you can’t buy a real friend in exchange for whatever! Happy birthday, friend!

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Belated birthday wishes for a best Friend

🎂Happy belated birthday, dear friend! I concede that I forgot to wish you in time, but I promise I will never forget it again!

🎂Happy birthday, friend. I know I missed lots of fun with you. I am truly sorry and ashamed of that!

🎂Happy birthday, my friend. Don’t think I forgot your birthday; instead, only the devil deluded me!

🎂I hope you enjoyed your birthday much. I missed you, and I know; you too! Happy belated birthday, my dearest friend!

🎂Unfortunately, I missed wishing you in time, but I assure you that my best wishes are always with you. Happy birthday, buddy!

🎂Please forgive me, friend. I know I am so late, but I wish you all the best in the new year of your life; Happy belated birthday!

🎂I know you felt a big void of my absence at your birthday party. But I promise I will fill it next year; Happy belated birthday, my friend!

🎂May you spend the whole month, even the entire year, like your birthday; Happy belated birthday, my friend!

🎂Happy birthday, friend. I didn’t forget your birthday, but I forgot to turn on my alarm clock to remind me of your birthday!

Long touching birthday message to a best friend

Touching birthday message to a best friend

🎂FRIENDSHIP doesn’t build up suddenly. Faithfulness and reliability are the main aspects of a friendship, and our friendship is already tested. Happy birthday, my friend. You are really amazing!

🎂The list will never be completed if I start writing the reasons why you are my best friend! You are always closer to my heart. Happy birthday, my special friend!

🎂Happy birthday, dear friend. As your friend is still by your side, never get worried about a fun-filled birthday party of yours!

🎂Know that friends are always the same crucial elements of a birthday party as the birthday cake and candles. Happy birthday!

🎂May your birthday become as charming as you are, my beloved friend. We will enjoy your birthday together by hanging out and having lots of fun. Happy birthday!

🎂We call friends to all of our classmates, but I believe it’s slightly wrong! In reality, not all classmates get turned into friends except only a few! Indeed, you are my best friend as well as a classmate. Happy birthday!

🎂You can buy the most expensive cakes and candles for your birthday in exchange for money. But you can’t enjoy your birthday without friends! Happy birthday, my priceless friend!

🎂We have faced so many ups and downs in our life since we have been friends, but nothing was able to make our friendship weak, and I believe that our friendship will obviously remain for a lifetime! Happy birthday, my friend!

🎂Nothing can make anyone’s life miserable if he has an amazing friend like you. I feel like I am the happiest person since I have got you as my friend! Happy birthday, buddy!

🎂When I feel down, you support me, and when I am glad, you are also happy with me and vice versa. It’s our friendship, and it will surely be continued for our lifetime. Happy birthday, friend!

🎂When I go out anywhere, my dad and mom think that wherever I am going, I am with you because they already know that you are my best friend. Happy birthday, friend!

🎂Happy birthday, friend. You are such a friend of mine, with whom I can’t stop myself from sharing any of my secrets! And you are so faithful that you always keep my secrets secured!

Birthday wishes for best friend from a long distance

Birthday wishes for best friend from a long distance

🎂Happy birthday, friend. Unfortunately, we are staying apart this year, but it can’t stop me from wishing you an enormous birthday!

🎂It’s really unexpected that you are enjoying your big day, but I am not with you! But I hope that nothing can impede my friend from enjoying a wonderful birthday!

🎂Unexpectedly, I can’t attend your birthday this year, and you know, why! Please don’t become sad about that, instead enjoy the day to the fullest! I am waiting here to hear about your mind-blowing birthday celebration! Happy birthday!

🎂Real friends always remain in the heart. So no matter whether I am bodily with you or not, know that I always care about you. Happy birthday, my friend!

🎂Happy birthday to my best friend. I hope I will hear lots of funny stories about your birthday celebration while meeting you! See you soon!

🎂Happy birthday to you, friend. May your age never make you tired of enjoying your life!

🎂You are such a stubborn friend of mine who never let me get tired of seeking fun and laughter in life. Happy birthday to you!

🎂Though today I am not present for your birthday in person, my best wishes are surely there! Happy birthday, Bestie!


Best friends always deserve special care and love. So on your best friend’s birthday, you should choose words carefully to wish him. And I hope your friend will be very happy and feel cherished on his special day if you wish him a happy birthday with any of these meaningful and touching birthday wishes for best friend!