80 Engagement wishes for friend and best friend

Engagement wishes for friend best friend

When you know your friend is getting engaged, undoubtedly, it’s great news for you too! And after hearing this good news, the first willing that might come to your mind is to wish him and his fiance a happy engagement! For this reason, we have disclosed some engagement wishes for friend here so that you can congratulate your male or female friend on this memorable day in the warmest and funniest way!

Engagement wishes for friend

💍Every moment is precious when loved ones are with us. Enjoy every moment of your life with your partner. Happy engagement, friend!

💍My dear friend, wishing you a very excellent and gorgeous engagement ceremony ahead. May this bond of yours last till the end of time. Happy engagement!

💍My dear buddy, may this wedding engagement bring lifelong joy and happiness to your life. Congrats to both of you!

💍Heartfelt congratulations to both of you guys. May your companionship and upcoming days be beautiful. Happy engagement ceremony!

💍Congratulation friend! May this love and devotion between the two of you last forever. Stay blessed!

💍Dear friend, you are just like a piece of my heart! Happy to know that today is your wedding engagement. My heartiest congrats to both of you!

💍To keep a relationship in a strong pillar, we must make many sacrifices. I hope your devotion to each other will make a perfect relationship. Congratulations friend!

💍Take my warm greetings on your special day. May God fulfill all your wishes that you dreamt of together. Congratulations buddy!

💍Whenever I see you together, it looks like the Creator sent the two of you as made for each other. Congratulation on your engagement, dear friend!

💍My dear friend, you two are going to make an awesome pair, and to be honest, I am so happy for you. Best wishes to both of you!

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Happy engagement wishes to friend

💍Just as the rays of the sun dispel all darkness, may your love drive off all your disputes in your upcoming married life that way. Happy engagement, friend!

💍My dear friend, I am damn sure you guys would be the best couple I have ever seen. Stay blessed and happy forever. Happy engagement!

💍I look forward to the day when you two will be one. And today is just the beginning of that day. Congratulations on your engagement, friend!

💍How strange it is that just a small engagement ring can bring two people so close! Keep your bond strong always. Happy wedding engagement!

💍Let every moment of your life be as enchanting as a moonlit night. Good luck to both of you on your happy engagement!

💍You two exactly look like two shining stars in the sky. May your relationship be also as bright as the stars. Happy engagement, friend!

💍Life is a big journey. If you are aware of the right direction, you will certainly be successful in this immense journey. Happy engagement, my friend!

💍My heartiest congratulations to both of you! Be as a shadow of each other. Happy engagement ceremony, dear friend!

💍If we compare life with an ocean, continuing a relationship is just like swimming in that deep ocean with holding each other’s hand firmly. I hope your swimming will be charming. Happy engagement, buddy!

💍From today, you two are bound in such a precious bond that shouldn’t be broken under any circumstances. Stay together for a lifetime. Happy engagement!

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Engagement wishes for best friend

Engagement wishes for best friend

💍Happy wedding engagement to my best friend ever! Always honor the precious bond that has made both of your hands together today!

💍I hope, from today, you will hold each other’s hands so firmly that no force could separate your hands. Happy engagement to my best friend!

💍Congratulations on starting your amazing journey today, dear friend! I hope you won’t leave each other’s hands under any circumstances in this eternal journey! Happy engagement to you, Bestie!

💍May each moment of your companionship be as beautiful as today’s occasion. My warmest congratulations to both of you on your engagement!

💍How strange the path of life is! Nobody knows where it will start and where it will end. May your entire journey be as wonderful as its beginning. Happy engagement, dear!

💍Happy engagement, dear friend! Today I am excited about your great married life ahead!

💍May God fulfill all your dreams that have been born in both of your hearts today through your engagement! Congratulations, friend!

💍I hope you guys will be lifetime supporters of each other in every battle of life. Have a gorgeous wedding engagement!

💍May your every moment of togetherness is as colorful as the rainbow. Happy engagement ceremony, dear friend!

💍Congratulations, friend! May the rainbow paints each moment of your upcoming married life with its seven colors!

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Engagement quotes for friend

Engagement quotes for friend

💍Don’t wait for the marriage rather let all the joys and fun start today! Happy engagement, friend!

💍Let all the black clouds in your life turn into rain, and let all the sorrows of your life wash out today. Happy wedding engagement!

💍You might face lots of barriers throughout your whole life. But you can overcome all obstacles if the love between the two of you grows stronger over time. Happy engagement!

💍May the glory of your relationship be praised all over the world. Have a beautiful and happy engagement, friend!

💍Happy engagement, my friend. Always remember that you must cherish intense love, care, and trust for each other to continue this heavenly relationship. Stay blessed!

💍This day is as joyous for you as it’s for me. Wishing you a very joyful and gorgeous life ahead, dear friend! Happy engagement!

💍Marriage is a word of just eight letters, but it carries a lot of responsibilities. May you successfully fulfill all your responsibilities to each other in your married life ahead. Happy engagement!

💍Happy to know that your period of loneliness has ended. May your togetherness be the happiest one. Happy engagement, dear friend!

💍My dear friend, you are such a gorgeous bride whom any prince could wish for in his dream, and you of course deserve all the happiness in the world. Wishing you an incredible engagement!

💍Dear friend, I would be very happy if I could attend there today. But stupid work has appeared! Though my sincere love and best wishes are with you both! Happy engagement!

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Funny engagement wishes for best friend

Funny engagement wishes for best friend

😹A relationship is a sum of so many feelings and emotions. Here you might find not only love but also lots of quarrels. May all your potential disputes turn into pure love. Happy engagement, dear friend!

😹Welcome to the chemistry of love, joy, tears, and so many undiscovered feelings! Happy engagement, friend!

😹Engagement is just the rehearsal for marriage, and we know everything goes well if the preparation is perfect. Happy engagement, dear friend!

😹Congratulations, friend! I know after engagement now your all nights will be spent just dreaming about your partner until your marriage!

😹Congratulations on your engagement, friend! But I can assume now how hard it will be for you to spend your nights without her until your marriage!

😹Poor you are, friend! Please fix an earlier date for your marriage now because I don’t want to see you mourning each night to get her close! By the way, happy engagement!

😹Happy engagement, dear friend! Now don’t delay in arranging the final event! Bring her to your home as your spouse as soon as possible!

😹Congratulations on your engagement, dear friend! Now we can call her your fiance, but how soon could we call her your spouse?

😹Happy engagement to you and your fiance, dear friend! Now we are eagerly waiting to see you as a smiling married couple!

😹Congratulations to you and your fiance, buddy! Now we are seriously curious to know how long you both will delay in getting prepared for marriage.

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Congratulations and engagement wishes for friend

Congratulations and engagement wishes for friend

💍My dear friend, I hope the door of happiness is going to be opened for you. If you are faithful towards your partner and your love remains true, happiness will never be ended! Happy engagement ceremony!

💍I know the engagement party is just the beginning, dear friend. I am eagerly waiting to see your marriage and next all. By the way, congratulations to you!

💍Whenever I see you together, it forces me to wonder surely God made you for each other. And that’s why both of you are so special to me. My cordial wishes to you on your engagement!

💍Dear love birds, there is no doubt that you both are made for each other, and I hope you will stay like this till the end of time. Happy engagement ceremony!

💍Engagement is something that brings two human souls into one bond. From today, you two are committed to becoming one. Congratulations on your wedding engagement, my friend!

💍Happy engagement, buddy! May your love, care, respect, and trust for each other make your life meaningful.

💍At first, you were totally against love or marriage, but now I am so happy to see that you have changed your mind. Congratulations to you, friend!

💍My dear friend, an engagement might be celebrated simply, but it’s obviously a big beginning of your new life. May the upcoming days be stunning. Congratulations!

💍Congratulations on your wedding engagement, dear friend! I’m really overjoyed about this new chapter in your life.

💍Congratulations on taking this timely step together. Wishing you both a lovely companionship and lifelong happiness ahead!

💍Just as pigeons and doves never leave their mates, that way may you two stay together forever and never loosen your bond. Happy engagement, Bestie!

💍An engagement is so special that makes your desired person yours, and you become his/her. I hope something wonderful is waiting for you both. Happy engagement to you!

💍Happy wedding engagement, my friend! May your partner makes you so happy that you never imagined. My cordial wishes to you!

💍My dear friend, as you are going to start a new part of your life, I hope this part of your life will be beautiful, enjoyable, and full of smiles. Happy engagement ceremony!

💍Everyone might not be so fortunate to choose a faithful life partner in this masked world. But I have no doubt that you have chosen the perfect life partner for yourself. Happy engagement, my friend!

💍Engagement is just an announcement before marriage. I hope not only this engagement but your all upcoming parties will be amazing also. Happy engagement!

💍Happy engagement, my friend. I hope you have not taken any wrong decision in choosing your partner. May the love between you lead you to a happy and beautiful life!

💍Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, and an evergreen and fun-filled life on your engagement. Happy engagement ceremony, Bestie!

💍As you are getting engaged to your partner today, starting your married life is just a matter of time now. May everything goes the best with you, Bestie! Congratulations!

💍Happy engagement, Bestie! Can’t wait to see a gorgeous marriage celebration of my favorite couple!

Best wishes for engagement to friend

Best wishes for engagement to friend

💍Happy engagement, friend! Just a simple piece of advice, no matter how many struggles you face just stick together with love. Stay blessed!

💍Nothing can be perfect completely including a human being. So as you have been tied with an eternal bond, accept each other’s all imperfections with love. Happy engagement!

💍Happy engagement, dear friend! A partner is definitely important for a peaceful and joyous life, and may your fiance be the best partner in your life. Best wishes to you!

💍Congratulations on deciding to enter an organized life! I hope your partner gives you a tidy life. Happy engagement, dear!

💍Every relationship brings several new responsibilities to one’s life. I hope the two of you will be capable to perform all your duties to each other. Happy engagement, friend!

💍A relationship can last forever if there is true love, respect, and care. And I hope your marriage will be one of those. Happy engagement!

💍Happy engagement, dear friend! I hope you spend your life with your fiance in heavenly bliss. Best wishes!

💍You had everything just except a life partner to make your life joyful. Congratulations on fulfilling this gap eventually, dear friend!

💍If we compare married life with a book, the engagement day can be the first page of this book. I hope the entire story of this book of yours will also be as beautiful as the first page! Happy engagement, friend!

💍Dear friend, may your engagement day be a joyous beginning of your life with your fiance. Congratulations to you!

Final verdict

We have sorted out all these engagement wishes for friend in such a manner that you can express your happiness, excitement, and support for the newly engaged couple most warmly and funnily!