90 Birthday wishes for principal sir, mam and vice principal

Birthday wishes for principal

No matter whether you are a student, teacher, or staff of a school, college, or University, if it’s your principal’s birthday, all of you can send him these birthday wishes for principal.

A principal is the chief administrator and headteacher of any educational institution, and everybody respects him.

So it would be better to add some respectful words with the birthday message while you wish him a happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for principal

Happy birthday principal

🌸Happy birthday, dear principal. May your special day be brightened with love and fun!

🌸We love you because you teach us good manners and discipline and guide us like a guardian. Happy birthday, principal!

🌸We and our school are proud of you for your good deeds, Mr. principal. Happy birthday to you!

🌸You are the best principal I have ever seen in this institution. Best wishes to you today and forever!

🌸Dear principal teacher, your contribution to this school will remain as history. Congratulations on your birthday!

🌸I didn’t see such a polite and wise principal like you ever. You deserve all the blessings and happiness from God. Happy birthday!

🌸Heartfelt love and best wishes to you on your birthday, dear principal.

🌸As a principal, your profile is so enriched that all the students and staff will remember you era after era. Happy birthday, dear principal!

🌸Dear principal, you will remain embedded in all your student’s hearts era after era for your contributions to this school. Happy birthday!

🌸All the ex-principals of this University were great personalities, and undoubtedly you are the best. Happy birthday, principal teacher!

🌸Thanks for adding surpassing value to this University. You are one of those great persons who have built this institution as an icon. Happy birthday, principal sir!

🌸Only a few people are born on this earth who think about our society and spread the light of knowledge, and I believe you are one of those legends. Happy birthday, sir!

🌸We know we will get your precious vicinity only for a few years, but unquestionably this short period will make the foundation of our life. Happy birthday, principal!

🌸After finishing our graduation, we all will get involved in various professions. No matter how much money we will make, assuredly we will be real humans because we have got the proper education from you. Happy birthday, Mr. principal!

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🌸You are really an incredible decision-maker. You are respected for your great personality not only inside your school but outside of it also! Happy birthday, principal teacher!

🌸Dear principal, you have established this University as an example for other institutions with your tireless efforts and dedication. You are really an exemplary principal. Happy birthday to you!

🌸Whenever you have been appointed as the principal in our college, everything is going on transparently. You are really an honest and experienced principal. I wish you good health and continuous success. Happy birthday, sir!

🌸Wishing you a long and healthy life on your birthday. May you serve our school many more years and enlighten us with your vast knowledge. Happy birthday, principal sir!

🌸The ways of your handle when a student or staff makes any mistake have made you an idol to us. You will remain in our hearts forever. Happy birthday, dear principal!

🌸We meet with so many people in our lives, but very few of them remain unforgettable in our hearts for a lifetime, and needless to say, you are one of those exemplary persons. Happy birthday, principal teacher!

Birthday wishes for principal mam

🌸Your students and colleagues will remember you era after era for your contribution to our school. Happy birthday, principal ma’am!

🌸Dear ma’am, you are really a great principal because we know you take care of your college like a mother takes care of her child. Happy birthday to you!

🌸When you give us good advice, we see a great leader inside you; when you teach us, we find a wise teacher within you. You are really all in all. Happy birthday, ma’am!

🌸Your great personality and honesty have empowered you to reach the top of your career. Your comparison is only you. Happy birthday, principal ma’am!

🌸Your knowledge is so widespread that the whole nation might find real teach-ins from you. Have a memorable birthday, principal mam!

🌸Dear principal ma’am, our real-life teaching could not be completed fairly if we would not find you as our principal. You are really a blessing to us. Happy birthday!

🌸You have come up as a blessing for us. It will not be enough if we say that you are the best teacher and principal in our university’s history. Happy birthday to you!

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Happy birthday principal mam

🌸Happy birthday, principal mam. Your honesty, dutifulness, and care have increased the reputation of our school.

🌸Long live, dear principal mam. Our University needs your directions and guidance for many more years. Happy birthday!

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🌸All the fame and success of our school have been achieved only by your good governance. Happy birthday, mam!

🌸Dear principal, I appreciate all your efforts and directions to make our University a heaven of wisdom. Happy birthday to you!

🌸Dear principal mam, you have made our school an abode of wisdom. Thanks for all your good deeds. Have a joyous birthday!

🌸You are well-educated, honest, and intelligent. You are our proud and idol. Happy birthday, principal!

🌸Happy birthday, mam. May your birthday be kindled like the sun and moon as you have brightened our school!

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Birthday wishes for principal sir

🌸Maintaining such an institution is not an easy task, but you are doing this job very efficiently. You are really an ideal principal. Happy birthday, sir!

🌸Happy birthday to you, principal sir. Our support and respect are always with you!

🌸Our University is being managed perfectly with your good governance, and we are grateful to you for that. Happy birthday, dear principal sir!

🌸Happy birthday to you, principal sir. May this day bring fun and freshness to your life and make you more energetic!

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🌸We know how difficult your job is and how hardworking you are. Please have a break on this great day and refresh your mind with some fun time. Happy birthday, principal!

🌸We know how careful you are about your University, staff, and students. Today we all want to see you smile with happiness and joy. Happy birthday, sir!

🌸Our school is spreading the brightness of knowledge all over this region, and it would not be possible without your perfect planning and hard work. All the best wishes and happy birthday to you!

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Happy birthday principal sir

🌸Happy birthday to the most dedicated and successful principal in the history of our University.

🌸Every day you are dedicating yourself to ensuring a good environment and befitting knowledge for us. We are thankful to you. Happy birthday, principal sir!

🌸You promised to ensure a pleasing environment of learning in this college. You are really doing it the right way. Happy birthday to our incredible principal!

🌸A rational and creative principal like you is not born every day. You are really a treasure of our school. Happy birthday to you!

🌸We know you are not only inspiring us to do our duty duly but dedicating yourself also to keeping up the reputation of this school. God bless you for your good deeds. Happy birthday, principal sir!

🌸You are the mirror of this University. If someone wants to know about the characteristics of our institution, he should see your profile. Happy birthday, dear principal!

🌸Our school could not be so famous without your proper direction. No one can deny your contribution to this school. Happy birthday, Mr. principal!

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🌸Your great personality attracts all the students and staff of this school to cooperate with you. You are really an incredible principal. Happy birthday!

🌸Your helpfulness and care have made you the most popular principal in the history of our University. You are really an excellent principal. Happy birthday to you!

🌸Happy birthday, dear principal. You are the father of this school, and we admire you for your contribution to this school!

🌸When it’s a question of discipline, you are a very stern principal, but when an issue comes up, you deal with it like a father solves his family issues. All these qualities have made you the father of our college. Happy birthday to you sir!

🌸Happy birthday, principal. You are so amazing that I wish to get you as my teacher until my last day in this school!

🌸When I see your helpful attitude and a smile on your face, I realize what a great personality lives within you! Happy birthday, Mr. principal!

🌸Happy birthday, principal. Your sagacity and discretion have made you not only the best principal but the best teacher also!

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Birthday quotes for principal (From student’s guardians)

Birthday quotes for principal

🌸We feel secure sending our children to your school because we know they are being taken care of by the right person. Happy birthday, principal!

🌸May your wisdom and good manner be planted in our children’s hearts so that they might become real humans. Happy birthday, principal!

🌸As a guardian, I feel relaxed because I know my child gathers proper knowledge from the best school and teachers. Have a pleasant birthday, Mr. principal!

🌸Meeting you, I realized that there is no doubt about our children’s bright future because you have taken the responsibility of making their future. Happy birthday, dear principal!

🌸We are lucky that our children are admitted to such a school that administers an incredible principal like you. Happy birthday, sir!

🌸Undoubtedly, our children are learning the proper lessons from the right place because I know how careful you are about your students! Happy birthday, principal!

🌸I didn’t see any other school which is well managed like yours. I appreciate your dedication to making our children’s future brighter. Happy birthday, principal sir!

🌸I believe our children will learn good manners and proper knowledge like yours. Thanks for serving the nation. Happy birthday!

Birthday quotes for principal mam

🌸Happy birthday, principal mam. May all your dreams come true as you inspire us to lead our life toward our dreams!

🌸I admire you because you are helping us constantly to make our dreams of life come true. Happy birthday, mam!

🌸I know your dream stays surrounding this school, and we promise to make your dream come true, bringing good results and fame on behalf of your institution! Happy birthday, dear principal!

🌸You and your school were the foundation of my successful career. Still, I am grateful to you and will be forever. Happy birthday, principal!

🌸Our University could not perform as it’s today without a selfless principal like you. Thanks for all your unselfish efforts. Happy birthday to you!

🌸I don’t know how you usually enjoy your birthday, but I hope today you will enjoy it the best. Happy birthday, ma’am!

🌸You have created an example about managing a school successfully, and I believe other schools should follow your innovation. Congratulations to you, and happy birthday as well!

Birthday msg for principal

🌸Thanks for ensuring quality education in your college. I think this college won’t find another you. Happy birthday, principal ma’am!

🌸Ensuring quality education should be the first priority of an ideal principal, and I know you are doing right that. Happy birthday, principal!

🌸Some principal just does their formal duties every day and think of themselves, but you are really exceptional because you think about your students and staff. Happy birthday, dear principal!

🌸I know how concerned you are about ensuring quality education in your school. May you be rewarded for your selfless activities. Happy birthday, ma’am!

🌸Every parent in this region feels proud to admit their children to your school, and undoubtedly it’s the biggest achievement of your career as a principal. Happy birthday, mam!

🌸If anybody asked me why we should get admitted to this University? I would answer him, “because ma’am (Principal’s name) is the principal of this University”! Happy birthday, dear principal!

🌸Happy birthday, principal mam. You are the pride of our school, and I hope I will get benefited from your precious guidance and advice until my last day in this school!

Birthday wishes to principal madam

🌸Dear principal madam, I didn’t see a better role model than you in my life. Happy birthday!

🌸I am your big fan because I see you understand the pulse of the young generation, and you know well how to manage them. Happy birthday, principal madam!

🌸I wonder how you manage the whole University efficiently and make everyone satisfied! It’s really a stunning task. Happy birthday, madam!

🌸You are really a wonderful woman and a wondrous principal. I salute you. Happy birthday!

🌸Some people guess principals are old and back-dated, but I believe, if they see you, they must change their minds. Happy birthday to you!

🌸Generally, we lose our energy with getting older, but you are really exceptional! I feel you are getting younger day by day and achieving supernatural power to manage all the toughest tasks. Happy birthday!

🌸When I feel tired and lose interest in studying, I just remember you and your advice. Thanks for making me realize the value of time and life. Happy birthday, principal madam!

Birthday wishes for vice principal

Birthday wishes for vice principal

🌸Happy birthday, vice principal sir. You are really an ideal teacher and a good administrator.

🌸Certainly, your contribution to this University is very important, and even the principal won’t be able to manage all the tasks without your cooperation. Happy birthday, vice principal!

🌸So many parents have a dream to admit their children to this school, and certainly, it would not be possible without your hard work. Happy birthday, dear vice principal!

🌸Your invaluable efforts have been increasing the fame of our school continuously. Thanks for ensuring quality education for us. Happy birthday, vice principal!

🌸I assume you are the happiest person today in this school because thousands of your students will wish you a happy birthday today. Congratulations, dear vice principal!

🌸May you be showered with uncountable love and respect from thousands of your appreciators today and spend a peerless birthday. Happy birthday, vice-principal!

Final words

A principal is the most respectful person in an educational institution. So you must be careful about choosing your words while wishing him/her a happy birthday!