Yoga As A Therapy For Seniors And The Older Generation

As people grow old, many functions start deteriorating. The cell renewal process also tends to slow down.  The body slowly loses its capability to regenerate. If you try to do aerobic exercises, you may feel exhausted and tired. Moreover, your muscles and joints may also feel sore. It can be a bit intimidating as well for the age. As you age, you may also fall prey to various illnesses and undergo surgeries, which can decrease your range of motion further. At such an instance, only yoga can help. To learn authentic yoga, you can join the 200 hour yoga teacher training in India

There is no age criteria, to start yoga. You can do it at any age. Your past background also does not matter. You should just have the enthusiasm, to learn something new. Yoga takes care of all else. However, it is absolutely necessary that start your journey from a good yoga school. Samadhi Yoga Ashram is one of the best yoga schools in India today. The school has a wide range of courses to suit every individual. 

Yoga For Seniors – 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In India

The 200 hour yoga teacher training in India is one of the best courses that you can take up. The school will take care of the rest of the process. Hatha Yoga is often the first yogic style that you may practice. It involves strengthening the body and increasing the range of motion. Yoga can also help you to remain active and also practice mindfulness. You can combat all types of pain, tiredness and stress, through the practice of yoga. Your balance will also increase, which will keep you from falls and slips. 

The best school of yoga in India can guide you in the perfect manner. What works for younger yogis may not work for you, initially. So, you will be guided toward more appropriate forms of asana practices. In the beginning, the teachers will help you with aids and props. One such prop which is easily available everywhere is the chair. Chair Yoga is great for older people, who are just starting out. It is for those who have problems with the knees or cannot sit on the floor for a long time. Chair yoga is ideal for all such people. These are called modifications in yogic language. Hatha Yoga has modifications and variations that will suit old people. 

Let us delve into a few yoga poses that you can do with chair. 

Preparatory Yoga Poses For Seniors With Chair 

Unlike other high-impact aerobic exercises, chair yoga is easy on your joints. You can also increase your range of motion through the practice of chair yoga. No matter what your fitness levels, you can do chair yoga. 

  • Overhead Stretches – These are the best form of yoga exercises that seniors can do. You just have to start in a proper seated position on a chair. Take a long and deep breath and slowly lift your arms toward the ceiling. You have to hold the position for some time. Bring the arms back down toward the body, as you exhale. You have to ensure to engage the core throughout the yoga session. Your back also needs to be straight for a good posture. 
  • Neck Stretches – This comes a close second, in your yoga practice. You have to sit down on the chair, without allowing your back to touch the chair. Make your crown move towards the ceiling, by lifting the head from the neck. You can hold the base of the chair for adequate support. Reach up with the left hand to touch the left temple. Take a deep breath and on exhalation, dip the left ear towards the left shoulder. Do not bend your back or raise the right shoulder. You can breathe slowly in such an instance. Then you can repeat the same steps on the other side. This is a part of the exercises or warmups when you attend the 200 hour yoga teacher training in India
  • Pigeon In Chair – You have to sit upright on the chair, without allowing your back to touch the back of the chair. You have to raise the left ankle to the top of your right knee. You can use your hands to bring about the movement. Inhale and then bend forward, while exhaling. Take regular deep breaths while you are at it. You can return to the seated position after a hold. You can repeat on the other side. 

You can learn such exercises called the Sthula Vyayama, as a part of your yogic lessons. When you are old, you need to be careful with what you do. Always leave your body with the right experts. Samadhi Yoga Ashram is one of the best yoga schools in India imparting quality education. 

You can join the 200 hour yoga teacher training in India to gain the right knowledge in the realm of senior yoga. Such exercises prepares the body for all the tough poses that come later. So, without any delay start the classes and improve your range of motion. Yoga therapy will benefit you a lot. Start this beautiful journey today.