80 Wedding wishes for sister: Sister marriage quotes

Wedding wishes for sister

Seeing our beloved sister getting married is definitely one of the happiest moments in our life! If you are a brother or sister, undoubtedly, you are one of the most significant persons in your sister’s marriage ceremony. Even possibly, you are one of the planners of her wedding day celebration! So besides arranging each element to make the event the happiest, you might want to wish your sister a happy married life with the best wedding wishes for sister! 

And I can assure you that you will certainly find here some awesome wedding wishes for sister to wish her a happy married life at her wedding!

Wedding wishes for sister

👰Congratulations on starting your new life with your partner. Always live happily and take care of each other. Happy wedding, sister!

👰Happy wedding, dear sister. May your new life always be filled with joy and happiness!

👰Today you have entered real life that might be filled with countless love and joy. Happy wedding, dearest sister!

👰You have found your real family today. Hopefully, your smile will never be faded in the years ahead. Happy wedding, my sweet sister!

👰Finally, it happened! My little sister has grown up and is wedded! Enjoy your new life, dear sister. Happy wedding!

👰A beautiful, brilliant, and moderate girl like you always deserves a happy and peaceful life. So I am always hopeful about your bright future. Happy wedded life, sister!

👰I am so happy today to see my sweet sister be wedded. All the best wishes to you and your new life partner. Happy wedding!

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Happy wedding dear sister

👰Happy wedding, Sistie. May you two be the happiest couple in the world!

👰May the beginning of your new life with your husband be blessed and joyful. Happy wedding, Sistie! Click to tweet

Marriage wishes for sister

👰Congratulations on your wedding, dear sister. Can’t wait to see how the new couple lives happily together!

👰Can’t wait to see the upcoming happiness and smile of the newly wedded couple! Congratulations to you on your wedding, dear sister.

👰 I am so much happy to see that my sweet sister has found her dream life today. Can’t wait to see how the new couple cherishes each other!

👰It’s really a matter of joy that my loving sister has found her love and happiness today. Congratulations to the newly wedded couple!

👰I hope my new brother-in-law will always protect my beloved sister and never let her feel upset. Heartfelt prayers for both of you on your wedding day!

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Marriage wishes for sister

Sister wedding quotes

👰Beloved sister, may you start your new life with lots of blessings and best wishes. Happy wedding!

👰It’s really a matter of fortune that a couple perfect for each other gets together. Many many best wishes for you at your wedding, dearest sister!

👰Begin your new life together without any fear because your brother’s support is always with you. Happy wedding and have a bright marital life!

👰May my new brother-in-law perceive the value of the treasure, which he has found today and always cherishes. Happy wedding to both of you, dearest sister!

👰Nothing is comparable with the joy of seeing my dearest sister’s happy start of new life today. Happy wedding to you! Click to tweet

Marriage wishes for sister

👰I have been waiting for a long time to celebrate this happy day. May fun and joy always surround you for your lifetime. Happy wedding, Lil sis!

👰Today all my efforts are to make your wedding ceremony unforgettable and funfilled. You just smile and enjoy everything. Happy wedding, little lady!

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Sister marriage quotes

👰I hope my favorite sister and her husband’s new married life will be filled with eternal love and happiness. Happy wedding to both of you!

👰I look forward to seeing a joy-filled family of yours, dear sister. Enjoy your new marital life together. Happy wedding!

👰May the way of your new married life always be bright and cheerful. My love is always with both of you. Happy wedding sister!

👰Dearest sister, know that my blessings and prayers are always by your side. So begin your new life without any worry. Happy wedding!

👰Naturally, anxiety and fear can come up in your mind suddenly as you are entering a new life but ignore them instantly because I know your new life will definitely be joyous and incredible. Happy wedding, beloved sister!

👰Dear sister, you two look beautiful today, and I believe your married life will be excellent also. Congratulations on your wedding!

👰Getting married is always a matter of joy and fun. May this joy always remain brightened in your heart. Happy wedding, dearest sister!

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Happy married life wishes for sister

Happy married life wishes for sister

👰Dear sister, I know you have been sleepless for a couple of days and dreaming about your upcoming happiness. May all your dreams come true. Happy wedding!

👰Happy married life, beloved sister! This wonderful day comes just once in a lifetime, so grab all the joy of it!

👰Your wedding day has brought lots of joy and fun to our family today. Happy married life sister!

👰Happy married life, dearest sister! May all your dreams come true today, which you have cherished over the years!

👰All your family members are hopeful today about your bright marital life ahead. So start your new journey confidently. Happy married life, dear sister!

👰May you be showered with love, romance, and endless joy in your new married life ahead. Best of luck, dear sister!

👰Marriage means waiting for lots of dreams and hopes to come true. Congratulations, my dearest sister! Happy wedding to you!

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Emotional wedding wishes for sister

Emotional wedding wishes for sister

👰Marriage means an ending of waiting for lots of hopes and dreams to come true. Enjoy your day, dear sister. Happy wedding!

👰Not only you, everyone cherishes lots of dreams and hopes about their new marital life. But I know just blessed people like you become happy in their married life. Happy wedding sister!

👰You know I will miss you as you are starting your separate life but know that you will remain the same bright in my heart as you were before. Happy wedding, dearest sister!

👰It’s indispensable that we can’t spend our entire life in the same family, but be sure that we will always remain as brother and sister and feel the same love for each other. Have a joyous married life, beloved sister!

👰Though we all are so happy today about your wedding, we can’t deny we are a bit upset also about your parting from our family. Wherever you live, be sure that our blessings and prayers will surround you. Happy wedding, sweet sister!

👰I know we can’t bring back our past happy days, but I hope the upcoming days won’t be less joyous. Happy wedding, Lil sis!

👰I know what is going on in your heart. You are excited about your upcoming outstanding life, and on the other hand, you are mourning because of our oncoming separation. I appreciate you for your heavenly love and affection for me. Happy wedding to my incomparable sister!

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Funny wedding wishes for sister and brother in law

Funny wedding wishes for sister and brother in law

🤪Congratulations on finding such a wonderful guy to share your joys and sorrows. Happy wedding to my sweet sister and brother-in-law!

🤪I am so sad today because I know all my rights upon you might get ended today, and my new brother-in-law will accrue you entirely. By the way, happy wedding to both of you!

🤪Your new husband doesn’t know how precious the treasure he is robbing from me today is. Anyways, happy wedding!

🤪Congratulations to my brother-in-law for winning such a precious treasure in his life. Happy wedding to both of you, dear sister!

🤪Best of luck to you for entering the battle of married life. But rest assured that I will support both of you in this amazing battle. Happy wedding, dear sister and brother-in-law!

🤪Dearest sister, may you always defeat your husband in your daily family battle. Happy wedding to my beloved sister and brother-in-law!

🤪Thanks for getting married and clearing me off from our daily fight. Now wrestle with my brother-in-law as much as you wish. Happy wedding to my quarrelsome sister!

🤪Dearest sister, rest assured that I will constantly guide my brother-in-law without any cost about how to cool you down whenever there is a conflict between you. Happy wedding!

🤪May you make your husband obedient to you and take control over him like your pet. Happy wedding to both of you!

🤪I can’t forget your delicious recipes, so rest assured that I will visit you regularly and enjoy the taste of your dishes with my brother-in-law. Happy wedding, Sistie!

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Wedding wishes for sister and brother in law

👰Congratulations on selecting such a handsome and honest guy as your life partner. May you really be the perfect match. Happy married life sister!

👰Happy married life, dear sister! I hope you will never get disappointed with your married life!

👰I know you always choose the best thing and choosing your life partner will also be proved the perfect choice! Happy married life, dearest sister!

👰I am so happy to have such a friendly and caring brother-in-law and hope you will find him as an ideal husband. Happy married life, beloved sister!

👰I think my brother-in-law is the luckiest person in the world as he has got my cutest and sweetest sister as his life partner. Happy married life to my newly married sister and brother-in-law!

👰You have shared lots of dreams with me. Now I hope you will make those dreams come true together. Happy married life to my favorite bride and groom!

👰May my brother-in-law make all of your dreams come true and bring endless joy and fun to your life. Happy married life to my favorite couple!

Best marriage wishes for sister

👰Whatever happens, always stay by each other’s side and take care of each other and thus make your married life meaningful and successful. Happy wedding to my dearest couple!

👰The only thing I hope for you today is to have a happy life together for your lifetime. Happy married life, dear sister and brother-in-law!

👰Thanks for looking after me from my childhood, and I know your love for me will never get faded in your heart. Happy wedding, my dearest sister!

👰Today I am so proud of my beloved sister and brother-in-law. May your love and care grow continuously for each other. Happy wedding to both of you!

👰You were born with good luck, and I hope your good luck will never stop following you in your lifetime. Happy wedding to my dearest elder sister!

👰I know you are insanely happy today, but I believe it’s just the beginning of your journey to the way of countless love and joy. Happy wedding, Sis!

👰Best of luck to my dearest sister in the exam of being my brother-in-law’s perfect wife! You never failed any exam in your life, so I am definitely hopeful about you. Happy wedding!

👰Some people may think that the bond between us as brother and sister might be loose after your marriage, but I don’t believe that at all. Instead, I believe our bond will be stronger than ever. Happy wedding, dear sister and brother-in-law!

👰No matter whether you are married or unmarried, you are always my favorite sister and best friend. In addition, today, you have brought another friend into my life. Happy wedding, beloved sister and brother-in-law!

👰I don’t have any doubt about your ability to build up your own joyous family because you have grown up in an ideal family and have been trained up perfectly. All the best to both of you at your happy wedding!

👰Happy wedding to my beloved sister and brother-in-law! Congratulations on starting your real family! But I know you won’t forget your previous family definitely which is your root!

👰Finally, today you have met the person who is not only your life partner but hopefully will be your best friend also. Happy wedding!

👰Today my only expectation from my brother-in-law is to take care of you and always remain by your side. Happy wedding to you!

👰Rest assured that I will join you frequently without any invitation and never let you feel that you are away from me. Happy wedding, dearest sister and brother-in-law!

Wedding wishes for cousin sister

👰Happy wedding to my darling cousin sister! I know my brother-in-law will definitely be overwhelmed today seeing your mind-blowing beauty!

👰You are really lucky, and I hope you will be happy also in your new married life. You have got such a handsome and well-established husband that any woman would expect. Happy wedding to you!

👰You are not only my cousin, but you are my best friend also. So my happiness is double today on your happy wedding!

👰Congratulations on finding such a handsome and friendly husband. I appreciate your choice. Happy wedding, dear cousin sister!

👰I think lots of guys will be disappointed today in the sorrow of losing you forever. But I am so happy today and celebrating your wedding ceremony with lots of fun and joy. Happy wedding, dear sister!

👰Now I look forward to seeing how you treat me while I visit your new home. Can’t wait to see my cousin’s outstanding happy family. Happy wedding!

👰Hopefully, your husband won’t bind you so tightly with the household tasks that you won’t have enough time to join our pleasure. Happy wedding to my sweetest cousin!

Final verdict

Each newly wedded couple expects support and blessings from their nearest ones. With these heartfelt and meaningful wedding wishes for sister and brother-in-law, you can let them know how happy you are at their wedding and how much they mean to you!