Update Your 2024 Wardrobe by Finding Your True Bra Size 

As you age, your body changes shapes and sizes, and so do your breasts. Unfortunately, this means that your bra size changes too. If you haven’t gotten measured within the last year or you find that your bras aren’t fitting quite as well as they once did, you need to find your true bra size. You can start with the  Find my bra size quiz. Then, follow these steps to find your true size.

How To Measure Your Bra Size at Home

Remove your top and bra and stand up straight. Grab a measuring tape and stand in front of a mirror. Then, take the tape and wrap it around your back and under your breasts, around your ribcage. This is the band measurement of your bra. Pull the tape snug, but do not make it too tight. Round your number up to the next even inch for your true band size.

Next, put on your favorite bra. It should hold your boobs up where you want them. Then, take the tape measure and wrap it around your back and over the fullest part of your breasts. Take that measurement and subtract your band size from it to find the difference between your band and bust size. If there is no difference, you have an AA cup. Every inch between your band and bust size increases your cup size from one inch for an A cup to two inches for a B cup, etc.  

As you look for the best wireless bras to add to your wardrobe, choose your band size and your cup size, e.g.,34D, to find the bra that fits you best.

Get Measured

If you are unsure of your measurements or just don’t want to measure yourself, you can also visit a local lingerie store and have the attendant measure you. Call first to make sure the store offers professional measurements. Then, test out a few bras while you are in the store.

Sister Bra Sizes

Did you know that you have sister bra sizes? Sometimes your actual bra size doesn’t fit properly when you try on different bra styles. This can be frustrating after going through the process of finding your exact size. Fortunately, you can also try on sister sizes. These bras are an equivalent size to your own.

For example, a 30D is similar to a 32C or 34B, depending on the type and manufacturer of a bra. You can try on a few of your sister sizes to find the bra that fits you the best. To go up, choose the band size that is one greater and one cup size smaller, and to go down, choose one band size smaller and a cup size larger than your size.

Trying on Bras In-Store

Not all bras are the same, so it is always best to go into a lingerie store and try on different styles. A plunge bra may fit differently than a t-shirt bra. Different manufacturers may also have slightly different sizes, shapes, etc. Therefore, spend some time in the store trying out all the bra types that you like to make sure they fit properly and comfortably.

Now that you understand how to find your bra size, find the bras enhance your wardrobe and fit you best.