Unique Canadian Experiences Every Traveler Should Try

This is particularly true for Canada where there are various bizarre experiences a traveler should explore. Canada offers incredible views of nature while still possessing a lively urban feel. Here are seven unique Canadian experiences that every traveler should try:

7 amazing locations & stuffs that you should try in Canada:
Seven exceptional Canadian sites & food that will captivate you. These are amazing sites that will expose you to a whole spectrum of the attractive and engaging landscapes of this country. Let’s get started:

1) Witness the Northern Lights: One of the natural phenomena, which can be observed in the northern hemisphere, is the Northern lights, also called, Aurora Borealis. One of them is Canada which is considered as one of the best places to see it. For the best views go to Yukon, Northwest Territories, or Nunavut.

2) Explore Banff National Park: Banff National Park is a site under UNESCO World Heritage and one of the great places in Canada. Situated within turquoise lakes, snow-capped mountain, and great deal of wildlife. Walk, ski or just be amazed by these beautiful views.

3) Visit Niagara Falls: Probably, the most famous and spectacular natural wonder is the Niagara Falls. For any traveler to Canada and the United States, the falls is an absolute must. Explore the city through a boat ride, hike or watch it as you sit on an observation deck.

4) Attend the Calgary Stampede: Calgary Stampede is an annual event that happens for about ten days in Calgary, Alberta, in July. A large number of rodeos and concerts themed western are part of this occasion. Fun and adventure is what Canada is all about!

5) Try poutine: Canada has this dish known as poutine which combines french fries with melted cheese curd and brown gravy. Although it might appear as if it is the least appealing food for one’s tasting, it is still a Canadian delicacy that all tourists must sample. The best poutine is found when you head to Quebec.

6) Visit the CN Tower: Iconically, Toronto’s Ontario houses the CN Tower. The structure is a tall standing building that has beautiful views of other cities. Visit the top floor and dine in the revolving restaurant.

7) Attend the Montreal Jazz Festival: Montreux Jazz Festival is the largest jazz festival, which happens at every June in Montreal, Quebec. It caters for more than 3,000 artists and draws in excess of 2 million visitors. A good place for Canada, it feels and sounds.

Documents and permits required for the tourist:

You have to observe some very important requirements if you want it to be a hassle free entry into Canada as a tourist. Start with the basics:

  1. Valid Passport: Make sure that your passport is valid throughout your stay in Canada.
  2. Visitor Visa: As per IRCC’s website, find any details related to entry requirements depending on your country of origin. Should you need one, get a visit visa with its accompanying documentation such as flight details, hotel bookings and money.
  3. Financial Means: Show sources of income through bank statement, employment letter, or evidence of finance.
  4. Ties to Home Country: Portray the relevance of your origins, highlighting employment, residence, wealth, and/or family links that guarantee your return.
  5. Proof of Paid Visa Fees: Make sure you have proof you paid the fee for visa visit.
  6. Identification: Ensure that you do have valid forms of identification among yourselves and for any accompanying minors.

         7.Cover Letter: In some situations, you might be required to write a cover letter explaining why you are traveling.

  1. Copy of Passport/Travel Document: Submit a colour photocopy of your valid passport/travel document.
  2. Completed IMM 5476 Form: Complete this form if somebody else applies for you.

In case your passport validity has expired, you can apply for passport renewal via online/offline mode. You just need to follow a few simple steps and pay the passport renewal fee to get it done. Visit IRCC’s website often and contact some Canadian embassies/consulates for more information. 

Final words:
Therefore, travelling to different parts in Canada opens up one’s mind to many new things they never thought they would ever experience. Canada is rich in natural beauty and other cultures; hence it provides a diverse opportunity of things to do like attending cultural events among others. Therefore, get your suitcase out, renew your passport and prepare for an exciting safari in “Great White North”!