The history of slam dunks

Slam dunks are that super exciting move in basketball where a player just slams the ball right into the hoop, usually with a lot of flair. Now you can find your online betting from, where you can also wager on players who perform this spectacular move too.

It’s like the exclamation point of the game. The term ‘slam dunk’ itself was actually cooked up by a Los Angeles Lakers announcer named Chick Hearn.

Back in the day, when basketball was just starting out in the 1890s, nobody was thinking about dunking. Now everybody does it, and now, your online betting from the 1xBet platform can be done on these kinds of occurrences too.

The game was more about getting that ball into those peach baskets they used for hoops. But then, around the 1940s and 1950s, some players like Joe Fortenberry and Bob Kurland started to show off a bit with dunks. Still, it wasn’t a big thing yet. A lot of folks thought it was just brute force and lacked the finesse of a good shot.

The move begins to increase in popularity

Fast forward to the 60s and 70s, and that’s when dunking started getting some real street cred. By the way, football also has great moves, and at you can find live wagers on this sport too.

You had these towering players like Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Chamberlain, this absolute giant who was 216 cm tall, was dunking like a boss and scoring points like crazy. He racked up over 31,000 points in his career. If you want to wager on other prolific basketball players, explore what the 1xBet platform can offer to you.

But the guy who really turned dunking into an art form was Julius Erving. It was like he could fly, especially after witnessing his spectacular dunk that he made from the free-throw line.

Legends begin to emerge

Then came the 80s, and with it, legends like Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins. The 1xBet live basketball bets also feature chances to wager on other spectacular basketball players too.

Jordan flying from the free-throw line in the ’88 Dunk Contest was pure magic. He brought this mix of athleticism and style that just blew people’s minds.

The dunk kept evolving with stars like:

  • Vince Carter;
  • Kobe Bryant;
  • and LeBron James.

The live basketball bets at 1xBet are also available for wagering on the most talented players from the NBA too. For example, Vince Carter in the 2000 Dunk Contest pulled off a 360┬░ windmill dunk that people still talk about.

Let’s talk about some numbers. Wilt Chamberlain once dunked 36 times in a single game. By comparison, nowadays, an NBA team will usually dunk like 7 or 8 times in a game. It shows how the dunk has gone from this rare spectacle to a regular, yet still thrilling, part of the game.