Protecting Your Privacy Online: How Temporary Numbers Can Help

Nowadays there are numerous solutions available to help users increase their privacy when surfing the internet. Even though they have different purposes and some are more well-liked than others, it is impossible to become completely private without using them all together.

But the biggest issue is that when it comes to ensuring online privacy, many people have no idea about such a feature as temporary phone numbers. It helps to protect one of the most crucial things internet users have: their personal phone number. Temporary numbers don’t provide any private information about the individual, which eliminates the need to worry about fraudsters and data theft. Below we will explain what this feature is and how to get temp phone number.

Core parameters

Temporary phone numbers are often taken as something useless. It is common to think that they are just combinations of random digits without utility. However, this and other similar opinions have nothing to do with actual circumstances.

Essentially, these numbers are the same as the basic ones we use every day with our smartphones to handle both personal and professional tasks. They are connected to SIM cards that use networks of official cellular providers. Moreover, they also have the same number of digits and country dialing codes. For example, a temporary number to receive SMS China starts with the code +86 followed by 11 digits, just like a regular Chinese phone number.

You can’t tell them apart visually. But there is still the thing that makes them different. Unlike regular numbers, temporary phone numbers are used online. That is also their significant advantage. Because of this peculiarity, they can be operated from anywhere in the world using any device with access to the global internet network. This explains, in large part, why people value them so highly.

How do temporary numbers improve privacy?

In the past, temporary phone numbers were used only to sign up for email services and social networks. Nevertheless, over time they became widely used in internet technologies. These days they appear to be useful for performing many different actions, including improving privacy. This is caused by multiple reasons.

First of all, numbers of this kind don’t require providing personal data at any stage of the usage process. You don’t have to disclose it when either purchasing or using them. This means that even if they get leaked and fall into the wrong hands, they won’t give any data about you. There is nothing to worry about in this regard.

Secondly, most often temporary phone numbers are not designed for texts and calls from people. Their sole purpose is to receive verification codes for registration from online services. No one can spam them, so they are absolutely private in this regard.

Finally, these numbers are unavailable for tracking. They have а fixed location that doesn’t depend on user’s movements and thereby don’t disclose where they actually are. Even if a person has moved from one country to another, they still will show their initial location.

How to get a temporary number?

This is pretty easy to do with SMS-Man. Unlike when purchasing a new SIM card from a cellular provider, the whole process takes a couple of minutes and requires much less money as one number costs around $0.50. You literally need to make a few clicks. Here is what to do:

  1. Sign up for the platform and log in to the system after verifying your account.
  2. Use any payment method like bank transfer, cryptocurrencies, or other from the appropriate page to replenish your profile balance.
  3. Go to the home page of the service and choose the country where the number should be issued.
  4. Find the required website or app on the list after the tab with supported platforms.
  5. Click on “Buy SMS”.

This is how anyone, without having to go anywhere, can get a temporary phone number in a matter of minutes. Everything that is left to do after that is to register for an account on a selected service using the received temporary number. It functions precisely like a classic mobile phone number, so there is nothing difficult to perform.