Guest Marriage: How To Live Apart Together?

For the last few decades, the topic of living together without officially registering the relationship has been under constant attack from conservatives. But the world does not stand still, constantly evolving, and the relationship between a man and a woman has long ceased to be monotypical. Guest marriage has long become a popular phenomenon. But how does the guest marriage work? Let’s take a look at it. 

To begin with, of course, it is worth explaining what a guest or extraterritorial marriage is. This is an officially registered marriage, but the spouses live in different cities or even countries and come to visit each other for a certain period. They usually meet to spend vacations, vacations, and weekends together but live in separate homes. That’s why guest marriage is a great way to enjoy the company of your favorite person and be spared from household problems.

Opponents of such relationships argue that this is nothing more than a union of two egoists. People who live apart are sometimes seen as people who do not want to get out of their comfort zone and are afraid of duties and responsibilities. Anyway, guest marriage has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Let’s start with the benefits of guest marriage:

  • There is no common housework that can hurt the marriage. 

Living together implies running the household. That is why people often choose this form of relationship. There is no need to adjust to the partner and to solve common household issues and problems. There is no constant need to break between home, work, and favorite activities or to sacrifice your interests for the happiness of your partner. Even if both partners love each other, there are always some situations in which they can get on each other’s nerves. Living together apart means the partners don’t argue about housework or other things: they run household chores, cook food, watch TV, or gamble at live casino in the way they are used to. 

  • Spouses appreciate one another even more. 

Many romantic dates of couples united in a traditional marriage, already 20 minutes after the beginning, are reduced to talking about the same household and problems. In a guest marriage spouses see each other not so often, so they have time to get bored with each other, which significantly fuels the interest.

Communication on the phone is always pleasant and interesting, and meetings are filled with joy and pleasure. Absence makes people appreciate their relationship even more. 

  • Each partner has his/her own space. 

Perhaps, this feature of guest marriage can be very practical for business people. Each partner is engaged in their own business, without inconveniencing the other. Each partner has his/her comfortable downtime and personal space to live. 

But if everything were so serene, probably most modern people would choose this form of relationship. However, living apart together also has some downsides. 

  • Issues connected to children’s psychological state.

Undoubtedly, children are born in extraterritorial marriages, but over time there is a question of their full development. After all, the child needs both parents and not only on holidays. 

  • Lack of intimacy. 

Living in two cities or two countries, and not having a common home, spouses deprive themselves of a real coziness, which is possible only if both contribute to it. Joint purchases, repairs, and arrangement of their “nest” in this case disappear. 

  • There are more barriers in the relationship. 

When people live together, they experience some troubles and better understand each other, and can always count on the support of the other half. Of course, people in guest marriages also support each other, but the distance makes it more difficult. 

  • Lack of intimacy may make people feel lonely. 

No matter how you look at it, there will always be happy families with children having a good time, couples in love, men meeting their loved ones from work to go shopping together. All this to some extent affects the psychological state, and people begin to feel lonely. After all, the spouse seems to be there, but they are rarely around.

Is guest marriage a good or bad choice? Well, it depends on the personalities, goals, and preferences of both partners. Living in a guest marriage obviously has some challenging aspects, but at the same time also some benefits for couples.