Cricket betting: features of the game, and the main types of games

Let’s look at what bets can be made in a sport like cricket. Painting for major tournaments is traditionally richer than for less significant ones. As a rule, the main markets are given:

  • On the outcome. In one-day tournaments and T20, bookmakers offer outcomes P1 and P2. In the matches of the first level, there is also a draw, so they can add X.
  • The draw. The standard type of cricket betting is with equal odds. It is suggested to guess who will play first in the attack.
  • Handicap on points. A traditional bet where you need to predict with what advantage one team will defeat the other.
  • Total. You need to guess the number of runs (runs) during the match or innings. You can bet on more than 5/10, etc.

In serious championships, you can also see additional options. Usually, it is:

  • best batter;
  • who will make more runs;
  • best pitcher;
  • total wickets;
  • accurate score by points.

There are also combined bets, bets on team statistics.

Cricket betting analytics

If you have figured out the rules and watched enough matches to grasp the principle of the game, you can move on to analytics. Several factors can seriously affect the outcome of events. And all of them need to be taken into account.

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The starting draw. This procedure is used in many sports and often has a symbolic meaning. But in cricket, it can affect the outcome of the meeting. Often, the advantage on the field is given to the team attacking first. This is because the game starts with a new ball, which is already worn out by the end of the match, and the field has not yet been trampled by the players. It is believed that it is easier for attackers to seize the initiative. If teams of approximately the same strength are fighting, then perhaps the probability of victory that started the game first is higher.

Weather. Cricket more than other sports depends on weather conditions. If it rains, the competition will be postponed or canceled, take this into account when placing bets in the pre-match. The game can be stopped even with a little rain, as the dampness of the ground affects the bounce of the ball. Rains are not uncommon in the UK, so there are high chance that they will start during the match. This is especially bad for 3-5-day tournaments.

Field coverage. While making sports betting 1xbet it is necessary to take into account such a moment as the state of the lawn of the playing field and pitch. It is different at different stadiums, besides, the surface is taken care of more carefully somewhere, less somewhere. It also matters such a factor as air humidity, which also varies on different continents and individual regions. In dry areas, the speed of the ball is higher, and it bounces off the surface better.

There is also such a factor as the “home” field”. Here, as in football matches, some teams play better at home than away. This should be remembered if you are used to betting on outcomes P1 and P2.

The duration of the match. Tournaments of the first level, running for several days, usually have a more variable painting. You need to pay attention to this if you are betting live on cricket.

Carefully study all these factors and the rules of the game if you want to become a real cricket expert. Then the chances of winning your bet will increase significantly.

Pros and cons of betting on cricket

If you are fond of this game and are well-versed in all the nuances, then this will be your advantage over the bookmaker. You will be able to assess the accuracy of his forecast and catch a rough bet where the BC incorrectly set the coefficients. A plus can also be called the moment that there are few clear favorites in cricket, a lot of teams are about equal in skill. This can be used to bet on a plus head start.

What refers to the cons:

  • frequent postponements of matches due to rain, the meeting may be canceled altogether;
  • there may be changes in the rules of tournaments before the start of the match;
  • match-fixing is not uncommon, especially between Asian teams.

What conclusion can be drawn from this: it is not easy to understand all the nuances. You need to study a lot of criteria, in addition to team lineups and statistics. If you are a beginner, place bets on traditional types of betting in large tournaments, where the layouts are more or less clear.