Can a Weber Grill be Used as a Smoker?

Among grill enthusiasts, the Weber brand has established its name as a prime choice for home grilling. Its genius design, strong build, and efficient performance have put Weber on the pedestal. But considering the rising trend of creating a harmony of flavour and smoke, many Weber owners are asking, “Can a Weber Grill be used as a smoker?”

The answer is Yes! So, let’s dive in to see how to transform your Weber grill into a Weber smoker grill for that delectable slow-cooked smoked flavour.

Why Use a Weber Smoker Grill?

Smoking techniques give food a rich, deep, smoky flavour that’s impossible to replicate using basic grilling. Whether it’s your mouthwatering ribs, juicy chicken, or luscious pulled pork, a Weber smoker can take your grilling game to a higher level.

Converting Your Weber Grill into a Weber Smoker

To turn your Weber Grill into a Weber smoker grill, you’ll need a few modifications and additional tools to ensure your grill can hold the temperature and smoke for extended periods to slow-cook and smoke your food properly.

  1. Two-Zone Fire Setup

Firstly, constructing a Two-Zone Fire creates a direct and indirect heat zone within the grill. The direct zone is where you place the lit charcoal, and the indirect zone is where you place your meat. It’s in the indirect zone where the magic happens as your food gets smoked slowly over indirect heat.

  1. Water Pan

A water pan is crucial when converting your Weber grill into a smoker. The water pan maintains stable temperatures within the grill and can prevent a significant amount of heat from reaching the meat to ensure slow cooking. It also adds humidity inside the grill, preventing the meat from drying out and promoting a good smoke ring.

  1. Wood Chips

The essence of smoking is flavour- which makes your choice of wood type crucial. If you want your meat to attain that distinctive, rich, smoky flavour, it is best to soak some wood chips in water before adding them to the coals.

  1. Lid Lifespan

How you handle the lid of your Weber grill can significantly impact the smoking process. Ideally, always open the top vent and control heat primarily through the bottom vents.

Weber Smokers

Now, if you find the above setup a bit laborious but still wish to achieve the smoky flavour, Weber also provides the option of dedicated Weber smokers. Weber smokers come in various sizes and are built specifically for smoking food. The Weber Smokey Mountain is a perfect example that provides excellent results without necessarily converting your grill.


Can you use your Weber Grill as a smoker? Yes, absolutely! Setting up the zones and managing the heat requires some effort, but the flavour you get from your home-smoked meat is well worth it. Alternatively, investing in a dedicated Weber smoker also brings excellent smoking satisfaction. Either way, contact your local Weber supplier to nourish your inner pitmaster. So, let’s get those Weber smoker grills fired up for a BBQ adventure!