Aaron Goodwin Net Worth: The Fortunes of a Paranormal Investigator


Aaron Goodwin is a name that resonates with fans of the paranormal world. As one of the original members of the Ghost Adventures crew, he has spent years exploring haunted locations, encountering supernatural phenomena, and entertaining viewers with his fearless investigations. Beyond the eerie encounters, many are curious about the financial side of Aaron Goodwin’s career. In this article, we’ll delve into Aaron Goodwin’s net worth, exploring his journey from humble beginnings to his current status as a well-known paranormal investigator and television personality.

Early Life and Career Beginnings:

Aaron Goodwin was born on April 1, 1976, in Portland, Oregon, USA. Before his foray into the world of the paranormal, he worked in various jobs, including as a camera operator and editor. It was during this time that he met Zak Bagans, who would become his longtime friend and collaborator. Together with Nick Groff, they laid the foundation for what would eventually become the Ghost Adventures franchise.

Ghost Adventures: Rise to Fame:

The Ghost Adventures crew first gained national attention with their documentary-style television series, “Ghost Adventures,” which premiered in 2008. The show quickly garnered a dedicated fan base due to its unique approach to investigating paranormal activity. Instead of relying on traditional mediums or psychics, Aaron, Zak, and Nick used scientific equipment to capture evidence of the supernatural.

As one of the main investigators and the show’s resident equipment technician, Aaron played a crucial role in Ghost Adventures’ success. His willingness to confront terrifying spirits and explore some of the most haunted places on Earth made him a beloved figure among viewers. The show’s popularity led to spin-offs, specials, and international versions, all contributing to Aaron Goodwin’s growing net worth.

Aaron’s Role on Ghost Adventures:

While Zak Bagans is the show’s charismatic lead investigator, Aaron Goodwin’s role is equally essential. Aaron is known for his bravery and his ability to engage with spirits, often putting himself in high-risk situations to capture compelling evidence. His down-to-earth personality and sense of humor have endeared him to fans, making him an indispensable part of the Ghost Adventures team.

Earnings and Net Worth:

As of my knowledge cutoff date in January 2022, Aaron Goodwin’s net worth was estimated to be around $1.5 million. However, it’s important to note that this figure can fluctuate over time due to various factors such as new television contracts, endorsement deals, and personal investments.

Aside from his earnings from the Ghost Adventures series and its spin-offs, Aaron has diversified his income streams by authoring books, making guest appearances on other paranormal shows, and launching his merchandise line. Additionally, the crew’s occasional live events and merchandise sales related to Ghost Adventures contribute to his financial well-being.


Aaron Goodwin’s net worth is a testament to his dedication to the world of paranormal investigation. From his early days as a camera operator to his current status as a television personality and author, he has built a successful career by exploring the unknown and sharing his experiences with a global audience. As of my last update in January 2022, his net worth stood at approximately $1.5 million, but it’s likely to have evolved since then, considering his continued involvement in the paranormal entertainment industry. Regardless of the financial aspect, Aaron’s passion for the supernatural continues to captivate and intrigue viewers worldwide.